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Farmer Finds Lost Limb
News Bytes 08/3/2020 10 Comments

Skydiving can be risky. Just ask skydiver Chris Marckres. The double amputee recently lost a prosthetic (artificial) leg during a jump over Vermont’s Champlain Valley. Now thanks to a keen-eyed local farmer, Marckres has his leg back.

About a week ago, Marckres went for a Saturday jump at Vermont Skydiving Adventures. Marckres and an instructor harnessed together for a tandem jump. Unknown to Marckres, one of his prosthetic legs popped off after he leapt from the plane. Oops.

“I think my adrenaline was so high, and I was just so excited, I didn’t realize I had lost it,” Marckres told reporters.

After both landed safely, Marckres put out the word on social media that he’d lost his leg. He knew he had to try to find the custom-made limb. After all, a replacement would be pricey—about $20,000.

People on Facebook shared Marckres’ plea for help over 1,500 times. Teams began searching a widespread area. Who knew where a leg falling from the sky might land?

Farmer Joe Marszalkowski saw a post on Facebook. The next day, he found the prosthetic in his soybean field. There were a few scratches, but the leg was mostly undamaged.

“You’ve always got to keep an eye out,” says Marszalkowski. He compared the discovery to a needle in a haystack. He was grateful he found the leg and didn’t run it over with a machine.

“Or, God forbid, the combine sucked it up—it would’ve destroyed it,” Marszalkowski says.

The two men met to exchange the leg. Marckres offered a reward, but Marszalkowski declined it. He calls assisting a fellow Vermonter reward enough.

Because of Marszalkowski and both friends and strangers on Facebook, Marckres says losing his leg turned into a positive experience.

So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them. — Matthew 7:12

(Farmer Joe Marszalkowski holds a prosthetic leg on Monday, July 27, 2020. He found the leg in a soybean field on his Vermont farm. Jack Thurston/NECN and NBC10 Boston via AP)

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1st Comment

Wow! Would anyone want to do a skydive? I think it would be fun! I am glad that the guy found his leg! I thought that the article would be about yesterdays splashdown!!!! did anyone else watch it? I did, along with my family, great-grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. It was so cool!! it was the first splashdown since the 60's or 70's!!!! The capsule of SpaceX splashed down in the gulf of Mexico, with just two men, that had been at the space station, and had each done their tenth space walk!! Imagine!! The capsule looked tiny compared to the four giant parachutes, but big compared to the speedboats that went out to meet it!! Again, it was just so cool.

@Riley D

We watched it, but not live. And yeah, it was the first American splashdown in 45 years!

That is so crazy! I'm so glad

That is so crazy! I'm so glad he found his leg! I wonder how he got around without it when they were searching? Crutches I guess, or maybe a wheelchair? Riley D I didn't watch it, but I heard that it happened.

@Riley D

That is sooo cool!!!! I knew it was happening but didn't know when.

That's kinda freaky to find

That's kinda freaky to find an artificial limb in a field when your doing your normal business.

@ E Y

Well, the article said that he was keeping an eye out for it already cause he saw about it on Facebook. But yeah!


Yeah, we got to watch it live, thanks to my uncle who knew about it and was keeping himself updated on when it would happen!!!!!

@Riley D

There you go...there's your news byte about it

Yikes! That would be strange losing your leg while skydiving.

Wow! I'm glad he found it!

I watched the splash down live!!

How could he not notice he had lost it?? But it is good he found it!!

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