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Friday Funnies!
News Bytes 06/11/2021 45 Comments

Editorial cartoons can be powerful media for expressing opinions and ideas with few or no words. This cartoonist is making a statement about today’s “cancel culture.” Is the practice of silencing debate, discussion, or new ideas only a modern trend? Do you think the image works to convey the artist’s meaning? What do you think the picture is saying?

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1st Comment

Hahahaha LOL XD







Love it. lol

Love it. lol


Why did they post two articles? it isn't like this is super important


It's a new thing that they're doing every Friday.
I think this is funny. Also, cancel culture is so unfair!! Platforms should not act as publishers.


Haha! That's funny!


Ha ha!! XD XD XD


Haha! Very funny!

I like Friday Funnies!

I like Friday Funnies!

Haha good one!

Haha good one!

Oh that is funny

I'm glad they are doing this! Does anyone else read the cartoons on WORLD the one for the grown ups?

Oh that is funny

I'm glad they are doing this! Does anyone else read the cartoons on WORLD the one for the grown ups?

this is mylee

It's kinda sad though bc the media is blocking ppl's voices when they want to speak out and have there own opinions.


yeah... even worldteen edits sometimes... though i usually agree with the edits... they are usually rude or hurtful comments...

and of course i miscounted

and of course i miscounted

@ Desarose

Sometimes my dad shows them to me! They are pretty hilarious (when I understand them, that is xD). And my parents tell me that on the articles (on World), there are hardly any comments, whereas it's pretty common to have AT LEAST 20 on each article on WorldTEEN!!! XD

Nineteenth comment!

@ Mylee, it is sad, the world should stand up for free speech instead of doing the opposite.

@ Desarose

I love reading those! But sometimes I don't get it.

Lol, too true, folks. You

Lol, too true, folks. You know it would've happened.

Random Question

Does anyone read a lot here? And have any of you read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court? I'm reading that one now


Yes!! I read all the time! I hven't read that yet, it's by Mark Twain right? How is it?

@ Nora L

I love reading! That sounds like a fun book. Who is it by? Mark Twain?

I! GET! yelled at for reading

I! GET! yelled at for reading too much books!!! XP


Yeah I get that, when I get in trouble books are usually the first thing taken away


@Nora, yeah! I read a ton! I haven't read that book though, is it good?


Let me put it this way... I LOVE to read, and i used to all the time, but now I never have time anymore. I get to read very rarely...


Really?? I would think screens would be first! That's what is taken in our house.

@ Addie

What are you referring too? Do you want to explain?


Well, it’s like that for my sister, but not for me because I really don’t care as much about that stuff. If they took away my electronics I’m like ok I’ll go read. So, I try not to get in big trouble because it’s horrible to go without my book. A while ago I lost my phone but that didn’t really affect me. I mean yeah I couldn’t text my friends for a few days but I still had my book :)


Sorry I didn't expound on that comment! I ran out of time and had to make it short.
I was referring to Amelia saying that her family takes away her book time when she gets in trouble.
I'm surprised at that, because our family thinks that reading is one of the most important things in the day. I guess this is an example of how many families are very different! For example, I was never allowed to ride down my small little neighborhood road on my bike, but younger kids than I were riding down busy streets. Ah, my young sense of injustice... XD
Back to Amelia's comment. What kind of books do you read that your parents keep you from reading when you get in trouble? I hate for this to sound boastful, but as I (and my sister, in fact) have gotten older, I don't really get in huge trouble anymore. If I get in trouble, screen time is taken or I have to do a job. Is it the same for other people? Do y'all get in less trouble as you get older? Or more? Or no difference?

@ Addie L

Oh, okay, that's what I guessed. :)


I get in less trouble as I get older. and usually if I do I get more chores, or get grounded like I can't go to something I was planning on going to or something like that. I don't have a phone, we rarely watch movies, and I am not on the screen much anyway, so that is never taken away.


@Amelia, if my parents wanted to take away my books it would take quite a while! I've got three crates of my books, a huge stack of library books and my kindle which can get books and has about 9 downloaded right now! I agree though, if they took away my books and my kindle I would be very bored. And sad. Thankfully they haven't needed to! Anyway, when my dad scolds me it is kinda scary. @Addie, maybe? I don't really know... I think less as I get older, and (not to sound boastful!) personally I think I'm pretty responsible and I can make a very good schedual if I need to, since my mom doesn't really make them... But anyway back to the trouble, I was at a chess club one time, and this boy asked me if I ever got grounded and when I said no he looked very surprised. @Everyone, There is this boy , I think that is sort of a frenimie for me,(I haven't seen if for a while though) when we are at co-op (or were) he drove me crazy and when we were at church he was really nice and acted like he wanted to be friends. Has that sort of thing ever happened to you?


I can't think of a time where that has happened to ME, but it has happened to people that I know. It's probably because at church, he's not around as many other boys as he is at the co-op. I have learned (from experience, unfortunately) that when boys are around other boys, they somehow get the idea that ALL the other boys want to torment girls, and therefore, in one unified and misunderstanding group, they go and pretend like they don't like girls. (This is mainly about younger boys. Probably 12 is the age that they stop doing this. After twelve is the awkward ignoring stage.) My advice is to be a good friend to him when you can. If you're nice to him when you're around him, he's less likely to be mean to you. And if he does something that you REALLY don't like, you should be honest, and tell him. (Not in front of other people, though. That's just awkward for both of you.) Oh, and the boys having a bad influence on other boys happens with girls too. We all act differently when we're around our friends. We have to remember that we don't get to treat other people (siblings, friends of the opposite gender) differently just because we're around our friends.
And actually, I just remembered that I have experienced something like that. A boy that was at a co-op that we went to was being rude and another boy was following him around, doing the same thing. Well, the first boy left the co-op a few months later, and whaddaya know, the other boy was actually a really nice guy.
Gosh. This is long. Sorry about that! XP


@Addie, yeah he was never mean to me, just annoying! I was planning on asking if he wanted to be friends at church the next week, and then, Covid happened. Totally, when we go back to co-op if ever, and if he is there I will be nice to him and just ignore the annoying things. I was younger last time i saw him


So I guess this is becoming Girlsteen Lol
@Addie L it is not always 12 it depends on parents , problems , and siblings school ect I don’t know what you mean about the ignoring stage
About getting in to trouble I don’t like to brag but almost never now it’s usually my younger siblings


I hope I didn't offend any boys. I don't dislike boys, I was just observing what I have noticed in boys around me. You know, wildlife observation and stuff. When I said the ignoring stage, the boys around me kind of just pretend like the girls aren't here. Not because they're mean, they're just awkward. XD


@Addie, you were totally right about the awkward avoiding stage! XD I saw him today because we had to drop something off at his house, and litarally the only thing we said to each other was "hi"! :) That hasn't happened to me before... Anyway, I think it was a LITTLE less awkward because I was admiring his family's animals with my mom and he has this adorable little sister!

@Addie L

No I don’t think you offended ( unless they “chose” to be offended) anyone I know what you mean by observation maybe I should tell you about my observations of the squealing stage;)


@Franz, now I'm curious! Can you tell us about the "squealing stage"? :)

Ah ha! I found you XD

Ah ha! I found you XD Squealing stage XD XD now, that is the funniest thing I have heard today!

I seem to get in trouble more

I seem to get in trouble more as I get older.



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