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OLYMPICS: US Curlers Go for Gold

The U.S. men’s curling team upset Canada in their semifinal match guaranteeing the program's highest-ever finish.

News Bytes 02/23/2018 0
Bicyclist Busted for Entering Tunnel

A bicyclist is blaming a popular navigation app for misdirecting him.

News Bytes 02/22/2018 5
Evangelist Billy Graham Passes Away at 99

The Rev. Billy Graham, considered the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, passed away this morning.

News Bytes 02/21/2018 4
Pirate DNA?

A human bone recovered from a Cape Cod shipwreck may belong to an infamous pirate.

News Bytes 02/21/2018 3
OLYMPICS: Highlights Factory

People covering the Olympics gather the best and oddest happenings of the PyeongChang Olympics. But not everyone is in South Korea.

News Bytes 02/20/2018 2
Birthday for 1st Child in New Nation

Students in a tiny Kosovo village recently gathered to celebrate a very special birthday.

News Bytes 02/19/2018 4
Olympics Give Hope to Split Korean Families

Will warming Winter Olympics relations between North and South Korea lead to more unification for families separated by the border?

News Bytes 02/16/2018 5
Dutch Law: Everyone an Organ Donor

A new Dutch law makes adults potential organ donors unless they opt out.

News Bytes 02/16/2018 7
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Explain It 12/19/2017
Good Progress for the Ozone Hole

In the midst of warnings about climate change and water pollution, scientists have some good news about Earth’s environment: A hole in the ozone layer is shrinking.

Globe Trek 12/19/2017
Uganda’s Invisible Children

In the developed world, birth certificates proving every person’s age are often a certainty. But across Africa and South Asia, tens of millions of children never get them. Without proof of age, those children can face dire consequences regarding education, health care, jobs, and legal rights.

Ka-ching 12/19/2017
Zimbabwe Mouse Kabobs

Once two sparrows were sold for a penny. (See Matthew 10:29.) Today in Zimbabwe, 10 mice go for a dollar. Children in the impoverished country sell the tiny rodents as snacks. They bring home the cash to fill their own hungry bellies.

Pop Smart 12/19/2017
Build-a-Bowl Menu Trends

The latest food fad has some surprise ingredients. It’s not quinoa or avocado or a gluten-free superfood, specifically. How does this strike you: Lucky Charms and Cheerios? Cafés serving breakfast cereal have exploded in popularity.

Law 'N Order 12/19/2017
Damming the Nile

Egypt is known for pharaohs, sphinxes, and pyramids. But its most vital feature is a fertile green ribbon produced by the Nile River that flows through the desert. For the first time, Egypt faces a threat to that watery lifeline. THE NILE’S IMPORTANCE

Mud Room 12/19/2017
Snake Road

Shawnee National Forest is open year-round . . . almost. Since 1972, one path completely closes to vehicles several weeks each year. The closures aren’t for area maintenance or staff vacations. Forest Road 345 closes for snake crossings.

People Mover 12/19/2017
A Click Heard ’Round the World

The iconic image of six Marines raising an American flag over Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945, helped win World War II. The photograph boosted morale at a critical moment. It was also used to generate record fundraising for war relief at home.

Pie in the Sky 12/19/2017
Magnetic Slingshot to Space

In the 1960s, a young inventor named James Powell had an idea. He imagined using the opposing forces of powerful magnets to lift and move passenger cars. His idea became the basis for magnetic levitation. “Maglev” is used today to operate high-speed trains.

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