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News Bytes 04/24/2019 10
Powerful Quake Hits Philippines

An earthquake hit the Philippines yesterday, just a day after a smaller one shook the country.

News Bytes 04/24/2019 19
UPDATE: TV Star Ukraine Prez

A TV star has won Ukraine’s presidential runoff vote in a landslide.

News Bytes 04/23/2019 14
U.S. Church Membership Decline

The percentage of people who belong to a church is declining.

News Bytes 04/22/2019 33
Plastic Polo

Ralph Lauren’s new Polo shirt is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.

News Bytes 04/19/2019 44
India Enters Election Phase II

Amid unrest, voting began in the second phase of India’s general election yesterday.

News Bytes 04/19/2019 77
Hidden Kafka Works Surface

A Swiss court rules that several boxes of writer’s hidden papers must be opened.

News Bytes 04/18/2019 21
Measles Cases on the Rise

Measles cases in the United States could be on pace to set a record.

News Bytes 04/17/2019 89
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Explain It 02/18/2019
Dutch Rail Makes Reparations

Dutch railway company NS may begin paying reparations for its role in transporting Jews during World War II.

Globe Trek 02/18/2019
Missionaries as Media Correspondents

Today, cable television broadcasts world news 'round the clock. But not too long ago, most world news was shaped by reporting from Christian missionaries around the globe.

Mud Room 02/19/2019
D.C.’s Rat Race

A pair of veteran Health Department employees want to rid the nation's capital of too-present vermin: particulary, the common rat.

Ka-ching 02/18/2019
Disposing Disposables

Imitating a plan from a 1950s, one recycling company is working to trash disposable containers. A new subscription service delivers household goods in reusable containers. Then it’s collect, wash, refill, repeat—not too unlike the milkman service of the past.

Pie in the Sky 02/21/2019
Internal Insulin Injector

Is there a solution to daily shots for diabetics? An ingestible pill that delivers its dose inside the stomach may soon mean fewer pricks for sick people.

Pop Smart 02/21/2019
Fish Pedicures

One fish species that is known to feed on dead skin is providing an unusual luxury spa treatment for cracked and callused feet.

Law 'N Order 02/18/2019
Tribal Waterfall Tours Go Self-Guided

Havasu Falls is on many people’s must-see lists. But reaching the site has previously meant employing a professional guide to cross a remote Native American reservation.

People Mover 02/19/2019
Honduran Lobster Divers

Diving for lobsters is a way of life for some poor Hondurans. But decompression sickness can kill or disable those who dive deep for a living.

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