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Putin Isolates
News Bytes 09/16/2021 15 Comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin entered self-isolation on Tuesday after several in his inner circle became infected with the coronavirus. The Kremlin says the leader himself has tested negative for COVID-19.

Putin is fully vaccinated with Russia’s vaccine, called Sputnik V. During a daily conference call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Putin, 68, is “absolutely healthy.” But he added that the Russian president had come in contact with someone who contracted the virus. Asked if Putin tested negative for the virus, Peskov said, “Definitely, yes.”

Peskov didn’t say when Putin began self-isolating, when he tested negative, how long he would remain in self-isolation, or who among the president’s contacts tested positive.

During a videoconference with government officials and members of the ruling United Russia party, Putin announced that several people in his “immediate circle” were infected with the virus, including a staff member he had close contact with on Monday.

That staffer was vaccinated and recently got “revaccinated,” according to Putin. The reference was apparently to a third shot that Russia is offering people whose immunizations were more than six months ago.

Even the most highly effective coronavirus vaccines in use don’t prevent all infections. However, the last several months of results support the claim that the vaccines reduce the risk of getting seriously sick or dying from COVID-19.

Russian authorities have been regularly criticized for underplaying the pandemic and for rarely imposing measures to control it. Russia’s death toll is currently running at its highest level of the pandemic, with just under 800 fatalities per day. Nevertheless, hardly any virus restrictions are currently in place.

Putin rarely wears a mask publicly, though he appeared to work largely remotely and was not often seen in public for a period before he was vaccinated.

On Monday, Putin attended several public events, most of which were indoors. It appeared from images on TV that no one wore masks. He shook hands with Russian Paralympians and pinned medals on them, attended military exercises alongside other officials, and met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose hand he also shook.

During the meeting with the Paralympians, Putin signaled that he was aware of cases close to him. “Even in my circle problems occur with this COVID,” the Russian leader said. “I think I may have to quarantine soon myself. A lot of people around [me] are sick.”

Peskov later insisted Putin was speaking “figuratively.”

Asked Tuesday why Putin proceeded with public events, Peskov said that the decision to self-isolate was made after “doctors completed their testing, their procedures.”

Russia has struggled to vaccinate its citizens, and its rates lag behind many other countries. As of Friday, only 27% of citizens had been fully vaccinated.

People who meet in-person with Putin or attend events with him have to undergo “rigorous testing” or quarantine ahead of time.

The leader has occasionally gone to extreme lengths to protect himself from infection, despite the lack of restrictions in general. Officials set up special “disinfection tunnels” last year at his residence. Anyone meeting with Putin had to walk through a disinfectant mist—even though no one is sure how effective the mist is. Putin also once visited a hospital in a full hazmat suit.

Of the present quarantine kerfuffle, Putin says, “We will see how Sputnik V really works.”

(Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting in Moscow, Russia, on September 9, 2021. Alexei Druzhinin, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

Hmm. I guess if he wants to, then ok. I still don't trust the vaccine.

2nd Comment

I don't know what to say.
I like that their vaccine is named Sputnik, that is kinda cool

3rd comment

ok . . .

Lol, Sputnik. They just HAD

Lol, Sputnik. They just HAD to have a Russian version. OK, whatever, I think there's more to it than this, but whatever...

this is mylee


Fake News

"Even the most highly effective coronavirus vaccines in use don’t prevent all infections. However, the last several months of results support the claim that the vaccines reduce the risk of getting seriously sick or dying from COVID-19."
First of all, most people who are being hospitalized for Covid have been vaccinated.
Second, the vaccine is a major health risk on its own. My neighbor died about 30 minutes after she got the vaccine when she went into shock. Also, a woman from my old church almost died and has now had to get both her arms and legs amputated due to the vaccine. My grandpa has been having breathing problems since he got the vaccine.
Don't do it, people.

@ Samuel K

You didn't trick me on any of them, and Jonathan has been putting that on articles for the last week

Well I mean it's his life, I

Well I mean it's his life, I guess if he wants it he can get it. I still don't want the vaccine, I like that their version is call Sputnik XD

very protective

I don't think he's going to get covid anytime soon...


Don't be worried about me getting it. No way. Plus, it is really a 'risk' if you want to call it that, either way. People have died from getting the vaccine, and people have died from getting covid, so what does it really matter? The vaccine doesn't show itself to help anyway.

@Cassidy C

Hey there are you new? If so, welcome to the comments section of WORLDteen!

@Asher E

Gosh that's scary. Yeah, I haven't heard of that. Someone somewhere (it was either my extreme-left cousin or a leftie over here) told me that the only people getting hospitalized were people who have NOT been vaccinated. At that moment, I imagined them blowing up in front of me and laughed (hysterically?) saying, "Actually, people who got the vaccine are still getting Covid." Do you WANT to know whAT he SAID to ME??? *ahem* (totally straight face here.) "Where did you get that information?" As if I was going to tell him that I DIDN'T get it from CNN. If I told him that, he'd be like, "Well. I'm not absolutely sure if that source is reliable." If I told him I got it from FOX, he'd probably scoff/laugh in my face. Ugh.



@Riley D



I wonder why he's really isolating? He obviously can't be afraid of covid. Those government officials in Russia seem like they're involved is every scam, lie, and dirty trick - including covid. After all, they're the same government who were trying to find Hitler after they told everyone he was dead at the end of WWII.

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