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Veterans Receive Highest Medal
News Bytes 11/11/2020 20 Comments

In February of 1944, World War II was raging. That’s when the American jungle fighting unit nicknamed Merrill’s Marauders began its mission. Starting with 3,000 soldiers, the Marauders set out to capture a Japanese-held airfield and open an Allied supply route between India and China. Five months later, the Marauders completed their mission with barely 200 men still in the fight. From February to August of 1944, the often outnumbered Marauders fought Japanese troops in five major engagements plus 30 minor ones. Now Congress officially has recognized the Marauders for their 1,000-mile, grueling foot journey that helped win the war. The group received the highest honor in the nation: the Congressional Gold Medal.

Today is a national holiday called Veterans Day. Veterans Day occurs every November 11 in the United States. It is a day set aside to remember and acknowledge the sacrifices made by military servicepeople past and present. It is a day to give thanks for their dedication to preserving freedom for the nation. Not all veterans see combat, but all serve in ways needed to maintain liberty.

In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt arranged for the campaign in Asia that would take American soldiers deep into the jungles. Seasoned infantrymen and newly enlisted soldiers alike volunteered for the mission, forming Merrill’s Marauders. They were let by Brigadier General Frank Merrill and tasked with cutting off Japanese communications and supply lines.

The plans were so secret that the Marauders weren’t even told where they were going. But as they went, they experienced some of the worst that war has to offer: heat, hard labor, hunger, thirst, and much bloodshed. They gave their faithful service out of deep commitment to the ideals that America holds dear, believing that preserving those ideals was worth even the greatest sacrifice of life itself.

The Congressional Gold Medal represents an appreciation for the Marauders’ achievements and contribution in World War II. It also honors their fight against evil and the harm it brings to our world.

Robert Passanisi at age 96 is among just nine known Marauders still living. He now lives in New York. He says, “After many years, all the sacrifices and the suffering are now finally recognized. It makes you feel like it was all worthwhile.”

A medal honoring the Marauders as a unit will be crafted and displayed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

(Members of Merrill’s Marauders on August 2, 1944. The unit was less than 75 yards from enemy positions in Burma, now Myanmar. U.S. Army Signal Corps via AP)

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Most recent comments

Wow, I don't think I would

Wow, I don't think I would ever be able to do what they did. I'm glad they're being awarded.

I don't approve how FDR got

I don't approve how FDR got us involved in the war (there is proof he knew about Pearl Harbor and let all those people die just so we could get in the war so more people could die, yeah, real great president wasn't he?) but I respect those soldiers who fought so bravely, and who gave up so much, some their lives, to stop Hitler. I'm glad they're getting this honor, I know they deserved it. Happy Vetran's day! To anyone who has a relative who fought, I respect your relative for all the bravery they gave.

2nd Comment

I am sure that it was hard to do. But I am glad that they are getting awarded for it. It is the soldiers that we owe just about all our freedoms to. Usually in my town they have a Veterans Day parade and then a service, but they are doing NOTHING! this year because of covid!!! I think that is so sad that we are doing nothing for our veterans. So my family made like 28 mini loaves of pumpkin bread (yes, with homegrown pumpkins from our garden!) and we are going to deliver them today to some of the veterans in our town. Has anyone here thought of being in the military? I have at times. I am just not sure yet what I want to do when I grow up.


There are three WWII veterans in our town!

Veterans's Day

My great-grandpa was a submariner during WWII! You can even to to a museum in Wisconsin and tour the sub he served on!

Happy Veterans Day!!

My grandpa served in Vietnam war.

this is Mylee

Happy Vetran's Day! My town does nothing ... But my Grandpa and my other Grandpa served. One in Vietnam and the other in the Korean War. None in WW2 though. My Grandpa likes how he gets like a lot of free stuff lol. And the Army Pays my grandma because my other grandpa died. But it helps my granny because she can't work. Well I am glad that these men got medals !!!

Happy Veterans Day!

Im glad they got the awards because they sure deserved them!

That sounds super hard. I'm

That sounds super hard. I'm really glad they got medals.

My uncle fought in a war in..

My uncle fought in a war in...Iraq? I think?

Well I guess I should say

Well I guess I should say warS

My grandfather is a Vietnam

My grandfather is a Vietnam veteran!

My grandfather was lucky and

My grandfather was lucky and didn't have to fight in the Vietnam War over some problem. My great-grandpas both served in WW2, but they never shared their experiences.


Thank you to ALL of your grandfathers who served! They mean so much to the country. A great sacrifice was made on their part, and I appreciate that. Thank you. My great grandpa built towers in Alaska, my great-uncle was in Desert Storm, and one of our very good friends was in Vietnam.

15th comment P.S. This is Caro


I thought the Medal of Honor

I thought the Medal of Honor was the nation's highest award

My moms granddad served in

My moms granddad served in WW1. He went when he was too young to serve and lied about his age. Not the most Christian thing to do, but very brave.

@Porter E

Wow, that is neat. Not about lying, of course, but in WWI. Cool!


hope that i can someday serve my country like them

my great grandpa was captured

my great grandpa was captured in the battle of the bulge and then handed over to the Russians. he almost froze and starved to death... not to mention that he contracted tuberculosis. he was also part of the last cavalry group in the army!
@Vaughn H: that is so cool that you can see the sub your great g-pa served in at a museum!

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