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Sewage Veggies in Bolivia

With no water treatment plant in Bolivia, farmers must grow veggies using sewer water. 

News Bytes 12/18/2018 1
24/7 Dutch Church Service

A church in the Netherlands is “preaching without ceasing” . . . literally.

News Bytes 12/17/2018 9
Space Tourism Passes Another Test

Virgin Galactic completed a successful test flight to reach the edge of space with its passenger rocket.

News Bytes 12/14/2018 8
Yule Lads in Town

Icelandic children don’t worry about waist-high snow—as long as the Yule Lads can get through.

News Bytes 12/14/2018 12
Biometric Scans at Hertz

Biometrics aren’t just for airports banks, and government offices anymore.

News Bytes 12/13/2018 18
Cameras, GPS Fight Holiday Theft

’Tis the season for giving. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for taking.

News Bytes 12/12/2018 18
Bells Back in Philippines

The Bells of Balangiga, missing for over 100 years, will be heard again in the Philippines.

News Bytes 12/12/2018 15
Duck Charms NYC

A duck has turned New Yorkers into picture-snapping “quackarazzi.”

News Bytes 12/11/2018 11
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Ka-ching 11/02/2018
Automated Dumplings Go Global?

Move over potstickers. A new dumpling is showing up on the dim sum menu. A South Korean food company is spending millions on high-speed mandu machines—with hopes their automated process will take their style of frozen dumpling global.

Law 'N Order 11/02/2018
When Whodunnit? Becomes Whowroteit?

In September, the New York Times published an anonymous letter sharply criticizing President Donald Trump. The author claimed to be in the Trump administration’s inner circle—working on the White House staff.

Pie in the Sky 11/02/2018
Designer Constructs Gills for Humans

About 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water. God made humans to live on land. He made fish to live in water. Amphibians do a bit of both. What if, some scientists and designers wondered, humans could don gills and draw oxygen from water?

Mud Room 11/02/2018
Telltale eDNA Helps Track Species

Biologists and conservationists manage and protect the world’s biodiversity. Now they have a new tool: eDNA. That’s the DNA left behind by animals in water or soil. Locating eDNA can be easier than finding a live specimen of a creature that’s endangered or thought to be extinct.

Explain It 11/02/2018
AI Poems Lack Verbal Magic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creeping into modern life. Computers forecast weather, diagnose disease, and defend against cyberattacks. An AI program even defeated a human smarty-pants at Jeopardy! Now a group of researchers asks, “Can deep learning techniques be harnessed to write poetry?”

People Mover 11/02/2018
Thai Soccer Team on Tour

The 12 boys and soccer coach from Thailand who were trapped for almost three weeks in a partially flooded cave last summer were back in the media spotlight.

Pop Smart 11/02/2018
Three-Screen Theaters

Bigger, closer, more intense. A new type of movie-viewing experience promises patrons will feel part of the onscreen action—whether flying through the Grand Canyon or galloping with wild horses. But will ScreenX live up to the hype?

Globe Trek 11/02/2018
Hunger Stones of Remembrance

This summer, drought hit Central Europe hard. Spain endured record-breaking temperatures. Polish authorities banned beach swimming because of warm-water bacteria. And in Germany, 2018’s April to July was the hottest and driest on record.

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