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Gene Editing Farm Animals

A research company wants to alter animals’ genetics in a lab. Is it science or sci-fi?

News Bytes 11/20/2018 5
UPDATE: Rohingya Camp Quiet

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh received good news: They won’t be sent back. . . . for now.

News Bytes 11/19/2018 6
China Slows Tiger, Rhino Trade

China postpones its decision to allow trade in endangered tiger and rhinoceros parts.

News Bytes 11/16/2018 12
Abandoned Tree for White House

White House officials selected a neglected Fraser fir as the nation’s official Christmas tree.

News Bytes 11/16/2018 7
California Fires

California is experiencing one of the most devastating wildfire seasons on record.

News Bytes 11/15/2018 23
Amazon’s New Headquarters

Amazon has chosen not one but two sites for its East Coast headquarters.

News Bytes 11/14/2018 8
Marvel’s Stan Lee Dies

Comic-book genius Stan Lee, who revolutionized the modern comic book, died Monday.

News Bytes 11/14/2018 15
Move More, Start Younger

Get moving! Medical experts published new guidelines for exercise yesterday.

News Bytes 11/13/2018 11
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People Mover 11/02/2018
A Tale of Two Cultures

It begins at an inner-city stable in one of the grittiest areas of Baltimore, Maryland. A vanishing breed of urban horsemen prepares for a weekly visit to Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Explain It 11/02/2018
Living History Museums

Traipse through Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, and you’ll catch a glimpse of 1830s life in New England. But this so-called “living history” museum might not be telling the whole story. So Sturbridge staff are rethinking their presentation of the past.

Globe Trek 11/02/2018
Ambassador Nikki Haley Moves On

Strong. Frank. Charismatic. That’s how colleagues describe U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Now Haley is planning to step down from her job at the end of 2018.

Ka-ching 11/02/2018
Automated Dumplings Go Global?

Move over potstickers. A new dumpling is showing up on the dim sum menu. A South Korean food company is spending millions on high-speed mandu machines—with hopes their automated process will take their style of frozen dumpling global.

Law 'N Order 11/02/2018
When Whodunnit? Becomes Whowroteit?

In September, the New York Times published an anonymous letter sharply criticizing President Donald Trump. The author claimed to be in the Trump administration’s inner circle—working on the White House staff.

Mud Room 11/02/2018
Telltale eDNA Helps Track Species

Biologists and conservationists manage and protect the world’s biodiversity. Now they have a new tool: eDNA. That’s the DNA left behind by animals in water or soil. Locating eDNA can be easier than finding a live specimen of a creature that’s endangered or thought to be extinct.

Pie in the Sky 11/02/2018
Off (and Around) to the Races

Aaaand they’re off! Horse racing is one of the world’s most ancient sports. Two or more equines sprint over a course—which is fastest? Racing has seen innovations before now: the photo-finish camera (1936), electric starting gates (1940), and closed-circuit television (1967).

Pop Smart 11/02/2018
World Equestrian Games

It was a sloppy start to a world-class event. There were cancellations, goof-ups, even an animal death. God promises that “He will not leave us or forsake us.” (Deuteronomy 31:6) But He never promises an easy road.

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