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News Bytes 03/26/2021 94 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Biden holds his first press conference since taking office.


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and play Minecraft together.
Question, do you like to build modern homes, unique homes (underwater, floating, etc), or old homes (cabinet, etc) I like to build Modern Island homes (out of quarts and glass) that have a secret base under them so I can survive in survival mode.


That would be so fun!!! XD Maybe if I go to college in ID, I could meet you! On Minecraft, I like to build unique homes and I also put secret bases under them!!! XD One time, one of my brothers and I made this village into a survival area. We were going to spawn a bunch of Withers, but we never did... XD
One of my friends made this huge underground base on creative and then she and her brother spawned Withers and lived on Survival. That's where my brother and I got our plan.
I have this village where all of the houses are exactly the same on the outside, except they are made of different materials. On the inside, they have different flooring layouts.
Gosh, I really want to talk to you in person! (Although, I've heard that people are different in person than they are online. Maybe I would be a lot less interesting in person... XD) If I decide to go to college in ID instead of TN, I'll let you know! XD

@Aryelle D

Oh my gosh, really? I love first person shooters! What ones you play? I love Call of Duty Mobile, and the Halo series was pretty good. Yeah, other likes are reading books, listening to them, listening to music, and doing yard work. Oh yeah, and I like paintball and airsoft. I find WWII to be interesting, as well...


I play counterstrike CSGO, Halo, Dead Space, I want to play overwatch. I do paintball too.
And Addi, are you an enchanter, fighter, archer, or other. I suck at enchanting, literally one of my friends tried to teach me how to enchant and I failed miserably.
Oh, Hesperus, PC, XBOX, Wi, or PS? I do PC and XBOX
anyone play Among us (I'm a savage at it)

@Addie L

I actually want to join the Marine core, so maybe I can see you in TN. XD

@Addie L

Do you know what would be cool? If you and I made a big, unique Mansion with hidden areas and crazy cool passages. I want to but I don't have the time to do it, and then spawn withers and ender dragons.

Oh man, I'm dreaming big now.

@Aryelle D

What's CSGO and Dead Space? Ik what the other two are, but not those. Well, Call of Duty Mobile is a phone app, so not really any of those, but when I play any other Call of Dutys or Halo, it's on Xbox. I do play a little on PC, but my processor and RAM are pretty meh, (as far as gaming equipment goes) so I need to get a better computer. I don't play online on Xbox, partially cuz our Wi-fi sucks, and partially cuz they have too many updates, and partially cuz they charge 60 bucks a year for Gold. Bleh. Which is your favorite Halo?

@Aryelle D

And, my bro actually designs Minecraft houses on paper, then makes them on the Xbox. He's pretty good at it, and most of his houses are huge, or fairly large, at least.


CSGO is a first-person shooter that has two teams, one is the counter-terrorist (Swat, FBI, Police Force, etc), the other terrorist(I'm not familiar with terrorist groups, thankfully) So there are different mission scenarios one is the terrorist need to get a bomb to a bomb site, with the police have to defuse. Another is a hostage rescue, where the terrorist holds two hostages hostage, and the police have to rescue them and bring them back to spawn. There also other missions but I'm gonna stop (me fingers hurt)
Dead Space is on Xbox and it's where a ship in the middle of space stumbles upon a ship that had lost connection with the same organization of the first ship was a part of. They board the ship to see it's abounded, you look around, your whole team gets murdered, you are alone and there are these terrifying aliens that are trying to kill you. Its pretty scary, but cool I play DEAD SPACE III

Oh by the way

I am on my computer 9-2:30 mountain time and will respond between those times

Halo 3 by the way

Halo 3 by the way

@Aryelle D

Haha, gotcha. Yeah, you should really try Call of Duty Mobile. They have a mode like that, where one side has to plant a bomb, and the other has to defuse it. And the level of customization is really good. Hmm, Halo 3 is one of the two Halos I have not played actually. Partially cuz I hate the Flood. The creators of Halo were really good with their creepy details. Halo Reach or 4 was my favorite, and I've played through the Halo 5: Guardians campaign several times. And Dead Space sounds interesting...
And, oooh, CSGO would be Counter Strike Global Offense. It just occurred to me.

@Aryelle D

I don't respond often, btw.


ok sounds legit


You don't have a phone?!?! If so, then that is awesome!!! It is great to know that there is at least one other teenager out there that doesn't have a phone! It seems like everyone from the age of like 7 or 8 and up has a phone these days. And then I am just like "yeah I don't have a phone" and they look at me like I am from a different world and am so weird! But I get along fine! Me and two siblings share a tiny flip phone only for work purposes, such as me babysitting or working out on the farm. that is it. No texting friends or anything. So yeah...


Riley! you got to give us a bio about yourself
also, I have a phone but I don't have service so I only use it for my business and to play games lol
But it also sucks cause I moved away from my friends and the only way I can talk to them is by phones


YEah I know what you mean. . . my best friend lives 8 hours away!! :( And where I live I have only one or two other friends that are closer, but they still live like 15-20 minutes away, and we both lead busy lives so we really don't get to see each other much. But her and also my best friend we write letters, which is a lot of fun, so yah...
Well, I don't want to give out too much info about my self, but...
I don't play video games and don't have a phone
I love being outside and shooting archery
I am a very active member in our local 4-H
my favorite color is blue/teal
I have lived on a farm all my life so if you EVER want to know anything about a farm just ask ;)
Uh yeah so what else do you want to know?

@Aryelle D

Btw, I saw in one of your other comments that you said you were a black belt? What martial art? I used to take karate.

@Aryelle D

And Ik how that is with only being able to talk to friends by phone. I find it hard to ever see my friends, either because of Covid or some kind of sickness, or schedule.


Tae Kwon Do

Riley D

Nice, no need to give off too much info about yourself (no need, none of us are going to try to stalk you anyway) How do you do your 4-H program there? They have one here so I was just wonderin

@Everyone, sorry for being gone for a while... XD

@Aryelle- I am a huge farmer/rancher. I am also terrible at enchanting, but I'm more terrible at redstone! XD I can NOT figure out how it works! My cousins teach us how to do redstone stuff sometimes, but I can never remember how to do them. I know how to play AmongUs, and I love watching videos of other people do it on YouTube, but I've never actually played. XD
That would be really fun! My sister makes huge castles and I like to do the monotonous stuff for her. Filling in walls, floors, ceilings, etc.
@Riley- Yeah, I don't have a phone. When I actually get a job (hopefully this summer or next) then I will get a phone. I KNOW!! I feel like little kids are walking around with iPhone 8+s!!!!!!! It's so weird and it's not like they really need them. I have a question about your farm life. Have you ever been to a calving? I've read a lot about them, and they are gross, but strangely intriguing. XD That probably sounds really weird.
Never done archery, but my brother has a bow that he plays around with. He also does tomahawk throwing, which I haven't tried because I'm not convinced that I won't chop someone's hand off or lodge the thing in someone's chest/head. I (in some cases, unfortunately) have a very vivid imagination and I get scared off of stuff because I imagine myself or other people dying or other because of mistakes.....
My cousin and I used to write letters, but then he quit homeschool and got an email account and so.... We mainly email when he has ANY time at all. (He has a very busy schedule) Fun fact, we have the same bday, just one year apart. (I am older than him |:D)
@Hesperus & Aryelle- I had a friend in kindergarten that did some kind of martial art, and I was obsessed with it for about 2 weeks. I think it would be cool for my little brother to do martial arts because he was adopted from a country in Asia.

Addie L

Redstone is the death of me. Farming is fun too. Another favorite of mine is pets.


Well, there are different county clubs that meet once a month and just go over old and new business. Then there are the project meetings. We have tons of different projects ranging from food stuff, fashion and design, shooting sports, and animals, and so whatever project you are in, they typically meet once a week and practice stuff. So right now I am kinda busy because I have an archery meeting and horse judging meeting both on mondays, and then a consumer decision making meeting on wednesdays, plus other stuff on other days. So did that make any sense at all?


Oh you should try out archery it is fun!
Yes I have seen many cows give birth. We have a herd that fall calves. we have gotten to watch a few, and this past year we had to pull one. I have my own cow and calf right now, so just the beginning of a herd. WE actually just weaned the calves from the cows this week. So you said you live on a farm/ranch? what do y'all farm or what animals do you have?

@Aryelle D

Yeah, redstone isn't that good, from my bit of experience. You can't put it on walls, and it has all these limitations, blah, blah. Nah. Not for me. I did use to play a game called Survivalcraft that had better wiring, tho.


The sad thing is I know how to wire things in my house (in real life), but I can't do the DARN REDSTONE!!!!!!!!

@Aryelle D

XD. Oof. Hey, at least you'll be able to get the Xbox working in your house, and you can just settle for torches in Minecraft.

lol, ok XD

lol, ok


Sorry, I meant on Minecraft I like farming/ranching. I would love to live on a farm though! That is so cool that you have your own cow! One of my friends used to have cows, and every year they would... uh... butcher one and she would get a new one to raise... XP

@Aryelle D

What's yer FPS fighting style? Sniper, in-yer-face run-and-gun...?


Oooooooohhhhhh...... That depends on my mood. Sometimes im bold and I get in people's faces (like when I have a Negev/machine gun) sometimes I feel lazy and I want to pop people in the head from far away, it also depends on the map I am on too. But my favorite gun I play with is an SG-553 because I can be accurate because it has a scope, but does not have to be only sniper mode, so in all, I like to switch. I also like to use an AWP (sniper rifle) its a one-shot kill weapon and is sups powerful.

@Aryelle D

Ah, nice. I tend to be more of a shotgun or needler person in Halo, but in Call of Duty Mobile, the M4LMG, the M4 assault rifle, and the AK-47 are pretty solid. But there are def other good weps out there. Like, the knife. Lol.


M4LMG seems pretty legit. AK-47 are DOPE, always a default weapon when things get tough. in CSGO, there is an M4A1 which is pretty good as well

@Aryelle D

Why do you say that, did you find the M4LMG in Counter Strike? And I thiiiink the M4A1 might be an M4 assault rifle, which from my experience is pretty reliable. And, haha, yeah, the AK-47 does seem to be a pretty solid weapon in every game I've played. On Call of Duty Mobile, I put laser sight, an aiming sight reticle, an extended mag, a perk, and a camo on mine. Pretty buff. I have a .50 caliber pistol that's fun, too.


Oop. There is no M4LMG in CSGO. I just searched it up to see what it looked like then I realized that it was a relative to the M4A1 so that's all. In CSGO, you cant really add stuff, you can only get skins and name your guns.

@Aryelle D

Aw, that's too bad... I've wanted to try Counter Strike sometime, but I'd need a better PC and better Wi-Fi first...


If you do play one day I can show you the ropes. I'm tots a pro at it

@Aryelle D

Cool. You play it on Steam?


OFC!!!!! I use steam for every game I play (except W.O.W[world of warcraft] which is on Blizzard) like amount us, CSGO, and a few others.

oh one more thing

If you want to play CSGO on your computer, you can turn the resolution and the graphics down, so that you can play without lagging. The biggest things internet and a graphics card.

@Aryelle D

OK, cool. I doubt that would work tho, cuz Idk that my video card is that great either.


To be more specific. The gas station clerk called the police telling them that a guy had given him counterfeit money. When the police arrived they confronted George Floyd. George Floyd when confronted put a white substance into his mouth (drugs). The police officer had noticed and asked George to get out of his car, George yelled at the officer asking why he was being arrested, but the officer at first didn't say (the officer has a right to not explain exactly why until the arrest is taken to court). George Floyd resisted the arrest and started to yell that he can't breathe. The officer realized that George Floyd OD and called the ambulance. At that time, George Floyd was trying to get out of the arrest and was moving and shouting. Because of George Floyd's resistance, the officer put his knee on him to stop him from moving, Because of the noise, multiple people came out and yelled at the officer telling him to get off of him and that GF didn't do anything wrong.
To make this faster
More Struggling. More yelling.GF says he can't breathe and screams MOMMY!!!! and then his breathing shallows, and he dies
So he was arrested for giving counterfeit money, having drugs in his car, and resisting police arrest


I accidentally commented on the wrong thing


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