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Trump Nixes $92M Parade

President Donald Trump canceled plans for a Veterans Day parade, citing a “ridiculously high” price tag.

News Bytes 08/20/2018 7
First Straws, Now Balloons Get Banned?

Balloons may soon be getting more environmental scrutiny.

News Bytes 08/17/2018 5
Baby Elephant Joins Herd

Umzula-zuli joined its herd at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this week.

News Bytes 08/17/2018 4
14-year-old Runs for Governor

This primary season, Democrat voters in Vermont saw an unusual candidate on their ballots: a teenager.

News Bytes 08/16/2018 8
Historic Russian Church Burned

A famous 18th-century Russian church may have been destroyed by arson.

News Bytes 08/15/2018 2
Tunisian Leader Backs (Some) Equal Rights for Women

Tunisia’s president promised to submit a bill to parliament that aims to give women equal inheritance rights.

News Bytes 08/15/2018 1
Jury Awards Millions over Weed Killer

A jury's verdict will open the door for countless people who blame their suffering on a popular weed killer.

News Bytes 08/14/2018 9
Orca J50 Gets Medical Treatment at Sea

Marine mammal experts raced to sea to help an ailing orca.

News Bytes 08/13/2018 4
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Pop Smart 06/20/2018
Legendary Ballpoint Writes History

What serves in the U.S. military, works for the federal government, and addresses packages at the post office? Give up? A ballpoint pen—specifically, a Skilcraft pen.

People Mover 06/20/2018
Girls Take On Robotics

They call themselves the “Build a Dream Amazon Warriors.” The half dozen teenage girls from Canada were among thousands of overwhelmingly male young people from nearly four dozen countries competing in Detroit in April. Their challenge?

Globe Trek 06/20/2018
Germany’s Last Wild Horses

On a reserve about 25 miles north of Germany’s industrial heartland, a single wild herd of horses roams. The small equines, which stand only about 13-14 hands tall (52-56 inches), are an ancient breed known as the Duelmen (or Dülmen).

Mud Room 06/20/2018
Bird Revival?

Studying dead birds may seem grisly. But researchers at Ohio State University’s Museum of Biological Diversity examine lifeless fowl for a living. The museum’s collection includes over 25,000 stuffed, frozen, or otherwise preserved specimens.

Law 'N Order 06/20/2018
Leggo My Aloe!

Illegal arms. Illicit drugs. Elephant tusks. Garden plants. Which of these doesn’t belong? The world of smuggling and black market crime brings to mind a miasma of grim items and images. But the fleshy plants from which we get aloe vera skin lotion isn’t one of them.

Explain It 06/20/2018
D.C.’s First Monument

In Washington, D.C., you can stumble over history without knowing it. It’s impossible to miss the towering Washington Monument or the domed Jefferson Memorial. But the nation’s first federal monument may go unnoticed for millions of visitors to the capital.

Pie in the Sky 06/20/2018
Gut Check Smart Capsule

You’ve heard of smartphones, smart cars, and smartwatches. But have you heard about smart pills? Scientists are working to develop edible sensors that detect intestinal illness. They’re packing tiny electronics and millions of genetically engineered living cells inside a pill.

Ka-ching 06/21/2018
Is Baseball Striking Out?

Summer means baseball. But the national pastime has been slowly losing fans over the last decade or so. It’s evident in Little League, where recruiting enough players to form a network now often involves several towns instead of just one.

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