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Iran Fires on Fake Carrier
News Bytes 07/29/2020 27 Comments

Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard fired a missile from a helicopter on Tuesday. It targeted a replica aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz. The exercise appears to be one of intimidation, aimed at threatening the United States amid tensions between Tehran and Washington. (See also Persian Gulf Tensions.)

The drill took place in a waterway through which 20% of all traded oil passes. That location seems strategic. Interrupting oil trade can harm economies.

The exercise underlines the lingering threat of military conflict between the two nations. Last summer saw a series of incidents targeting oil tankers in the region. In January, a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, Iraq. Tehran responded by firing ballistic missiles at American forces there.

While the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed both Iran and the United States for months, signs of potential confrontation continue. America wants to extend a years-long United Nations weapons embargo (or prohibitive order) on Tehran that is due to expire in October.

In video footage aired Tuesday, Iranian commandos dropped by rope from a helicopter onto the aircraft carrier replica. Other footage showed fast boats encircling the mock-up, kicking up white waves in their wake.

Iranian troops fired anti-aircraft batteries at a drone target in the exercise and launched missiles from trucks on land and fast boats at sea.

It wasn’t immediately clear if all the footage was from Tuesday. One overhead surveillance image appeared to be shot by a drone with Monday’s date. The United States had expected the exercise or something like it. Satellite photos released Monday showed the fake carrier being moved into place by a tugboat.

The replica used in the drill resembles the Nimitz-class carriers that the U.S. Navy routinely sails into the Persian Gulf. The USS Nimitz, namesake of the class, entered Mideast waters late last week from the Indian Ocean. It will likely replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea.

It remains unclear when or if the Nimitz will pass through the Strait of Hormuz during its time in the Mideast. The USS Abraham Lincoln deployed last year as tensions initially spiked. It spent months in the Arabian Sea before heading through the strait. The Eisenhower came through the strait early last week.

To Iran, the American naval presence is akin to Iranian forces sailing into the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Florida. But the U.S. Navy stresses that the strait is an international waterway crucial to global shipping and energy supplies.

Commander Rebecca Rebarich is a spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet that patrols the Mideast. She says officials were aware of the Iranian exercise involving “a vessel similar to a motionless aircraft carrier.”

“The U.S. Navy conducts defensive exercises with our partners promoting maritime security in support of freedom of navigation, whereas Iran conducts offensive exercises, attempting to intimidate and coerce,” Rebarich says.

(In this July 26, 2020, satellite photo, an Iranian fast boat, top left, approaches a mockup aircraft carrier built by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. Maxar Technologies via AP)

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1st Comment

That is a little scary. And I hope that they can extend the weapons embargo. I am really wondering if a full blown war will break out in the future with this country. It has been brewing for a while. But I could be totally wrong. My relative was on a Nimitz class carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan! Has anyone ever been on an aircraft carrier before? I have; we got to tour the retired USS Midway. It was awesome.

That is way scary, especially

That is way scary, especially for me since I live on a peninsula! Riley D I'm not sure if I have been on one, my family went on a lot of field trips before I was born or when I was just a baby. So of course I don't remember anything. : (


By the way I saw this article that said that president trump refuses to pay respects to John Lewis, that civil rights activist who just died. Can you believe it?! (actually, I'm sure some of you can! LOL) Show some respect! I can believe this guy is actually our president. SMH

oops messed up there, I meant

oops messed up there, I meant CAN"T believe not CAN LOL


You say that, but he is probobly the best president we have had in over a decade.

Matthew N

I really don't agree, but I respect your beliefs. : )


For some stats, %58 of leftists (Communist) feel able to share, %77 of Strong Conservatives are afraid to speak out, and if I can qoute a mom from Portland, "I was pleading the leftist rioters to not burn my children at the stake." If you want to see some real stats, go to Timcast IRL on youtube, this is a link ONLY click if you trust it, I do not recomend you click links.

@ Mathew N

I agree!

But I do wish he wouldn't say so many bad things......

@ NA and Matthew

Okay. I have a question. (AND PLEASE DO NOT START A TRUMP DEBATE!) Why do you think Trump is such a good president? I know next to nothing about politics, but I do know that he's definitely not our best POTUS ever. I would just like to hear both sides of the argument. BUT PLEASE DO NOT HAVE AN ARGUMENT, ANYBODY!

I have to admit Trump is NOT

I have to admit Trump is NOT a likable person, BUT our economy was doing really well after he became president. I support him because of his conservative views.

I hope war won't break out

I hope war won't break out between Iran and America.

I agree with Matthew N. About

I agree with Matthew N. About Trump. And he has great conservative views, like Alaina said.

@ Riley and Alaina

I barely know anything about politics. However, my dad told me that though Trump is conservative, he has been sending out special government police forces to stop the protests and/or rioting. Which is a very, very not conservative thing to do, as I understand it. And most of the cities he's sending them to aren't even welcoming them, because they have city police for a reason. So he might have conservative views, but some of the things he's doing are definitely not conservative, and in fact are very liberal. Please no one get offended, and sorry if that was a very--uneducated is the word that comes to mind--comment.


I completely agree KN. I'm not that interested in politics, but from what my parents tell me, Trump is just not the best at his job. I whish people would stop fighting about it and just try to come together, especially in this time of pandemic. I apologize if my comment yesterday offended anyone, but I said what I just thought should've been said.


I agree!


Ok I'll give this a shot. : )
So Trump is conservative, Republican and pro life . He is not doing it for the money (he donates is paycheck) he loves America and wants the best for America. Now, yes I do not like his language and some of his actions but people focus a lot on his bad personal life instead of what he's doing for the country. He is for the people and he dose what he says and means what he says. And he has done a lot of good for this country. If I could chose between Trump and Pence I would chose Pence bc of the obvious. I think Trump has done a lot of good for this country and he is 100% for the American people. And I think people shouldn't focus on his personal life but instead what he is doing in office.
I hope this make some sense.

Janna (Daniel's sister) @KN

How is protecting the people from bad things liberal? The government exists to protect the country's people.

@ Janna

Hm. How to explain it? I think that (and as I've said before, I barely know anything about this kind of thing) conservatives want to let the state and city governments have more control, rather than the far-off "main" government. Liberals are the opposite. Trump has apparently been sending special police forces that he formed to stop protests, to cities that don't even want them there. It's liberal because it means the main government has way more control.
I don't know. That's just what my dad told me.


Oh, and to answer your question, the cities he's sending them to aren't welcoming the special police, bc they're handling the protests themselves.

Nadia A

I agree with you. I think that he is a good president for our country but I don't really think he's a good person.


I agree with you. No one is perfect. It isn't fair to focus on all the bad things a person does since we all are sinners. We can't expect Trump to not make any mistakes.

@ NA and Alaina

True. Thanks everyone!

Trump is definitely not the

Trump is definitely not the best person but he is the best president we have had in a long time

@ BRAEDAN O - I totally

@ BRAEDAN O - I totally agree but just asking would you rather have Trump or hillary.... just asking Trump may not be the best person ever but none of us are perfect and hillary IS FOR abortion and theres a crap load of stuff that they r trying to cover up about her (O_O)

Wow this got politcal real

Wow this got politcal real fast the article is about iran blowing up a fake carrier LOL

Sorry i meant (just saying)

Sorry i meant (just saying) the second time



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