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Violence & Virus at Capitol
News Bytes 01/12/2021 41 Comments

Last week, rioters besieged the U.S. Capitol building. Now the Capitol’s attending physician says House lawmakers may have been exposed to COVID-19 while they sheltered at an undisclosed location.

Dozens of lawmakers were whisked to the secure location after rioters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. The rush on the building occurred after a large rally of President Trump supporters chose to walk to the building that houses Congress. While most remained peaceful, and some even stood by praying for calm, hundreds of people rushed the steps and climbed up scaffolding. Dozens of those broke windows and burst through doorway barricades to roam the halls and offices. Some ransacked the building, taking furnishings and property of lawmakers and their aides, and littering the Capitol with trash and discarded flags—including the American flag.

While that was happening, some members of Congress huddled for hours together in the large safety room. Others were there for a shorter period.

A Capitol police officer died after he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher as rioters descended on the building. Several other officers were injured. A woman from California was shot to death by Capitol police. She was climbing through a broken window in an interior doorway that had been barricaded. Three other people died after medical emergencies during the chaos.

Dr. Brian Moynihan notified all lawmakers Sunday of the potential virus exposure. He urged them to be tested. It was unclear whether the doctor was concerned about possible exposure due to many people gathered in a closed space, or if he was aware of an active case of COVID-19 that was present at the time. No infected individual was named.

The doctor wrote that “many members of the House community were in protective isolation in the large room—some for several hours” on Wednesday. He said “individuals may have been exposed to another occupant with coronavirus infection.”

President Trump now could face impeachment charges. Representatives of both major parties criticized the President’s handling of the crowd before and during the riots. They say word choices in his speech near the White House incited violence among some before his supporters marched to the Capitol. He did not speak out immediately through his social media to quiet the crowd when the turmoil was underway. The House could vote on impeachment in a matter of days, less than two weeks before Democratic President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20.

Law enforcement is increasing Capitol security ahead of the inauguration. About 6,200 National Guard members from six states are deploying to support the Capitol police for the next 30 days. Authorities have also installed a fence around the Capitol grounds.

(Workers install a flag on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 9, 2021. They are making preparations for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. AP/Patrick Semansky)

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Most recent comments


How did I get here????? The same thing happened to NA!!!!

@ Maddy

Woah! Again? What did you do to get to tomorrow yesterday XD :-P

Ah ha!

I think I’ve worked it out! Maddy M and N&M A secretly work for WorldTEEN. Lol! If not, I’m just waiting for my turn to see into the future !!

4th comment

This is just crazy. And again, I really don't think the virus is a big deal. What I think is just dumb is that they are trying to impeach Trump, and he only has like 8 more days in office! Seriously guys! Geez! Just wait a week then you can have your Biden!

About the article

Why is there so much fighting? Hhhmmm??? I think it's good that President Trump make a speech against the violence. It's not right.


That is so dramatically put, it's disgusting. That woman who got shot was doing NO HARM AT ALL!!! And the people "ransacking and piallaging (however you spell that, I can't remember lol) were doing NOTHING compared to the BLM rioters. And "taking down flags, including the American flag"? Look, yes the American flag is a symbol of our home, but seriously, it's not like they BURNED it or something, they just knocked it down (probably on accident too) so honestly, stop making theses people look like monsters when they were just expressing they're anger a LOT calmer then some people (I'm looking at you, BLM and ANTIFA) Also, I saw some tension between people on the other U.S Capiol riots article. Can people PLEASE STOP picking fights? You're not helping anything at all. Treat people with kindness and respect, like they deserve❤

@Riley D

They are trying to impeach Trump so that he can't run in 2024 because they know they won't be able to commit such egregious fraud in the next election. Gen Z is the first generation to get more conservative than the last one and there will be many more of us voting in the next election. It would take a lot of work but I think that if Trump runs he will win. My goal is for my state to go red at least once in my lifetime.

@Carys M

Well, they did kill a police officer and injure several others, and they were forcefully intruding on government property. And the woman WAS going through a window that I think she broke into a place that she wasn't aloud to go into with a bunch of people who were being violent and that police officer was probably jumpy about the protesters.


I just looked and you never once called the blm "protests" riots but you are calling this a riot. This is unacceptable behavior. You guys have been doing a very bad job of covering politics recently and it is very disappointing.

That is sad

What has our country come to, killing innocent people, pillaging the capitol killing a police man, and their trying to impeach Trump when he only has 8 days left of office, this is a sad time our country has been in, I just pray that this will all be over and we can have normal lives*

*which will never happen

Yeah, I don't think those

Yeah, I don't think those rioters were Trump supporters. I mean, they could've been, but I think they were probably BLM or ANTIFA.

Liam O

If there is one place that anyone should be able to go freely, it's the Capitol. Maybe it was illegal, but that was not enough for the police to open fire on a defenseless woman who was a VETERAN!! But I respect your belief. @Asher E I know right?! I remember they did an article a few months ago on BLM riots in Oregan, and they seemed pretty ok with that! But about the Capitol, these people are monsters!

I think its good that World

I think its good that World TEEN don't put opinions in their articles meaning they don't say that something is good or bad but leave it up to the reader whether they agree or not. I don't mean when they quote stuff - that's good.
@ Carys this is not 1 person's opinion who puts it on a website. this is a team of people who are delivering news to us. I hope I haven't misunderstood you, correct me if I have.

@Mirela J

So calling the capital protest a riot is not an opinion?

#1. President Trump is

#1. President Trump is leaving office soon. It would be pretty childish to impeach him!
#2. I really hope the senators don't all get covid... I don't want to imagine what would happen to our country.
@ Asher E. It was a riot! What else can you call that behavior, even if they are BLM and ANTIFA and not true Trump supporters? It doesn't make a difference who they were, and there is no way of knowing what went on in their hearts, but they were clearly a rioting mob. They weren't peaceful at all!!

This is London

I mean like 2 weeks before trump isn’t president why impeach him, a lot of ppl just hate him. *sighs*

this is Mylee

our country is in such a mess ! If its only a week till Biden gets in office why impeach Trump ! It takes a long time for the process so there is no use to do it ! I think its so sad that ppl died. The behavor of all these riots is awful ! We should respect our Government and like not brake windows on our Capitol building or set things on fire ! Politics can't save us we can't depend on it we need to stand up for what is right ! The president stuff is over, Biden won .But we can still make a difference !

They want to impeach him so

They want to impeach him so he can't run again is my guess.

@Riley D and NA

if they succeed in impeaching him then he cannot take part in any future elections, so they don't want him to be re-elected in the next election.

@ Asher E

It was a riot. It’s a fact. I don’t know what else to say but a riot is a riot.

It makes you wonder what

It makes you wonder what their plan is.......if they want to disable him from ever being elected.......

@ Mirela's 2nd comment

That's really funny LOL xDDD but sadly I don't work for WORLDteen :( xDDDDD
I think I figured out what happened. The numbers at the end of the web address got changed a number higher and it brought me to the next days article

This event was organized

this event was not of trumps doing could he have done more to stop it. Were the people that rioted trump supporters? Yes but that doesn't mean trump was the person that caused it. There are pictures of people with walkie talkie's. Did enyone else hear that they found a explosive device on the capiotal building lawn.


I understand that the blm protests were bad bou that doesnt discount that just cause people are mad means they can break and destroy goveremnt property


Fun fact: The coronavirus is slightly worse than the flu. The only danger in it is that it causes people to panic XD

LOL more like a mix of

LOL more like a mix of bizarre symptoms thrown together that feel different every time you get it xp but yeah a little worse and a little less than the flu


Some people say that the world is watching out for us, but no, the world is evil, God is looking out for us, not the world. but I guess its not the world that's evil its the people in it who can be evil and do crazy stuff, and its funny to think that every move you makes changes things for everyone. like if your making a cake if you add just a pinch of of paprika, it will make the cake gross. And if people didn't eat any bats, then this riot wouldn't have even happened because the COVID most likely wouldn't be here. so everything you do changes things for everyone. And if they didn't do this riot then that womens life wouldn't have been lost and the officers wouldn't have been hurt, and this article wouldn't of been here, so I would have never wrote this really long comment.
People change people.

David u I had covid and to me

David u I had covid and to me (may be different to others ) it was not that bad and better than the flu. Except covid makes you lose smell and taste for awhile

We had covid and it was worse

We had covid and it was worse than the flu and we didn't lose our taste xD It's so strange

I do not think WORLDTeen is

I do not think WORLDTeen is biased. This protest did turn into a riot. People did things they should not have done. The woman should not have been climbing through a window whether or not she is a veteran though it is wrong she was killed. The American flag, our flag, should have been treated with more respect. I think that the rioters were Republicans who were carried away by their emotions.

@Alaina H

most of them were trump supporters, except for the people leading it. if you watch the video its the person with the black helmet who is an antifa person and the one taking the video. She should never have climbed up that window in the first place. Worldteen is sortve lukewarm (i like it of course).

@Alaina H

My issue is that they never referred to black lives matter burning down buildings as riots.

@ Asher

They can’t use the word ‘riot’ in every single article about protest and things. I don’t want to argue. I’m just saying.

@David U, David F

Their are 3 Davids! Yes!

@Mirela J

No, they can use riot in every article, but if there is a riot they should call it like it is and say riot. This summer there were many blm riots and not once did WorldTEEN refer to them as riots. They being selective about what they call a riot based on why the people were rioting and that is not right.

@ Asher

I agree that it’s not right to be selective like that unlike lots of other news sites. But look :8th paragraph :
I understand what you’re saying though. How would you define riots and protests? I think protests are more peaceful like a march and riots are when people damage and destruct thing for an opinion.

@Mirela J

That is interesting, I searched it and I could not find one example of them saying riot. I guess that the problem is just that the search feature is not designed very well.

@David P

I know many people named David! David is a family name for us and it's a very common name around here. I know it's really fun to see your name places. I never get to though, because my name is very unusual, apparently. :(


Sometimes the search bar doesn't work very well....

@ Asher

Yes, sometimes it’s quite easy to find article and comments but sometimes it can be quite difficult.

What is wrong with these people!

My word, why do people have to do things like this! Killing a police officer for pretty much just doing his job! Yes I think shooting the lady was wrong, but when you think about it, it must have been pretty scary to have a whole bunch of people coming and trashing every thing and stealing thing and also destroying everything in sight.

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