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World’s Longest Footbridge
News Bytes 05/4/2021 33 Comments

Anyone afraid of heights would do well to avoid the Arouca 516 Bridge in Portugal. The new structure is over 53 stories high. But height isn’t its claim to fame. The Arouca 516 is the world’s longest footbridge.

Guinness World Records currently reports on its website that the world’s longest suspension bridge for pedestrians is Japan’s Kokonoe Yume Bridge. That bridge opened in 2006 and spans 1,280 feet. But the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, which opened in the Swiss Alps in 2017, challenges that mark at 1,621 feet.

Now the Arouca 516 Bridge comes along to one-up both records. The bridge website says early Inca bridges that once spanned the Andes mountain valleys inspired the Arouca 516.

The lengthy bridge dangles over a river canyon in northern Portugal. The area boasts some of God’s most beautiful natural gems: rocky mountains covered with lush vegetation, a roaring river, and a frothy waterfall.

The “516” in the bridge’s name comes from the structure’s record-busting length: 516 meters (1,700 feet). Portuguese authorities call it the world’s longest pedestrian bridge.

Brave souls can now traverse nearly 1/3 of a mile on a narrow metal footbridge suspended from cables. Some 574 feet below, the Paiva River flows through a waterfall.

Arouca lies 186 miles north of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Local residents got a first walk on the bridge last week. Many were thrilled—even as some admitted it was a little unnerving to feel so high up and exposed.

“I was a little afraid, but it was so worth it,” says Arouca local Hugo Xavier.

Workers began construction on the bridge in May 2018. It cost $2.8 million to build. Children under age six are not allowed on the walkway. All visitors must be accompanied by guides.

Arouca Bridge opened to the general public just yesterday. Crossing the bridge costs between 10 and 12 euros ($12-14). Tickets for the sky-high adventure must be booked through a local website.

City officials hope the Arouca 516 will boost the area’s flagging economy—and that tourists will flock to the attraction locals describe as “frighteningly beautiful.”

(People walk across a narrow footbridge suspended across a river canyon in Arouca, northern Portugal, on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Portuguese authorities claim it is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge. AP/Sergio Azenha)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Wow, that is long!

2nd Comment!!

I would not go on that

For only 12 to 14 dollars?

For only 12 to 14 dollars? Heck yeah I would go on that!

@Anyone who wants a good debate NOT about politics! ;)

5th comment

Wow that is SOOOOOO cool and freaky!!! I would so want to go on that, but my mom would totally flip out!! XD So when we were in Germany we went to see Neuschwanstein, and there was this little bridge you could go on where you could see the whole castle, and it was WAAAAAAAAAY far up and was not very stable. Like it was packed with people and the boards were bending and creaking, and the bridge was swaying. Only a few of my family were brave enough to go on, and I did, and it was soooooo cool!!!!! (If you can't tell already I am the daring one who likes heights! )

I would

I would love to go on that bridge.

Random Fun Fact

Chocolate manufacturers use 40% of the world's almonds.

@ Riley

YES YES YES That is me too. I love heights, usually end up on playgrounds where I'm not necessarily supposed to be... XPXPXP

ALSO @ Riley

How's your throat feeling? I put another "remedy" LOLOLOL on the other page if you need it.

this is mylee

wow i would not want to go on that either lol.

this is mylee

May the 4rth be with you ! Happy star wars day ! Also (I may be wrong sorry if i am ) Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear Nadia happy birthday to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh *covers eyes* not

Ahh *covers eyes* not againnnnn xDDD Thank you, Mylee!!

May the 4th

Happy May the 4th everyone! I am so nerdy lol. Does anyone else like Star Wars and have seen Rebels?


Thanks! It is feeling a lot better! I just have a junky nose now... ugh...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It is my brother's birthday today too!) and my best friend tomorrow and my second best friend's sister tomorrow! Wow a lot of birthdays!

@ Ella B

I've watched all nine movie and Rogue One, but not Rebels.
Happy birthday to the rest of you!

Too high!

Wow I would not go on that for a million bucks! Just too high. P.S. May the fourth be with you ;D

eep. super scary and most

eep. super scary and most probably not good for a person who's afraid of heights 'cause they might faint. Great for bungee jumping though.

@Diana K

May thee fourth beeee wuth theee.

@Diana K

I would definetly nou doubt go on there. So high, so cool!

Has anyone memorized

Has anyone memorized philippians 2:1-18?

Wow that is so tall! I would

Wow that is so tall! I would NEVER go on that. Oh Happy Star Wars Day everyone!


Wow that is so tall! I would

Wow that is so tall! I would NEVER go on that. Oh Happy Star Wars Day everyone!



No just 14-15.

@Riley D

You should. I just finished memorizing james 1-18 today, and hope to do the whole chapter. How much verses have you memorized (like in a long passage)?

this is mylee

your welcome Nadia. Also I have seen all star wars movies and rebels. Not clone wars though there are sooo many seasons. XD

@Ella B

I love Star Wars and Rebels. Who is your favorite character? Mine is Hera, and my sister is crazy for Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars.

Boy, I don't know how well I

Boy, I don't know how well I'd do on that.... XD

@ Ella B

YEEESSS!!! I love Rebels almost as much as Clone Wars. But Resistance isn't super amazing, not like those two. (Resistance is the show between/during Episodes VI and VII.)


The longest are Psalm 1, Psalm 103, Psalm 46, James 1: 2-11, Exodus 20: 2-17 (Ten Commandments) yeah thats it for quite long ones. an then we have tons or short ones we have memorized. We go over some of them each night at our family devotions and practice memorizing and reciting them.

@Laura &

My favorite characters are Ezra and Sabine I can't choose lol

@Ella B

My dad likes Sabine. has anybody seen the new show The Bad Batch?

@Riley D

One family did it so they told their kids to memorize a verse for dinner, and two verses for desert!

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