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Super League Shake-Up
News Bytes 04/20/2021 334 Comments

On Sunday, a dozen key European football (soccer) clubs announced plans to set up their own league. The breakaway officials say they’re tired of waiting for changes to the current sports system; critics say the new league is motivated only by money. The so-called “Super League” project threatens to split European soccer.

Calls for the formation of a European Super League (ESL) have been around since the late 1990s. Over the weekend, 12 English, Italian, and Spanish clubs officially announced the start of a new league. Rumors says three more clubs will soon join the ESL.

Currently, all teams have to qualify each year for the European Champions League. But the Super League would lock in 15 slots every season for its founding members. The founding clubs will run the league and retain permanent places in league competitions. Five more teams will be able to qualify yearly.

So far, the 12 ESL members are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham from England; Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid from Spain; and Juventas, AC Milan, and Inter Milan from Italy.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is fighting back against the new league. President Aleksander Ceferin threatens to ban all players on those teams from this year’s UEFA Championship and next year’s World Cup. “The players that play in the Super League will be banned from playing in the World Cup and Euros. They will not be allowed play for their national teams,” an irate Cerferin said at a news conference.

Ceferin spoke following a UEFA executive committee meeting held only hours after the ESL clubs’ announcement of a new league. “My opinion is that as soon as possible they (the clubs) have to be banned from all our competitions, and the players from all our competitions.”

The move to shake up the sport is partly engineered by the American owners of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

Three of the ESL rebels—Chelsea, Manchester City, and Real Madrid—are scheduled to play in the Champions League semifinals this month.

The clubs that started the breakaway Super League told the leaders of FIFA (the international football governing body) and UEFA that they have begun legal action. They intend to fend off threats to block their competition.

UEFA warned the Super League clubs of legal action against them. UEFA also says it will bar the ESL clubs from other competitions like the Spanish League and the Premier League.

The breakaway came just as UEFA thought it had agreement on expanding the Champions League competition. Now, the same officials who backed the plans have decided to go it alone. They claim the existing competitions could remain—despite losing their most successful teams, including record 13-time European champion Real Madrid and six-time winner Liverpool.

“The [Super League] Competition is to be played alongside existing domestic league and cup competitions, which are a key part of European football’s competitive fabric,” reads the Super League letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Ceferin. “We do not seek to replace the UEFA’s Champions League or the Europa League but to compete with and exist alongside those tournaments.”

To that, Ceferin responds, “UEFA and the footballing world stand united against the disgraceful self-serving proposal we have seen . . . from a select few clubs in Europe that are fueled purely by greed above all else.”

(Official UEFA Champions League match balls are on display ahead of a Champions League soccer match at Anfield stadium in Liverpool, England, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. AP/Jon Super)

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Most recent comments

First comment!!!!!!

First comment!!!!!!

2nd comment

OH nuts!!! I love soccer and all these teams are going down the drain! Why would they do this?! Barcelona, Reál Madrid, Liverpool these teams are like the best! Plus, (any fellow soccer geeks will know this name) does that mean LIONEL MESSI is not trying for the world cup? And also maybe Ronaldo, I dunno who is playing this year. This stinks. Now some inferior backwater team is gonna win the cup XPXPXP:(:(:(

3rd Comment

I don't get soccer I don't know why this is a big problem.

4thm Comment

Good for them. My extent of soccer playing was last summer with friends and family as something to do on Monday nights. However I did find I liked playing defense.

this is mylee

so many ppl here play soccer LOL ! we Have a soccer park behind our house. Ive never been a fan of soccer though XD.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth would they do such a thing............................



@ Everyone

Go down to the bottom of the page and push the botton that says "Last" or find the 33rd page. Read the @All at the end of the LONG comment (I) Belwyn wrote. It has to do with our leaving. Thanks!


I love soccer! I wish I could play it, but then I would have to decide between soccer and horseback riding! And my knees are bad. Soccer players, what position do you like? I like defense and midfield.

this is mylee

Did anyone get there magazines I got mine yesterday ! :)

I got mine last night

I got mine last night

I like forward

I like forward

@ Mylee



Well, I don't play soccer but my dad is really good at it. I think it is good that they are stepping up and saying "Hey, we are tired of this" Like really, what is playing sports and being healthy running around going to do to you? Fear has taken a hold of too many lives. To quote FDR, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I have not gotten mine.

@ Caroline

I like defense and forward, but mostly defense.

15th comment!!!!

This is terrible!!
@ Caroline i prefer offense. You ride horses? Which one do you like the best, English or Western?
@ Micah Lionel Messi can't quite! That would be tragic!!!


I meant 16th comment

Down with the ESL

Manchester City and Chelsea have both announced they'll be withdrawing, hopefully other teams do too. This league isn't what anyone wants.

FIFA will lose ratings if

FIFA will lose ratings if some of those players don't get to play on the National teams

This is mafia........

This is mafia........


@Isabel, I like english, because that is how I'm learning and I feel like the Western pommel gets in the way. If I was to fly forward (like I sometimes do when I slow the horse down :)) if it was Western I would hit the pommel. Ouch! P.S. It is weird, we are using an english daddle and a western bridle, because we need a fork, and the horse's owner doesn't have a martingale


Cool! I typically ride western and the horn is what I think you mean because both western and english have pommels. The english is just not as noticeable. But to me it does not get in the way. To help not getting thrown forward, grip tight with your knees and also your your core muscles and hips to sit deep in the saddle. You want to be able to stop without getting thrown. But yeah since we do cattle work with ours, we ride western because it is more convenient for the tight turns, fast stops, etc. But I have ridden English sometimes with a saddle I have. That is funny about the english saddle and western bridle!!! XD


@ Twins I got mine two days ago.
@ Caroline Midies for life!!!!!!! Even if you have to play an hour in ninety degrees after moving that morning. (have experience)
@ Noah these are like all the best teams in major league soccer.
@ Isabel YEP. That would really stink. Oh well I guess he's probably won enough big-name games to satisfy himself though.

Let's go

All six English teams have withdrawn, looks like this isn't going to happen

Finally an article on football!

I LOVE FOOTBALL! I play it too! Anyone want a conversation about it? I’m more than happy to have one! Liverpool is my favourite team, I hope England or Sweden do win the next World Cup. I haven’t even read this article yet but I will after I write this comment. I play defence and/or mid field. Both left and right. I’m currently working to achieve the rainbow flip. Whoops I forgot to mention that when I say football, I mean your soccer. Goodbye!

@ Mirlea

Ahm the rainbow is funnn!

@ NA

Yeah! Can you do it?

About the article *groans*

About the article *groans* Why! Why another league! We have too many to keep up with anyway. Its all for money. The premier league is top in England and it should stay that way! I’m not happy with Liverpool (my fav team!) signing up to this silly league. I don’t know what to say now XD


AHHH! You guys are practically perfessional compared to me! I know one perfessional soccer player (I read about her) Alex Morgan. What's the rainbow flip? True soccer story: I did soccer with the Saturday Soccer league (it is christian, and not like super competitive. MOST people aren't sore losers there) and we got a foul in our goal box so the other team got a shot at the goal. My friend was on the other team and he kicked before the ref whistled and it went over! Then they got to do it again and they scored! I mean, seriously?! Has that sort of thing ever happened to you? @Micah, yeah! It was pretty exauhsting but fun! Um, wow! @Everyone should we turn this into just a soccer chat room?


go for it, but I really don't know anything about soccer. But I think it would be fun to play.

@ Micah

That is true... but still...

@ Caroline

That is cool! I like to ride English too, because I jump and it's easier to go into the 2 pointer without the pommel in the way lol. Here's a tip I use when I stop my horse. I brace myself using my feet in the stirrups. It helps me to not fly off if Shimmer does a dirty stop ;)


@Isabel, yeah, thanks! I forget to do that a lot! We are leasing a horse named Aria, and she is so sweet, but ornary! I ride Aria, and my sister rides a horse named Danté!

@ The Horse-riders

Ooh! You are making me so wish for horseback-riding lessons!


Oh, I have PLEANTY of practice with ornery horses!!!!!!!! XD One of ours is named Nasty, if that gives you any hint. If you can get on him, he is usually, and let me repeat usually fine. IF you get on him!! XDXDXD


I never took lessons it is something you can learn yourself unless you are wanting to learn something specific, like barrel racing or jumping


@Bethy, yeah, those are expensive! My dad is teaching us so it is cheaper, and we get to ride more than if we had lessons! Sorry for making you want them though!

@ Caroline

Yep. Def happened before.
@Mirela: I can a little, but my dad and brother are really, really good at it xDD


@ Caroline that's cool that you're leasing a horse! Do you know what breed she is? Mine is a mut. I don't know what breed she is, but I do know that she is a pony, just my size ;)
@ Bethy yeah, I took lessons before I got a horse, but once I got a horse I just taught myself. Like, I taught myself how to stand up trick on Shimmer without falling off (btw, that took me a LONG time to establish)

@ NA

I can do the beginning bit only! Oh yeah you told me before that your brother plays. What is his new team name again? Elves or something?

@ Riley, Caro, & Abigail

That makes sense that you could teach yourself, but for me (since I don't live in the country at all) the only way I'd be able to go on a horse often is if I took lessons. But in my dream-location when I grow up, I will want horses! :)

@ Mirela

Haha!! No, that was just for a 3v3 tournament. His team name is Orange or something...idr xDDD kinda funky for 5th in the state I think -_-


Oh lol ok. Wow 5th is pretty good! Which other sports do you play now?

@ Bethy

Yeah, I can understand if you live in a city or neighborhood. I know someone who lives in a neighborhood and takes horse lessons.

@ Mirela

Umm.....none xDD I play soccer just for fun whenever there are enough kids....but I focus more on music xP

@ Abigail

Yeah...I mean for living in a neighborhood, we have a huge yard...but there's no way a horse would be happy in it!

@ Bethy

Yes, I understand. Before I moved, I had lived in a neighborhood. I still had nine acres, but it was just not the good terrain for a horse.

@ Abigail

You mean your old house had 9 acres?

@ Bethy

Yeah, why? I know its enough to have horses, but 1) we didn't have the money 2) it was all woods and it would've taken a long time to build a barn 3) there was a million rocks and 4) we all knew that we were moving at some point in life.

Does that make sense?

Does that make sense?


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