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Mechanized Armored Punching Force
News Bytes 01/26/2023 1 Comments

To push back Russian invaders, Ukraine needs tanks. The United States and Germany have now agreed to provide what one expert calls a “mechanized armored punching force.”

The United States and Germany pledged this week to send advanced tanks to Ukraine. According to President Joe Biden, they will send 62 tanks in total. That’s enough to fill two tank battalions.

Ukraine already has some tanks of its own. Some were even donated by Ukraine’s allies. But all those tanks have the same problem.

“The main problem we have with our tanks is they are old,” says Ukrainian tank commander Oleksander Syrotiuk.

Ukraine’s tanks come from a time when the nation belonged to the Soviet Union. They often break down, and Ukraine is running out of ammunition and spare parts. To defeat Russia, Ukraine needs modern tanks.

For months, U.S. politicians debated whether to send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. An Abrams tank can hit a moving target from 1.25 miles away, even while driving over rough terrain. But these machines require expert operation and maintenance. Some politicians argued the tanks were simply too complex to send to Ukraine.

In the end, Germany helped the United States decide. Germany agreed to send 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks to Ukraine—but only if the United States also sent tanks. Germany’s leaders didn’t want to face Russia’s wrath alone.

By working together to provide aid, the United States and Germany aren’t only helping protect Ukraine. They also help protect each other. If just one nation sent tanks to Ukraine, Russia might think about retaliating. But two nations sending tanks—nations as powerful as the United States and Germany? That’s a different story. As the Bible reminds us—two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

This won’t be the first time German and Russian tanks have clashed on Russian soil. This last occurred during World War II. But back then, Germans were the invaders, and Russia was allied with the United States.

It will take several months for the tanks to arrive. Even so, Ukraine’s soldiers believe this help will come at a critical point. They say the tanks will help save lives, especially in springtime, when Russia is expected to renew its efforts.

Over time, the United States and its European allies plan to send hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine. The decision is based on the international belief that Russia has proven itself a threat to the freedom of its neighbors. By helping Ukraine fight Russia, nations such as the United States say they help fight tyranny.

I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and will execute justice for the needy. — Psalm 140:12

(A German Leopard 2 A6 tank drives through water during a training exercise in Munster, Germany. Philipp Schulze/dpa via AP)

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Hopefully this is helpful for the Ukrainians. So much for the war that would only last a few months. Here we are at almost a year already.

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