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News in 3: Mammoth discovery, travel derailed, laughing kookaburra

News Bytes 05/29/2020 18
Are Fossils Mineral Resources?

Montana’s Supreme Court rules on the definition of some fought-over fighting fossils.

News Bytes 05/28/2020 14
Templeton Prize Awarded

The John Templeton Foundation selects Christian doctor for its highest award.

News Bytes 05/27/2020 10
Michigan Flood Upsets Cleanup

Flood raises fears of pollution at a Michigan toxic waste site.

News Bytes 05/26/2020 23
WORLD Watch News in 3

Flooding, cyclone, solar slump, baby bust, and Dead Sea Scrolls

News Bytes 05/22/2020 37
Cyclone Packs Punch

Millions flee as a cyclone batters the coasts of India and Bangladesh.

News Bytes 05/21/2020 29
Volcano Anniversary Blows By

Monday marked the 40th anniversary of the worst volcanic event in US history.

News Bytes 05/20/2020 31
Ravi Zacharias in Heaven

Christian apologist, author, and broadcaster Ravi Zacharias died earlier today.

News Bytes 05/19/2020 23
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Explain It 05/01/2020
Smart Bird Brains

Scientists study woodpecker skulls looking for ways to help humans.

Pie in the Sky 05/01/2020
Self-Treading Tires

A futuristic tire adjusts to conditions—and even rebuilds its own tread.

Pop Smart 05/01/2020
Westminster’s Working Dogs

Outside the ring, some Westminster show dogs serve, search, or soothe.

Globe Trek 05/01/2020
Food Insecurity in Venezuela

As the Venezuelan crisis continues, food is available—but not affordable.

Mud Room 05/01/2020
Lobster Blood Rx

Hemolymph, or lobster blood, could be a component in new drug development.

Ka-ching 05/01/2020
Uber Eats Its Losses

Ride-hailing giant Uber is losing money, but that’s all part of its plan.

People Mover 05/01/2020
A Piece of Her Mind

A woman’s epilepsy surgery—and brain donation—furthers important brain research.

Law 'N Order 05/01/2020
Service Dog Confusion

Laws about service and support animals are confusing and even dangerous.

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