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Venezuelans Demand Change

With stated support from the United States, Venezuelan citizens mount protests against their corrupt government.

News Bytes 01/23/2019 4
High Court Revisits Gun Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear its first gun rights case in nine years.

News Bytes 01/23/2019 8
Law Tells Prince: Use Seatbelt

British police have told Prince Philip he should be wearing a seatbelt.

News Bytes 01/22/2019 6
New Shows at Disney

The “Happiest Place on Earth” keeps hundreds busy behind the scenes.

News Bytes 01/21/2019 18
Snowman Stumps Vandal

Towering snowman stops a would-be vandal in his tracks.

News Bytes 01/18/2019 20
UPDATE: Brexit Plan B

Prime Minister Theresa May has until Monday to come up with a Plan B for Brexit.

News Bytes 01/18/2019 6
India Boosts Hindu Festival

India’s government is spending huge sums of money on a religious megafest.

News Bytes 01/17/2019 8
Allergies: Along for the Ride?

Transplant recipient can risk getting organ donor’s food allergy.

News Bytes 01/16/2019 10
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Pie in the Sky 12/10/2018
Water from Thin Air

David Hertz and Laura Doss-Hertz are big winners. The couple won a $1.5 million XPrize for their water collection invention. David had learned that under the right conditions, it was possible to collect water directly from the air.

Explain It 12/04/2018
Sans Forgetica: The Font To Remember

Researchers in Australia designed a new typeface. The lettering could help people remember what they read. It’s an example of using an everyday tool to fix a common problem.

Globe Trek 12/04/2018
Moses: Saving a City

Wearing colorful, disposable boots, tourists last fall slogged to outdoor cafés in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) in Venice—even as waters were receding from one of the city’s worst floods since 1872. The saltwater damaged St. Mark’s Basilica’s marble columns and mosaic floors.

Law 'N Order 12/06/2018
Justice for Magna Carta Thief

When a hammer-wielding thief tried to steal a piece of English history, an impromptu squad of law-abiding citizens—including two American tourists—worked to stop him. The clash inside Salisbury Cathedral shows that respect for the rule of law—and the ancient laws themselves—isn’t dead.

Ka-ching 12/06/2018
Recycling Changes

Glass, aluminum, cardboard—where does it all go? The answer isn’t clear. The global market for recyclables is crashing. Now communities must choose whether they’ll continue recycling—or send bottles, cans, and plastics to the landfill instead.

People Mover 11/27/2018
Carr Fire Group Rescues Pets

Embers falling on their heads, Venesa Rhodes and her husband, Stephen Cobb, rushed their two beloved cats toward their SUV before a wildfire last summer could overtake them all. One cat, named Bella, bolted. She disappeared as the blaze bore down. The couple had no choice but to flee.

Pop Smart 11/27/2018
Japanese History in a Toy

Spin, spin, spin. Some toys made by Michiaki Hiroi are simple disks painted bright colors. Some are complex machines with many moving parts. The fourth-generation Japanese craftsman hopes children of today won’t stop playing with traditional toys like his Edo-style spinning tops.

Mud Room 12/10/2018
Flood Warnings for Petra

Deep in the mountains of the Arabah Valley lies Petra. The vast city is carved into the pinkish sandstone near the Dead Sea and the Israel-Jordan border. In ancient times, Arab tribesmen dug tunnels to protect the area from flash floods. Today, flooding is still a life-threatening concern.

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