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Federer Falls in Wimbledon Final

Five straight hours on the court ends with Djokovic on top at Wimbledon.

News Bytes 07/15/2019 3
US Products in Iran

Tensions run high between Iran and America, but U.S. brands remain popular.

News Bytes 07/15/2019 2
Flight Makes Emergency Hawaii Stop

Extreme turbulence caused injuries onboard flight to Australia.

News Bytes 07/12/2019 15
No-Thrill Bull Running?

Has Spain’s running of the bulls lost its charm . . . and risk?

News Bytes 07/12/2019 8
West Coast Warning System

On the West Coast, there’s new interest in an earthquake warning system.

News Bytes 07/11/2019 9
Bye-Bye, Beetle

VW makes world-famous Beetle extinct.

News Bytes 07/10/2019 12
NASA Facility Honors Katherine Johnson

A NASA facility in West Virginia is renamed to honor the woman nicknamed the "human computer."

News Bytes 07/09/2019 13
Criminal Ice Cream Licking

Two folks find out that ice cream licking can be a criminal offense.

News Bytes 07/09/2019 14
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Pop Smart 07/01/2019
A Virtual Shipwreck Museum

Exploring unreachable sunken ships with virtual reality might be almost as good as being there!

People Mover 07/01/2019
Kid “Geek Squads” on the Job

When schools need to fill IT requests on a budget, they look for help from their own students.

Explain It 07/01/2019
A Younger-Than-Expected Universe

Scientists are stumped by calculations that suggest the universe is younger than they thought.

Law 'N Order 07/01/2019
Lunch Shaming for Unpaid Bills

Unpaid lunch accounts in schools made some kids ashamed of the meals they received.

Globe Trek 07/01/2019
Nero’s Palace Receives Visitors Again

A cruel dictator's once-glorious palace is open to the public again in Rome, Italy.

Mud Room 07/01/2019
Frog Breeder Undercuts Poacher Profit

A breeder battles endangered frog poaching by flooding the buyer’s market with legal specimens.

Pie in the Sky 07/01/2019
Drones: Filling the Skies at Work

Drones are getting busier, buzzing around inspecting bridges and watching for signs of avalanche.

Ka-ching 07/01/2019
CVS Stores To Offer Tooth Alignment

What if you could get your teeth straightened without seeing—or paying the big fees for—an orthodontist?

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