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Titanic Radio Update
News Bytes 01/21/2021 281 Comments

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have changed plans around the globe. Now the ill effects are even reaching miles below the ocean’s surface. Hopes of retrieving an important piece of history from the world’s most famous steamship wreckage may prove the latest loss blamed on the virus.

The RMS Titanic luxury ocean liner was traveling from England to New York in 1912. The ship struck an iceberg and sank. A Marconi wireless telegraph machine (an early radio) sent distress calls to nearby ships. Those which responded helped save 700 people in lifeboats.

In 1985, divers discovered the Titanic wreckage about two-and-a-half miles below the surface of the North Atlantic.

A company called RMS Titanic Inc. (RMST) owns the ship’s salvage rights and oversees a collection of items recovered from the wreck. These include silverware, china, gold coins, and a piece of its hull.

RMST wants to raise the Titanic radio. Officials say exhibiting it will help support the ship’s legacy while honoring passengers and crew. But the company’s revenues plummeted after coronavirus restrictions closed its artifacts displays. Some exhibits, which are scattered across the country, are still closed. Others have reopened but are seeing limited attendance.

“The pandemic and resulting governmental restrictions forced the company to temporarily close its exhibitions to the public, effectively shutting off its primary source of revenue for six months,” RMST wrote in a court filing.

While the company scrambles for funding, a U.S. District Court is deciding whether the expedition is even legal. Lawyers for the government argue that the mission is banned under federal law and an international agreement with Great Britain. Federal attorneys say the company must seek the government’s permission to remove the radio—because the sunken vessel is a recognized memorial to the roughly 1,500 people who died. (See Leave Titanic Alone.)

A federal naval judge in Norfolk approved the planned expedition in May. But the approval depended on a detailed plan of costs, funding, and conservation of the recovered equipment.

RMST missed a January 10 deadline, but officials are still trying to finalize that plan. They say the plan “will depend on a complicated, multi-faceted commercial transaction between RMST, an international production company, and deep-sea salvage experts.”

The company hopes to submit its plan by January 29. If not, RMST plans to withdraw its original motion seeking the court’s permission to retrieve the radio.

(The remains of a coat and boots in the mud on the sea bed near Titanic’s stern. Institute for Exploration, Center for Archaeological Oceanography/University of Rhode Island/NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration)

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1st comment

I hope they can get the radio! The sinking of The Titanic it a really interesting story but it is so sad that so many people lost their lives. I can’t believe the ship nearby, just a couple of miles away, saw all the help signals and fireworks The Titanic sent out but didn’t take them seriously and didn’t go to help! It’s just unbelievable.

Ugh, that sucks. I hope they

Ugh, that sucks. I hope they can get permission and get the radio!

Mirela J

Yup, the people on the ship were super overconfident that the ship couldn't sink. I mean, I probably would've believed it too! And they were super unprepared for when it happened, a lot of their sailors ere untrained, they didn't have that many lifeboats, the captain basically loafed around and the second mate had to do everything, which he wasn't quite trained for. It's terrible how unfortunate and unlucky they were.

My brother is obsessed with

My brother is obsessed with the Titanic for some reason...

@ Carys M

Yes, they cut down on the amount of lifeboats because they were so sure the ship was unsinkable. Even if they were 100% positive, they should have had the right amount of lifeboats to save everyone in case something did happen, which it did. I think it would be kind of cool and spooky to go down and explore the sunk titanic. What do you think?

6th comment

I hope they can get the radio too! I think the Titanic is so interesting.
@Mirela: I know the question was directed to Carys M, but I do think it would be cool and mysterious to visit it!!

The Titanic!!!!!!!!

I love the Titanic. I think it's a pretty cool mystery kind of a thing, and I'm glad WorldTeen has an article about this!!!

Did you know

Did you know that the crew didn't see the ice burg, is because the only binoculars were in a locked door that nobody had a key to.

@ Noah

But it was in the middle of the night so I don’t think it would have made a difference whether they had binoculars or not...

This is London

They said GOD HIMSELF CANT EVEN SINK THIS SHIP. Bc they thought it wouldn’t sink.

I watched a documentary about

I watched a documentary about the Titanic that was really interesting.

I watched a documentary about

I watched a documentary about the Titanic that was really interesting.

whoops sent that comment

whoops sent that comment twice

please don't find bones...

please don't find bones... *cringe*

the company, i mean

the company, i mean

this is Mylee

a lesson learned always be prepared ! I think its so cool that people are still still finding out things today !

@ Micah

I know...that's why I wouldn't want to visit it, plus the fact that I could drown, or get eaten by shark, eve though I know that's highly unlikely.

@ Elijah S

I used to be obsessed with the Titanic also, not sure why, but I was going through a phase of being an Ocean fanatic.

@Bethy S

I would like to go diving. That would be fun.


@Corban I

What about that article? Let me see....All 1908 of the comments? That is so many comments!


I know, right?

@Corban I



I bet it will go to 2,000!

Not that article again plz

Not that article again plz never bring it up lol XD

@ Corban NO NOT THAT- *dies*

@ Corban NO NOT THAT-

The article is broken you can

The article is broken you can't comment anymore....xD

@N&M A

Yes, XD

do you remember this? https:/

@David P


It's true :(

You can't comment on the article anymore. We'll never get to 2,000. X0

This is Mylee

Yes we will!


This is very interesting. I used to be OBESESSED with the Titanic. I asked for all sorts of books about it for my birthday and did lots of research on it. It is a sad story though,

@ Addie L

Ooh! That's what that was! I was trying to comment on it, but it didn't work! Too bad! I guess that means Mylee won the competition for most comments! And now we know...1919 and it stops.

@Bethy S

Maybe WorldTeen shut it down...

That is SOOO sad! *crying* I

That is SOOO sad! *crying* I tried commenting on it and I was wondering why it didn’t work! *weeping* We put so much work into getting so many comments on there *sobs*
To WORLDTEEN ( whoever’s in charge of articles and comments)
Please, please, please re-activate it or fix whatever's happened! We had so much fun on it!
From Mirela J

this is Mylee

I won !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But :( I wanted all world teen people to remember it in the future . We didn't make it to 2,000. Pls world teen don't shut it down :(.


I'm sorry for your loss. It was truly a heartbreaking incident.

Truly devastating............

Truly devastating............*cough*




Wahhh! Oh the sorrow! Please open it up WORLDTeen!

I feel like it should of

I feel like it should of been 2,000 why quite at 1919

@ London

Ik,r I wonder why that was the number. 5000 or 10000 would have made more sense to me.


It will be an event never forgotten by those present during this loss of our extremely special friend Gaming: When too much is too much. It will be remembered by generations of Worldteen members. Those who participated in the challenge will feel the loss greatly but we shall regretfully move on... TO ANOTHER ARTICLE!!!

@ London

That’s what I was thinking. But maybe they saw that there was some activity on the article and found out...

@ Mirela J

YES!!! Such a stirring speech! So emotional! We will never forget!!!

@ Mylee

You asked about Hobbies on the, (sniff, sniff) other article, and to answer your question:
I like reading, writing, baking, acting, and making stop-motion videos.

Sniff, sob, weeping, etc.

@Mirela- A beautiful speech, thank you. :(
@Mylee- My hobbies are reading, writing, crocheting, playing the piano, and eating chocolate.

@ Addie L

Eating chocolate should be an Olympic sport. :)

do you remember this? https:/


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