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UPDATE: Japan's Olympics Ruckus

Frustration mounts in Japan as leader pushes the Olympics—despite virus concerns.

News Bytes 05/13/2021 16
US Navy Seizes Arms

In the Arabian Sea, the US Navy intercepted a weapons shipment headed to Yemen.

News Bytes 05/12/2021 27
Cyberattack on US Oil Pipeline

A recent cyberattack on a US oil pipeline is likely linked to a criminal gang.

News Bytes 05/11/2021 23
US Employers Struggle To Fill Jobs

Despite many job openings, millions of Americans are not returning to work.

News Bytes 05/10/2021 30
WORLD Watch: Top Story

For the past two years, crews worked on keeping the Notre Dame Cathedral upright. Now they can begin renovation.

News Bytes 05/07/2021 20
Grand Canyon Bison Hunt

Grand Canyon National Park will select volunteers to shoot bison in the park.

News Bytes 05/06/2021 44
Tim Tebow Back in Football?

Former quarterback Tim Tebow could make a move to a tight end position.

News Bytes 05/05/2021 19
World’s Longest Footbridge

A new Portuguese pedestrian bridge is not for the faint of heart.

News Bytes 05/04/2021 33
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People Mover 05/01/2021
Love and Sacrifice

A social media post about a woman needing a liver led a stranger to donate.

Pie in the Sky 05/01/2021
Heart in a Box

A new technology revives deceased hearts for transplant, saving lives.

Pop Smart 05/01/2021
Please Pass the Cash-erole

Vintage glass cookware experiences a revival in homes and on auction sites.

Mud Room 05/01/2021
Oregon Earthquake System

A cellphone early alert system for earthquakes launches in Oregon.

Ka-ching 05/01/2021
Invest Responsibly

Know the risks and guard against greed, but then consider stock market investing.

Law 'N Order 05/01/2021
Egypt’s Adoption Opposition

An adoptive mom in Egypt tries to change a societal stigma against adoption.

Explain It 05/01/2021
Bilingual Brains

The way a brain is wired matters when it comes to learning a second language.

Globe Trek 05/01/2021
Penal Colony Turns Tourist Stop

A Mexican island penal colony will now host visitors instead of criminals.

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