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Sting Floors Tour Cyclist

After almost 2,000 miles, an insect sting takes a cyclist out of the Tour de France.

News Bytes 09/21/2020 2
WORLD Watch: Top Story

Today in Top Story: This diplomatic deal in the Middle East, called the Abraham Accords, also brings discord to the region.

News Bytes 09/18/2020 6
Ice Age Bear Found

Ice herders found a perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear in Arctic Russia.

News Bytes 09/17/2020 16
School Choice Debate Continues

School choice is back in the spotlight as leaders appeal to annoyed parents.

News Bytes 09/16/2020 16
Landslide in Nepal

The search for survivors continues in Nepalese villages hit by another landslide.

News Bytes 09/15/2020 9
Drop in Vaping by US Teens

Health officials are encouraged by a significant decrease in teen vape use.

News Bytes 09/14/2020 15
WORLD Watch: Top Story

Today in Top Story: The U.S. Department of Defense announces a drawdown of American forces in Iraq.

News Bytes 09/11/2020 6
CA Wildfires Rage On

Explosive wildfires stoked by fierce winds rage across California.

News Bytes 09/10/2020 23
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Explain It 09/01/2020
Breathing with New Lungs

A US coronavirus survivor receives a life-saving double lung transplant.

Globe Trek 09/01/2020
Dutch Fleet “Anchored at Pampus”

Coronavirus takes the wind out of a historic Dutch fleet’s sails.

Mud Room 09/01/2020
No Grizzlies in Cascades Mtns

Conservation groups disagree with a North Cascades grizzly decision.

Law 'N Order 09/01/2020
Trump Appoints 200th Judge

The US Senate approved the 200th federal judge to be appointed by President Trump.

Ka-ching 09/01/2020
L.L. Bean Spreads Its Brand

LL Bean begins its first wholesale partnerships in the United States.

Pie in the Sky 09/01/2020
Energy from the Dark Side

A new device may be able to generate energy from shadows.

People Mover 09/01/2020
Voice of a Storyteller

An architect-turned-storyteller regales kids in a Mexico City apartment complex.

Pop Smart 09/01/2020
A First at First Base

San Francisco Giants coach Alyssa Nakken is first woman to coach MLB on the field.

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Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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