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From Dust to Glory

Lance and April Ledbetter feared too much historic music was being lost. So they did something about it.

News Bytes 06/18/2018 2
New Security at the Eiffel Tower

Paris authorities are building a permanent, transparent security belt around the Eiffel Tower.

News Bytes 06/15/2018 5
Limited Impact for High Court Voter Decision?

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week allows states to take a tougher approach to maintaining voter rolls.

News Bytes 06/14/2018 3
Trump Shows Kim “The Beast”

They were just a couple of guys talking cars—except the world was watching.

News Bytes 06/13/2018 5
Spain Accepts Migrant Ship

After a standoff, Spain has allowed a ship carrying 629 migrants to dock in one of its ports.

News Bytes 06/12/2018 3
Justified with a Triple Crown

All eyes were on Justify. The thoroughbred defied the odds on his way to achieving the Triple Crown, winning the final leg at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

News Bytes 06/11/2018 5
Dining Russian-style at the World Cup

For many fans of food and football, this year’s World Cup in Russia is unfamiliar territory.

News Bytes 06/11/2018 6
IHOP Teases Name Change

IHOP suggests a name change is coming to the famous franchise.

News Bytes 06/08/2018 14
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Ka-ching 04/26/2018
Eye On The Horse Trade

A black stallion glistens as a boy in suspenders washes it with a hose. Darkly dressed men in straw hats lead muscular horses while an auctioneer rattles off bids over the jingling of bridles, bits, and harnesses.

Globe Trek 04/25/2018
South Africa Land Seizure

South Africa has a problem. The country ended government-endorsed racial discrimination and segregation more than two decades ago. But trouble from the dreadful system continues. Newly elected South African President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to take land from the country’s white minority.

Pie in the Sky 04/26/2018
Out of the Dark Ages

Do you really need to be present to direct runway traffic? To train for surgery? To enjoy a field trip? Virtual reality (VR) technology is challenging the notion that you do—across many fields of education and enterprise.

Pop Smart 04/26/2018
Battle over Books

A library without books? Not quite, but libraries are evolving. In today’s “media centers,” books aren’t always the first things to come to mind. As students abandon the stacks in favor of online references, university, school, and public libraries are discarding millions of volumes.

Mud Room 04/26/2018
Getting To Know the Biggest Fish in the Sea

The biggest fish in the sea is also one of the least understood. The whale shark can be found roaming warm waters around the globe with its huge mouth agape in search of dinner. As it swims, it sucks in water. Food stays in while the water gets blown out the whale shark’s gills.

Law 'N Order 04/26/2018
Crafty Dispute

Native people in Alaska hunt the animals that live there. Many hunt for “subsistence.” That means they live off what they hunt. Then they make crafts from walrus tusks, otter fur, teeth, bones, and more.

People Mover 04/26/2018
A Christian Smuggler in China

In April 2009, Joseph Hong* received a distressing phone call. Chinese officials had arrested Hong’s mother, Rachel Han*, for a serious crime: She had organized a trip to lead 13 North Korean defectors across China to the Mongolian border.

Explain It 04/25/2018
Wind Farm Blowback

Whoosh-whoosh. Slowly spinning wind turbines appear peaceful and pretty. An energy developer wants to erect more of the 400-foot towers in rural Minnesota. But folks in the heart of U.S. wind country aren’t necessarily celebrating.

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