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Facebook Suffers Worldwide Outage
News Bytes 10/6/2021 72 Comments

A massive global outage plunged part of the world into chaos on Monday—the social media world, that is. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced hours-long disruptions. The platforms are back online now. But the situation caused folks everywhere to realize how much they rely on such services.

The outage began around 11:40 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday. More than six hours later, it still wasn’t fixed. Websites and apps often suffer outages of varying size and duration, but lengthy global disruptions are rare. Late in the day, some users reported a partial return of one service or another. But the apps remained glitchy for some time.

For hours, Facebook’s only public comment was delivered through rival social media platform Twitter. Facebook issued a tweet in which it acknowledged that “some people are having trouble accessing [the] Facebook app.”

“This is epic,” says Doug Madory, director of a network monitoring and intelligence company. The last major internet outage, which knocked many of the world’s top websites offline in June, lasted less than an hour.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s current chief technology officer, tweeted “sincere apologies” to everyone impacted by the outage. He blamed “networking issues” and said teams were “working as fast as possible to debug and restore” access and service.

Facebook officials say, “The root cause of this outage was a faulty configuration change” and that there is “no evidence that user data was compromised.” The company is still working to understand more about the cause.

Facebook was already in the middle of a separate major crisis. Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes program on Sunday. She exposed the company’s awareness of harms caused by its products.

Haugen filed complaints with federal law enforcement. She says Facebook’s own research proves the company increases misinformation. It also showed that the company knew that Instagram can harm teenage girls’ mental health.

For nearly three billion users, the event shows just how much the world relies on Facebook and its other platforms to run businesses, connect with online communities, communicate with friends and family, and even order food.

Kendall Ross owns a knitwear brand in Oklahoma City. He has 32,000 followers on Instagram. Almost all of his website traffic comes directly from IG. He posted a product photo about an hour before Instagram went down. He tends to sell about two hand-knit pieces for about $300-$400 after posting a product photo. But for hours, he sold nothing.

“The outage today is frustrating financially,” Ross says. “It’s also a huge awakening that social media controls so much of my success in business.”

What a blessing that access to God isn’t controlled by an internet connection, a social media app, or even another human being! According to 1 John 5:14, “This is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”

For some people, losing access for so long can make them vulnerable to criminals taking advantage of the outage, says Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security.

“They’re more susceptible . . . because they’re so desperate to communicate,” Tobac says. During previous outages, some people have received emails promising to restore their social media accounts by clicking on a link that exposes their personal data.

As jokes about the Facebook outage flooded the internet, Twitter users chimed in. One meme suggested that the address was for sale. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey quickly tweeted, “How much?”

(The logo for Facebook appears on screens at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York’s Times Square. AP/Richard Drew)

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Thanks Christopher C!!

Thanks Christopher C!!! I am suppose to write a current event hahaha (copy and paste)!!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!

@Caleb @Scarlett

I use DuckDuckGo it’s pretty cool. We should start a “DOWN WITH FACEBOOK” campaign.

@Franz R

Well, I choose to remain cranky and suspicious to the last, but that's good! I might look that up sometime...

My family has an Alexa and I

My family has an Alexa and I’m pretty sure it spies on us it even lets you close the camera probably so you think it isn’t spying on you

@Gideon M

yeah, here's a little tip pal. there's only one thing to do to keep Alexa from spying on you. Ready for it? Ask her nicely to stop. NO! You dump the thing in a bucket of water, duh! (But I get using them, what with the convenience and all)


Yeah we have Alexa but we keep her unplugged most of the time when we’re not using her for music

This is Olivia

That's interesting. I'm not really sure what to think about it, but I know that a bunch of people were (and sort of still are) freaking out about it because they didn't know what to do without it. It's really sad that they feel like they can't live a day without it. Would we lose our minds if we couldn't read our Bibles for a day?

Thanks Everyone...

And very funny Marvin. Be happy I write well! Hey, Look out for me this Wednesday! I don't know where I will be though...


These things are deaf, just saying. Pepper Towels on the shopping list? Playing junky music? Can't hear us...

I think they spy on us, but whatever... I am 12, I don't control my parents :)


@the Alexa conversation. We have Alexas, and we know there's a good chance they are spying on us, but we don't care. There's nothing we're hiding, XD If Amazon hears us talking, they'll just know we are a very strange family... because we are... :)

@ Caroline N

(This really is Eliana)
XD! Same (about the family)! but we don't have an actual Alexa. However, it's on our TV and sometimes we accidentally press the button by sitting on the remote, trying to locate a button in the dark, etc. Does Siri/Cortana count? I have Cortana on my highschool laptop but it's deactivated...


My friend used to have Alexa..... until it started talking even when it was unplugged.

My family threw out Alexa

My family threw out Alexa when it dropped in on a conversation when it was supposed to "off"

@Alaina H

Yyyup. She's so rude. Like, bruh! Did your makers not write some courtesy into your lines of AI code, Alexa?? XD

65th Comment

Yeah we have one but we hardly ever use it... like I'm pretty sure last time we used it was maybe last Christmas for music I think... possibly.
P.S. I'm pretty sure that we have had this conversation before, just on a different article, XD

@ Everyone

What is discord?

5 Ways to kill Alexa

1. Put in a vacuum tube and take the tube off really quick
2. have it's creator dump it in space
3. Attach it to a nuke and detonate the nuke in space.
4. Get a machine that teleports people into video games and put it in Call Of Duty or Splatoon or something with guns (The ink would ruin the mic)
5. Do what Hesperus said "Put it in a big bucket of water and drown it"

@Caden W

XD Wow, I love how we jumped from, nukes to putting the device in... Call of Duty? Lol, ooookaay, but, fyi, not everything in Call of Duty blows up every five seconds. Personally, the bucket of water sounds like a lot less work...


@Caden, Discord is an app that people can talk to each other on. My older siblings and I mostly use it for our online dungeons and dragons games with our friends. :)

@The Alexa conversation. I

@The Alexa conversation. I had one once it made weird noises at night, @Hesperus D do you play call of duty? I play it some times. I prefer Destiny 2. @Chistopher C what do you mean “look out for me on Wednesday”??

@the Alexa conversation, once

@the Alexa conversation, once I was talking about the new movie Halloween (DONT WATCH IT!!) it heard me and started playing the sound track. I started screaming (which is awkward because I am 16). :)

P.s. I check world teen every

P.s. I check world teen every Friday


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