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Torpedoed USS Helena Found

Seventy-five years after being sunk by Japanese torpedoes, researchers find the USS Helena.

News Bytes 04/19/2018 6
Farewell to a Beloved First Lady

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away at her home Tuesday at age 92.

News Bytes 04/18/2018 5
Baboon Jailbreak

A troop of baboons is back in an enclosure after they briefly escaped from a research center. 

News Bytes 04/18/2018 6
US Woman Wins Boston

American Desiree Linden splashed her way to a Boston Marathon victory—the first in 33 years.

News Bytes 04/17/2018 15
American Pastor on Trial in Turkey

Pastor Andrew Brunson faced the courts in Turkey this morning.

News Bytes 04/16/2018 7
High-Speed Internet in Indian Country

Two senators want to expand access to high-speed internet in rural areas of the United States.

News Bytes 04/16/2018 14
Cuba’s “Lost Generation” Rises

Next week could bring a Cuba without a Castro as current President Raul Castro prepares to step aside.

News Bytes 04/13/2018 4
Africa Encourages Next Einstein

African scientists recently took part in the Next Einstein Forum conference in Rwanda.

News Bytes 04/13/2018 2
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Explain It 02/22/2018
Concussions: What’s Happening behind the Eyes?                

A new technology that evaluates pupil dilation may help identify brain injuries quickly and without special training. And that could speed up recovery.

Globe Trek 02/22/2018
Tour the Amazon Jungle

“Look before grabbing any branches because the ants bite. You will be in pain for 24 hours,” a guide warns. “And watch where you step. You don’t want to get bitten by a snake.” Yikes. A walk in the rainforest isn’t for the faint of heart.

Ka-ching 02/26/2018
Paleontologists Dig In

Buuuuzzzzzzz. Ashley Leger’s phone vibrates. She dons a neon vest, hard hat, and goggles. Then she climbs down into a massive hole and gently brushes debris from a lump in the dirt. Could this be “the big find”?

Pop Smart 02/26/2018
School to Table

Carson, Jeff, Calvin, Francis, and Double Stuffed hang out at Maconaquah Middle School (MMS). They’re not students or teachers. They’re cattle. These cows and bulls are part of a project called School to Table.

Law 'N Order 02/26/2018
Treehouse Nightmare

Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen must be kids at heart. The married couple built a Florida beachfront treehouse that would delight any child. The structure has multiple levels, swinging hammocks, and windows looking out on the Gulf of Mexico. The hip hangout cost almost $30,000.

Mud Room 02/26/2018
Dead Bird Patrol

Researchers at the University of Washington are using data collected by ordinary citizens to monitor birds and beaches along the Pacific coastline. That means someone’s out there handling a lot of dead seabirds.

People Mover 02/26/2018
Ferah’s World: A Teen Girl among ISIS

Everyone in Mosul, Iraq, dreaded the Islamic State-imposed checkpoints. But the women hated them most. The fanatic gunmen were unpredictable when they encountered the slightest hint of what they considered “sin.” One of them leaned into the backseat of the taxi the three women were riding in.

Pie in the Sky 02/26/2018
Chemical Superhero: Graphene

A natural substance called graphene is grabbing the world’s attention. Scientists say graphene may extend computer life, boost internet speed, strengthen helmets, enhance battery charging—even make you run faster. Graphene is nearing superhero status.

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