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5G Sky Danger?

Airlines cancel or change flights to US over a 5G mobile service dispute.

News Bytes 01/20/2022 4
Abu Dhabi Drone Attack

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim responsibility for a drone attack in Abu Dhabi.

News Bytes 01/19/2022 3
Tonga Volcano Blows

New Zealand flights assess damage to Tonga after violent volcanic eruption.

News Bytes 01/18/2022 6
Doll Honors Ida B. Wells

Mattel remembers journalist Ida B Wells with a doll created in her likeness.

News Bytes 01/17/2022 11
WORLD Watch: Top Story

U.S. inflation climbs to 7% amid rampant supply shortages.

News Bytes 01/14/2022 15
US-Russia Discuss Ukraine

The United States and Russia take tough stands ahead of talks on Ukraine.

News Bytes 01/13/2022 9
Galapagos Volcano Erupts

The tallest Galapagos volcano erupts, spewing lava and ash.

News Bytes 01/12/2022 8
Windsor Castle No-Fly Zone

UK police apply for a “no-fly” zone above Windsor Castle.

News Bytes 01/11/2022 16
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Globe Trek 01/01/2022
Colombia’s Invasive Hippo Problem

Fear and love surround a herd of non-native hippos thriving in Colombia.

Law 'N Order 01/01/2022
Do Census Errors Protect Privacy?

The 2020 census used a new “privacy” method—that involves purposefully wrong answers.

Explain It 01/01/2022
Big Tech Water Usage

Big tech data centers spark worry over scarce Western water.

Pie in the Sky 01/01/2022
The AI Recruiter Will See You Now

NYC aims to be first to restrain the use of AI hiring tools.

Mud Room 01/01/2022
Mississippi Flood Project Tanks

The EPA overturned the approval of the Mississippi Yazoo Pumps Project.

Ka-ching 01/01/2022
Methane Prices Rock Murano

Skyrocketing gas prices hurt the glassblowing industry of Murano, Italy.

People Mover 01/01/2022
A Woodworking Retirement

Retiree Stuart McClendon uses carpentry skills to help others and tell about Jesus.

Pop Smart 01/01/2022
Remembering Winter

A dolphin that encouraged many of her fans has died at a Florida aquarium.

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