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A New Supreme Court Justice
News Bytes 10/27/2020 17 Comments

In a 52-48 vote, the United States Senate late Monday evening confirmed the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the highest court in the land.

At Justice Barrett’s swearing in on the White House lawn, President Donald Trump called the appointment “momentous.” Justice Clarence Thomas administered the Constitutional Oath to Barrett before a crowd of about 200 people.

Barrett told those gathered that she believes “it is the job of a judge to resist her policy preferences.” The former Indiana federal appeals court judge and mother of seven vowed, “I will do my job without any fear or favor.”

The newest justice began her job today, after taking a second oath administered by Chief Justice John Roberts.

(Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., administers the Judicial Oath to Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States via AP)

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Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!! I'm glad they did it!!!! Oh, she's from Indiana? I can't believe I didn't know that LOL!

Yay? I mean. I don't know

Yay? I mean. I don't know what to think about her, if she's good or not, I just hope she can do her job well!


I watched the trial thing (or whatever you call it) and she seemed like she was good for the job.


We have another person fighting for the Lord's army. May God bless her and give her wisdom and discernment. May she keep to her faith and not stray towards the evils of the world. GOD BLESS AMY CONEY BARRETT!!!!!!

May the LORD bless her in all she does

Wow, it's an honor to become supreme court justice. May the LORD bless in all her efforts, Amen. Thank you LORD.



Amen to Sean S and Cheylyn D

Amen to Sean S and Cheylyn D
We needed her!!




YES! I was hoping for her!


YES! I was hoping for her!


Yay I am so happy

This would seem to be good

This would seem to be good news. We'll have to see as time goes by...

my dad is glad she got in!

my dad is glad she got in!

@Hesperus D

I think it will be good. She is a strong Republican, and stands firm in her faith. She is not afraid to admit it even when being questioned before she was voted in.

@Riley D

True. I'm hopeful about her.

this is Mylee

i am so happy for Amy! We needed someone like her ! I am glad she does not support abortion.

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