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France Cuts Movie Snacks
News Bytes 01/6/2022 40 Comments

No more munching, crunching, and slurping at the movies in France: The country’s tense fight against a record surge in coronavirus infections has halted all eating and drinking at French cinemas—just as the country shows signs of recovering from the brutal economic bashing of last year’s lockdowns.

God created humans with five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Experiences using several of them can be among the most enjoyable. Now moviegoers in France may need to forego a couple of those senses at their local cinemas.

New COVID-19 measures kicked in on Monday. That means no more smelling popcorn and licking ice cream at French theaters. Everyone over the age of six is also expected to wear—and keep on—a face mask while in most public spaces. The snack ban of at least three weeks on public eating and drinking also applies to theaters, sports venues, and public transport—but not restaurants.

Cinema owners sold 96 million tickets in the eight months during which they were open last year. That’s a jump of 47% compared to 2020. However, ticket sales are still down 55% compared to 2019, before the pandemic. Theaters hoped to lure back movie fans, many of whom switched to home-viewing during the pandemic. But they’ll need to do so without candies, sodas, and other snacks.

Benoit Ciné Distribution, which supplies 70% of France’s cinemas with popcorn, sweet treats, and drinks, was swamped with both order postponements and delivery requests. That’s because movie houses were expecting good sales on the final weekend before the food and drink ban.

“It’s like being told to apply the emergency brake to the high-speed train,” says Vincent Meyer, a director at Benoit.

Why no snacks at some events, while other establishments can serve food? The French government hopes these latest measures will just tap the brakes on the fast-spreading omicron variant—without derailing France’s economic upturn. The country’s recovery is seen as a vote-getter for President Emmanuel Macron, who faces reelection in April.

In addition to the food and drink ban, there’ll once again be limits on crowd numbers at public venues, with no more than 2,000 allowed indoors and 5,000 outdoors.

Some musicians have suggested, only half-jokingly, that they may rebrand their concerts as political gatherings since the limits don’t apply to election campaign rallies.

With France’s COVID-19 death toll higher than ever and hospitals overburdened, many health experts have called for stricter measures than the government announced this week. Some are even pushing for closing schools and businesses again—a move everyone would love to avoid.

Michel Enten, manager of the Le Fontenelle cinema in a small town west of Paris, is relieved to stay open, even if he can’t sell food. He says he has lost about half his customers during the pandemic. He expects the food and drink ban to hit larger cinemas particularly hard. Much of their operating income is generated by those sales. But he thinks it may help lure back fans to smaller, arty cinemas like his.

“There are lots of people who hate hearing the sounds of popcorn in the auditoriums,” he says. “Perhaps we will win over new movie fans, people who . . . are saying to themselves, ‘Now there’s no more popcorn, let’s run to the cinema.’”

Some French cinemagoers say they understand the need for new measures. Others struggle to see any logic in not being able to indulge their sweet cravings in cinemas or theaters when restaurants are still allowed to serve food and drinks.

“It’s going to be strange to just go to the cinema and do without all these little moments,” Vincent Bourdais says while standing in line for a movie at Le Fontenelle cinema. “Often, when one imagines the cinema, one thinks of the auditorium, the beautiful posters, the popcorn, the smells.”

(A man wears a face mask as he walks in front of a restaurant in Saint Jean de Luz, southwestern France, on December 30, 2021. AP/Bob Edme)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

I think this makes sense...

2nd comment

I seriously just think people are getting too paranoid.

*applauds* Well done, France.

*applauds* Well done, France. Thanks to your quick knee jerk reac- I mean, thinking, *cough*, you have now added another brick to your cake of financial destruction. Don't ask me why you're putting bricks in a cake, but it's probably the same reason you're making everyone wear masks and stealing everyone's snacks from them. Haha, wouldn't that be something. A big burly guard with an Uzi blocking people from entering as another equally buff guard searches them for snacks. You watch, guys. Australia will be the first to be on board with that program.

@ amari h and hesperus d

agreed (^-^)

This is Mylee

no snacks :(

This is crazy!

This is crazy!

Masks don’t do anything but

Masks don’t do anything but bother people

COVID-19 is over.

COVID-19 is over.

No Jack

my best friends family is sick with it and several people got it at my dads work


why do painter sand firefighters (even without the oxygen tank) wear masks? Covid 19(and colds flue) travels through the air

When you eat while watching a movie, you can't hear the movie xD

Oof...also I agree masks don't help, but covid is definitely not over...its getting and again in our town :/ -_-




i agree with.

* you

* you

Wow. Paranoid, much?

Wow. Paranoid, much?


I think what Jack was meaning was that yeah there is still Covid around, but we need to be done with the silly mask and quarantine stuff. Sure, there are people in my town that are still getting it, and my family had it over Thanksgiving. I think it is going to be just like any other old virus, which just keep mutating. We are not going to totally get rid of it at all, and the vaccine doesn't help in the least little bit. Lots of people I know that had the vaccine have gotten covid, and when you do get it, the vaccine makes your case even worse.

@ RileyD lockdowns and mask and vaxs are meant to help not fix

the vaccine is not proven to make it worse, people like to where masks loosely and half way on (its not meant to completely block covid its supposed to help as much as possible) also when covid started people in my area barely got covid cause everyone locked down and wore masks and now that that's over people are starting to get it
Just a side note ......people blame the government for everything

@ Riley

I beg to differ xP
Everyone we know personally (mostly elderly) who has gotten the vaccine, and gotten covid has gotten it LESS then those who didn't have the vaccine. The vaccine is not meant to prevent you from getting covid (I need to note my Google autocorrect keeps correcting "covid" to "cold" as I am writing this) it is meant to train your body to fight off the virus, so when you DO get it it is very mild. As has been the case with everyone we know. (Also we have stopped watching and listening to any news media except for WORLDteen since the election so Im not getting my opinion based on what I've heard from them xD)


And masks don't help at all.

Oh,and when I say vaccine I

Oh,and when I say vaccine I mean the 2 or 3 shots., maybe it affects people different when they only have 1...idk.


@Franz: I understand what you are saying, but at the same time, if you get the flu virus, the government doesn't require you to wear a mask and stay at home, and you aren't pushed to get the flu shot either. Covid is just like any other virus that has come into this world, and I think that fear is controlling a lot of people. If I didn't absolutely HAVE to wear a mask back in 2020 and 2021, I didn't. I only wore one a few times. My family never got the shot and never will. And we didn't get covid until Thanksgiving 2021. Plus like NA said, the masks don't help. Research was done way back in this whole deal and showed that the covid germ particle was smaller than the holes in most masks, so they don't help. I can understand quarantine, but at the same time, people also don't quarantine for two weeks if they get a cold or the flu. They stay at home until they feel better and then get out again. At least I do.
By the way, thanks for presenting your opinions and view kindly. That really helps debates on here. :)
@NA: Hm, well, I guess everyone if different. I understand what a vaccine does, but then what doesn't make sense is this: Why is the government pushing and forcing people to get the vaccine 'to stop the spread of covid' when it doesn't prevent you from getting it? And yeah the masks totally don't work. My family found that out way earlier on, and so I find it a bit funny when people and so adamant about their masks or you still have to wear them in places because they don't help. And it seems they would spread the virus more because since they are so uncomfortable, you are always messing with it and so your hands keep touching your face right by your nose and eyes! XD

@ Riley

At this point I think the government is just saying things to give them more power xD. The vaccine doesn't "stop the spread" but it stops the severe cases. So like, the people we know who are vaccinated and gotten it, some of them just feel tired for one day, and some of them get mild cold symptoms. Which is much better than getting flu like symptoms. (also I am getting over covid rn, and its much less than the first 2 times I've had it. I'm not vaccinated, but I supposedly have antibodies **shrug emoji* I guess that's what the vaccine is supposed to do.


I don't know if this is true, but you're only supposed to have the antibodies for 60 - 90 days. Also, you could have Omicron rn and that variant is supposed to be less severe and basically act like a cold.

@ Above

Yeah, it's only been about 90 days since we got it last.
Hmm well I'm guessing I do have Omicron, but I wouldn't say it's less severe...maybe to some people. But to 5 of our close friends, one died. One nearly died (but had that infusion thing and recovered) and the other 3 had pretty severe cases. I think it effects everyone differently. My Aunt got it (positive test) and she had a GI problem, her husband got it and he had a fever for a week. She never had a fever, its sooo weird. :/

@ Above

Yeah, it's been like 60 days since we had it, and I might have had Omicron for the last week. If I had it, Omicron was worse severe for me too


I agree that it effects people differently. My family has had it only the once, but everyone was different! Some had fevers, other didn't, the aches were all over the place. Mine was in my eyes and back. I only felt bad and tired for a few days and then I was pretty much better. I never got a cough like some people did. I lost my smell for 3 days but not my taste, while other in my family lost both, some for short periods of time and some for longer, like my Mom still doesn't totally have her smell back. Covid is just so weird.
@NA: That is crazy that y'all have been sick that many times! That stinks!

@ Riley

Yes! I know! The first time I lost my taste for a few months (it was SO weird! :0) my Dad still hasn't really gotten it back. The second time I lost it for a few days, this time I haven't lost it (yet?) xD But yeah, everyone in our family had it different too! It is VeRy strange. stinks xP But we're still alive so...;P

I do not believe that the

I do not believe that the vaccines help to prevent severe cases.

The vaccine has affected a

The vaccine has affected a lot of people negatively. My aunt knows someone who got the Covid vaccine and got a rare blood clot that was associated with that vaccine and died a week later. Also my Grandpa. He got the vaccine and now he has a bunch of weird symptoms. Everything tastes terrible, there is tingling in his arms, he hurts all over, he is nauseous, and he can't sleep.

Notice how places like France

Notice how places like France, that are locked down and wearing masks have a ton of Covid cases. Hmm, weird??? That is because the masks do not work.

@ Morgan

I also know a person (who goes to our church) who had a blood clot soon after taking the vaccine. I think it affects everyone differently, like everything.
A few years ago I was really sick, and the Doctors gave me a medicine with the warning "One in a hundred people who take this suffer face defects, twitching etc.
I took it, bc it was the only thing out there for what I needed, and what do you know? I was that one in a hundred person -_- Not fun. But it effects everyone differently.
So I think, the vaccine helps some people...and some people it kills them. So you never know :/ If they had taken longer before getting it out, maybe that wouldn't be the case but...that didn't happen.
I am praying for your Grandpa! That is terrible! My dad felt sick after getting the first shot, but now he's fine. Also my grandpa got it and hasn't had any side effects, but my step grandma got it and she felt not so good for a little bit :/

The vaccine messes with your

The vaccine messes with your DNA.

@ Above

I have doubts on that xDD LOL!

Oh, so here's an interesting

Oh, so here's an interesting question: Do any of you think the vaccine is the mark of the beast?
I do not.


I do not have a definite answer to your question yet, as I have not done that much study on Revelation and the Mark of the Beast. But my parents and some other people that I know are wondering if it is.

@ Above

Ah, I see.
We've been studying revelation the last THREE YEARS AHHH our church just keeps re-starting xDDDD
I think its not can't take the mark of the beast unintentionally, and you can't take it if the beast isn't here yet xD LOL
Also it is a defined mark on either your hand or your forehead, with the number of man. I can give you scripture if you'd like....just a thought.

@N&M A

Yeah, I don't think it is either. I think it's a possible precursor, tho. A test run, so to speak.

@ HD

Interesting thought.


So what do you think about the idea of putting a chip into people's hands to show that they have or have not had the vaccine? I know that was something that was being thrown around for a while. That way people don't have to carry papers. It is just on them all the time.

@ Riley

I think that's absurd and not necessary...and if they were putting chips in people we most certainly wouldn't do that if we were aware. That DOES sound more like the mark of the beast, but I don't think an ordinary vaccine that is being forced on people is it...though it can be desensitizing to people so when it DOES happen they won't take it as a shock.
I don't think it is the mark of the beast unless the things listed that go along with it (the mark of the beast) are plain. Also, you cannot take the mark of the beast unaware. So when it comes, we'll know for sure.

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