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Myanmar Coup
News Bytes 02/2/2021 42 Comments

Myanmar’s military staged a coup d’état (French for “overthrow of state,” or an illegal seizure of power) yesterday. Officials of the Southeast Asian nation detained senior politicians, including Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. For many, Monday’s takeover is confirmation that the military holds ultimate power—despite the appearance of democracy in Myanmar.

The first signs that the military planned to seize power were reports that State Counsellor Suu Kyi and Win Myint, the country’s president, had been detained before dawn.

Military-owned Myawaddy TV announced that the military is seizing control of the country. Officials claim the action is necessary because the government did not act on the military’s claims of fraud in November’s elections. In that contest, Suu Kyi’s ruling party won a majority of the parliamentary seats. Military officials cite a section of the constitution they wrote. The wording allows the military to take control in times of national emergency.

Myo Nyunt, a spokesman for Suu Kyi’s party, says that in addition to Suu Kyi and the president, members of the party’s Central Executive Committee, many of its lawmakers, and other senior leaders went into military custody.

The takeover came the very morning the country’s new parliamentary session was to begin. The country lost television signals. Phone and internet access went down in Naypyitaw, the capital, and passenger flights were grounded.

The seizure was a dramatic backslide for Myanmar. The country had been emerging from more than 50 years of strict military rule and international isolation.

It was a shocking fall from power for Suu Kyi, a Nobel peace laureate. Suu Kyi had lived under house arrest for years as she tried to push her country toward democracy. She became a strong leader in Myanmar after her party won elections in 2015.

Suu Kyi was a fierce opponent of the army’s claims to authority. However, she had to work with the country’s generals, who never fully gave up power. She remained wildly popular at home. But her relationship with the old regime—such as defending their crackdown on Rohingya Muslims (see “Rohingya Persecution in Myanmar”)—has left her global reputation in tatters.

The current coup presents a test for the international community. World leaders had shunned Myanmar while it was under military rule. But many enthusiastically embraced Suu Kyi’s government as a sign that the country was finally on the path to democracy. There will likely be calls for renewed global sanctions against the country.

As word of the military’s actions spreads, there is a growing sense of unease among Myanmar citizens. Lines are forming at ATMs as people wait to take out cash, their efforts complicated by internet disruptions. Workers at some businesses have gone home.

Suu Kyi’s party released a statement on one of its Facebook pages saying the military’s actions were unjustified and went against the constitution and the will of voters. The statement urges people to oppose Monday’s “coup” and any return to “military dictatorship.”

The military’s actions have received international criticism. Many countries are calling for the release of the detained leaders.

A military TV report says Commander-in-Chief Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing is now in charge of the country. Vice President Myint Swe is acting president. Myint Swe is a former general best known for leading a brutal crackdown on Buddhist monks in 2007.

The military claims an election will be held in a year and that it will then hand power over to the winner.

He does according to His will among the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the Earth. — Daniel 4:35

(Myanmar’s Vice President Myint Swe, right, smiles while sitting with State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, left, and then-President Htin Kyaw during a photo session in Myanmar in 2017. AP/Aung Shine Oo)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment

Oh boy... not sure what to say.
Ok and get this guys . . . the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group won a Nobel PEACE prize!!!! What on earth?!?!?! That is just ridiculous that they would win a peace prize for doing nothing peaceful. I just can't get my mind around that!!!
And I also have a prayer request. Could y'all pray that my brother gets his passport in time to go on our mission trip in March? We started the process in December, and just yesterday got a notification saying they need more info on who he really is and that he is a real person and not fraud and such. Which means we need to get that sent in fast, and hopefully they can get the passport made and sent back quickly. Just pray that everything ends up working out and we get everything we need. God is in control! Thanks!

Will pray!

Will pray!



I'll pray

I'll pray

This is London

I will pray to. I was suppose to get my passport when I turned 12 right before covid. We didn’t get (I guess we were lazy lol) it , and my mom said she was glad bc of covid the planes were shut down and stuff

6th Comment

I pray that that country will prosper and not fall.


Happy Groundhog Day!

a peace prize you know that

a peace prize you know that our world is is big troble if you need encorigment lisen to this song called there's nothing that our GOD CANT DO now remember that god is in controll praise the name that makes a way

i will pray too

i will pray too

@ Riley

We goin' down......@_@ that's insane

for our world to,remeber for

for our world to,remeber for people who have been saved this world is just a rental now my favorit band is for king and country favorit song lets be pioneers us as christions are pioneers lisent to them and wach the behind the song video on youtube for pioneers (sorry for my terible spelling:!)


Wow, that must be scary for the ppl living there just gettnig the warning out of nowhere. Pray for governments around the world >-<.

@Riley D

Wait, BLM got a Nobel Peace Prize?!

this is kaedon

we need to pray!!! Nobel peace prize.... Blowing up buildings is peaceful? Think about amazing ppl like Martin L. King Jr and Harriet Tubman,and Rosa Parks

this is Mylee

they would be sad.. Also I will pray and happy Ground hog day. P.s. that was me not kaedon. 6 more weeks of winter :(. Here its like spring though LoL !



@ Chachu B

Happy Ground Hog Day to you too. (My mom said that this day is proof that people are weird, and I told her that people want to celebrate.)

Cache b

Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter :(

Please pray for my dog she

Please pray for my dog she got ran over and is going to the vet run. She is for a breeding business and was super expensive

@ London

Will do!

@ London @Riley

Praying for both of you


Thanks for the prayers guys! Keep it up if you would please! London, I will be praying for your dog! That must be so scary.
And yep, they got a peace prize, and yes, I don't see how blowing up buildings, leaving people bloodied in the street, and vandalizing shops is peaceful at all. Not at all.

@ Riley D

Yes! I will definitely pray for that he gets his passport.

london- do you know what us Vikings call people who claim that they are lazy? Charcoal chewers. xD
oh my! I will definitely pray. I know how hard it is to have your dog going throu gh something like that. I've had three dogs, two cats, and one favorite chicken die throughout my life and I understand how hard it is.

@Riley D

BLM is only nominated for the peace prize. Trump is also nominated along with his son in law Jared Kushner, who was nominated by a democrat. The other nomination that I know of is Stacy Abrams who is a big BLM supporter and has done nothing to bring about peace.

Thx guys it was rly bad you

Thx guys it was rly bad you could see the bone , she has a cast rn and she might have to get a prosthetic leg :(


Awwww poor baby, What kind of dog is she?

Amelia b

A lab, we are going to breed her to with a poodle so we can have Labradoodles


Oh I have 2 black labs

@Riley D

Will pray. blm had 275 riots(about) and the conservatives had UNO.

Nobel Prizes

It seems to me that nowadays Nobel Peace Prizes are more about politics. Didn't Obama get the Noble peace Prize recent-ish? Mother Teresa got it, and she seems much more deserving of it than Obama.

@Bethy S

yes, because they don't want their nice cars, houses,etc. to be taken away by the mob, so they'll sacrifice good and bow down to the mob.

P.S. This is Caro

@London, We don't have a dog, we have cats, but my friend has a goldendoodle! I will pray for your dog! You don't have to answer this but what is her name?

this is london

Her name is Honey Bunn S LOL !


Our cousins have a golden retriever named Honey! Our dog's name is Lady. Not from Lady and the Tramp. She's a mutt.


that's cool !!!!!!

@London S, I love that name!!

@London S, I love that name!!!


thx !

His is London

Oh Mylee quit it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She keeps answering for me ) @_@

To Above

XDD my brother bribes me to do that bc everyone ignores him for some reason xP

@ David P

World Food Programme won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020, I think.


Is he even on ?

To Above


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