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India’s Farm Laws Repealed
News Bytes 12/3/2021 11 Comments

Thousands of jubilant farmers on tractors, jeeps, and cars waved flags to celebrate their victory. Controversial Indian farm laws were repealed this week.

Protesting farmers camped outside the capital of New Delhi since November of last year to demand the removal of the laws. They feared the reforms would drastically shrink their incomes. (Read more about the laws and protest in Indian Farmers Fight New Laws.)

The move was seen as a major reversal and rare backdown for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Modi’s administration had ardently defended the reforms.

Modi announced the surprise decision to withdraw the three laws in a televised national address on November 19, 2021.

“While apologizing to the nation, I want to say with a sincere and pure heart that maybe something was lacking in our efforts that we could not explain the truth to some of our farmer brothers,” Modi said during the address. “Let us make a fresh start.”

But the farmers endured a long protest, a harsh winter, and a COVID-19 surge. Some died. “Farmers will perceive it as their victory and not as a gesture of benevolence from the prime minister,” says political scientist Gilles Verniers.

The Farm Laws Repeal bill passed the lower and upper houses of Parliament on Monday.

The prime minister urged protesters to return home. But the farmers made it clear that the government has not met all of their demands.

Rakesh Tikait is one of the protest leaders. He says that the protesters need government assurances of guaranteed prices for certain crops, like wheat and rice. That system was introduced in the 1960s to help India prevent food shortages. He wants these demands settled before the famers consider ending their protests.

Why repeal the laws now? Elections are coming up. Farmers make up one of India’s most influential groups of voters. Politicians have long considered it unwise to alienate them.

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is eager to shore up support in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Those are both major agricultural producers. Political analysts say it’s too early to say whether the move will work.

You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth. — Psalm 104:14

(Farmers celebrate news of the repeal of farm laws in Singhu, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India. AP/Manish Swarup)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Yay for them!!!!!!!

2nd Comment

That is great!

3rd Comment

*contented sigh* I always enjoy stories of people telling their government what to do! :)

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay this is great

yay this is great


my name is acually alex

It is good that they are

It is good that they are standing up to their government:) Maybe we need to follow their example and tell our government that we are sick of them controlling us.


I don't think a lot of you libertarian types actually understand the situation here...
The whole point of these laws was to reduce government interference in farming and let the free market in replace it. But, shockingly, it turns out people don't actually want that. Let's go democracy!

good for them

i think that we should always help our farmers as much as we can
they provide like 80 percent of food or something crazy like that
gooooo farm boys.

@Elisha N

Hey thanks my family are farmers! Except we don't grow that does directly to people, be a lot of our corn and grain goes to feedlots, which in turn the meat gets eaten by people.

riley d

cool !!! thanks for you and your familys work

1 for the underdog

1 for the underdog

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