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UPDATE: Rover Bites Mars Dust

Declared dead on Wednesday, NASA’s Opportunity rover held on for the long haul.

News Bytes 02/13/2019 4
Amazon Ditches New York Headquarters

In a stunning reversal, Amazon won't build NY headquarters.

News Bytes 02/14/2019 20
Rose Inspectors Don’t Stop

Rose inspectors in Miami don’t stop checking for bugs.

News Bytes 02/14/2019 25
Toys R Us Plans Return

News of the Toys R Us American demise may have been hasty.

News Bytes 02/14/2019 22
New Theory on European Megaliths

A new study hopes to hone in on one aspect of the curious origin of ancient European megaliths.

News Bytes 02/13/2019 40
Eel Smugglers Not So Slippery

Croatian border police got a big surprise when they opened two men’s suitcases.

News Bytes 02/13/2019 31
Election 2020: Field Grows

Last weekend, two more candidates joined the long list of Democrats jostling to be president.

News Bytes 02/12/2019 80
First Africans in America

Descendants of the first Africans to arrive in North America are finally getting some recognition.

News Bytes 02/11/2019 21
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Globe Trek 12/13/2018
Pollution Threatens Cult Rituals

One religious group in Iraq finds their ancient faith threatened by the pollution.

Law 'N Order 12/07/2018
Dueling Dinosaurs in Court

Long, long ago, two dinosaurs died apparently locked in a battle on the plains of modern-day Montana. Today, a battle over who owns the entangled fossil has turned into a multimillion-dollar issue.

Explain It 12/04/2018
Sans Forgetica: The Font To Remember

Researchers in Australia designed a new typeface. The lettering could help people remember what they read. It’s an example of using an everyday tool to fix a common problem.

Mud Room 12/10/2018
Flood Warnings for Petra

Deep in the mountains of the Arabah Valley lies Petra. The vast city is carved into the pinkish sandstone near the Dead Sea and the Israel-Jordan border. In ancient times, Arab tribesmen dug tunnels to protect the area from flash floods. Today, flooding is still a life-threatening concern.

People Mover 11/27/2018
Carr Fire Group Rescues Pets

Embers falling on their heads, Venesa Rhodes and her husband, Stephen Cobb, rushed their two beloved cats toward their SUV before a wildfire last summer could overtake them all. One cat, named Bella, bolted. She disappeared as the blaze bore down. The couple had no choice but to flee.

Ka-ching 12/06/2018
Can Pinterest Interest Investors?

Among “social” media, Pinterest is different. Instagram users view others’ dream vacations that they’ll never go on. Facebookers observe holiday parties or eavesdrop as friends debate politics. But a Pinterest user can relax on the couch and plan a remodel or special event—totally solo.

Pie in the Sky 12/10/2018
Super-Hot Plant Stops Pain

Hot, hotter, hottest. The Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest pepper. But one Moroccan plant puts even the strongest pepper in its place. An extract from that scorching shrub could change how doctors handle pain relief.

Pop Smart 11/27/2018
War Posters Rallied Patriots

Propaganda. It brings to mind sinister ideas of brainwashing and manipulation. But a trove of war posters discovered at a New Hampshire library show that propaganda can be a valuable communication tool for those on the right side of a serious issue too.

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