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Youngest Head of State

Finland elects world’s youngest prime minister.

News Bytes 12/12/2019 3
Cell Phone Face Injuries

A study says careless cell phone use sends many to the hospital.

News Bytes 12/11/2019 25
NZ Volcano Erupts

New Zealand volcano erupts while tourists visit.

News Bytes 12/10/2019 20
The Polio Paradox

Reports surface of more polio cases linked to the oral vaccine.

News Bytes 12/09/2019 21
The Creative Queen

Denmark's Queen gets creative with Hans Christian Andersen's Queen.

News Bytes 12/06/2019 132
Word of the Year has selected its 2019 Word of the Year.

News Bytes 12/05/2019 24
Christmas Tree Poison

Guam’s Christmas trees get a dose of chemicals to kill pests.

News Bytes 12/04/2019 35
Red Bucket E-Donations

Salvation Army classic red kettles are going high-tech.

News Bytes 12/03/2019 22
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Explain It 11/01/2019
Saving the Alamo

Preservation efforts are underway at the Alamo.

People Mover 11/01/2019
Alabama Band of Brothers

Altogether, 11 Davis brothers contributed 158 years in the U.S. military.

Mud Room 11/01/2019
Secrets of Spider Silk

A spider silk library could help scientists develop new materials.

Pie in the Sky 11/01/2019
Graphene Bugs Skeeters

A thin, flexible film can stop mosquitoes from biting.

Ka-ching 11/01/2019
Japan’s Pricey Olympics

Tokyo Olympic tickets are available—if you’re willing to pay big bucks.

Law 'N Order 11/01/2019
Rooster Maurice Wins in Court

A rooster calls out the difference between country and city realities.

Globe Trek 11/01/2019
MLB Takes a Hit in Venezuela

U.S. sanctions restrict MLB participation in Venezuela.

Pop Smart 11/01/2019
Unwanted Ink

Tattoos and regrets can fade away at Elimination Station.

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Pie in the Sky

Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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