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Cyclone Packs Punch
News Bytes 05/21/2020 29 Comments

A powerful cyclone slammed the coastline of India and Bangladesh yesterday. Millions fled to shelters in a frantic evacuation. The coronavirus pandemic complicated their escape.

On Wednesday, Cyclone Amphan packed winds of 105 miles per hour with gusts up to 118 mph. Authorities warn the storm could cause widespread damage to flimsy houses and flooding in cities including Kolkata.

Storms can be scary. Yet the Bible promises that God not only made the sea (Psalm 146:6) but He also rules its raging. (Psalm 89:9)

In India, coconut palms swayed wildly, electric poles lay scattered on roads, rain pounded fishing villages, and rivers surged as the storm battered the coast. “The next 24 hours are very crucial. This is a long haul,” says M. Mohapatra, India’s meteorological chief.

The region has some of the most defenseless communities in South Asia: poor fishing communities in the low-lying islands in the Bay of Bengal and over a million Rohingya refugees living in crowded camps in Bangladesh.

The cyclone could also have devastating consequences for India’s fight against the coronavirus.

Tuhin Ghosh is director of the School of Oceanographic Studies at Jadavpur University. He says the pandemic’s lockdown has already sapped people’s spirits. “Because they are economically down, they are not getting enough food. . . . When another disaster comes, then it’s a double impact.”

The combination of the virus and cyclone could lead to a “new humanitarian crisis,” says Manuel Pereira of the International Organization for Migration in Bangladesh. “We know that if people are forced to seek communal shelter, they’ll be unable to maintain physical distancing and run the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus,” he says.

Sobrato Das, a fisherman on Mousuni Island in India, describes the shelters as crowded. He adds, “Very few people are wearing masks.” He says children were crying and women tried to cover their faces with their saris while also trying to maintain some distance from each other.

In the seaside resort of Digha, many people feared going to the shelters, according to fisherman Debasis Shyamal. “They have been home for weeks and are afraid of going into a crowd where they could get infected,” he says.

The densely populated city of Kolkata is likely to see flooding. Officials warn some centuries-old buildings could collapse due to the strong winds.

The region is no stranger to devastating cyclones. Yet Ghosh says Kolkata has “probably never witnessed this kind of cyclone.”

(A man covers himself with a plastic sheet and walks in the rain ahead of Cyclone Amphan’s landfall in eastern India on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. AP Photo)

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Wow.... That's very sad. I can't imaging having to deal with a storm like that, AND a pandemic at the same time.

1st comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Caro

Oh NO! This is bad! I hope they are able to survive.. Praying for them..


Oh we posted at the same time! oops! (0_0)


@Bella C I know! I feel awful for them. First the pandemic, and then a cyclone/floods/destructive winds!

@ Caro

YES! definitely praying for them!

This seems like a lose-lose.

This seems like a lose-lose. Either you risk death from the cyclone, or you risk getting coronavirus. Poor India!


I was thinking about this, and they're not able to social distance (because they're all cramped together in shelters) and they just can't spread out. They're going to have to let the virus spread through everyone. There's just nothing else to do.

So sad! :-(

Isn't a cyclone the same thing as a tornado?

@Riley D

I wouldn't call something with the same death rate as the common cold 0.01% a pandemic. This has been blown up into something much bigger than it ever should have been.


No a cyclone is like a hurricane
Hurricanes are tropical storms that form over the North Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific.
Cyclones are formed over the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.
Typhoons are formed over the Northwest Pacific Ocean.
that's what they all are. Hope that answers your question. : )

P.S. WOW those poor people idk if any of you remember when i asked 4 prayer for my friends who are Missionaries in India I don't know what part of India they are in but i hope they are safe


I agree 100% this has gone way to far I honestly don't care at all about this "Chinese Virus" It's just annother thing to freak out about and for the media to enlarge till it looks like the Bubonic plague that killed 1/3 of everyone in Europe.

P.S. lol I think i might have already had it lol : )


I have experienced a hurricane. The wind is crazy!
I agree that this virus has been blown up by the media. It is literally no threat to young, healthy people like us. However, we should still be careful about spreading it to elderly people and people with health conditions. It can be fatal to these people.

@David F

I am still praying for your missionary friends in India. I pray the Lord would keep them safe and show them how to help others.

@ David F

Thanks! :-)


Many of the people who have died "from corona" actually died with corona. Hospitals get money for every case of covid but they get even more money for every death. So even if they die from a heart attack and test positive for corona after they die they will put COVID-19 on their death certificate as the cause of death. It is a scumbag thing to do and it needs to be stopped.

@ Asher E

True, but still, if they had coronavirus AND underlying heart conditions, for example, the virus could weaken the person and make them more likely to have a heart attack, and die from it.

Miscommunication @Asher E

I am sooo sorry for the miscommunication! the ONLY reason I put "pandemic" was because that is what the article called it. I 100% agree with you that people are WAY overdoing it. The media just wants to get people riled up. If they never said anything about, for example, the packing plants shutting down a little while ago, there would not have been a rush on meat!!! I feel like we almost need to be just a little exposed to the virus so that it will help our immune systems, if that makes sense. More people die from the flu than the virus!
@David F: ok, see, I had always thought that cyclone was another word for tornado. Maybe it could be either. Anyway, yes, I am still praying for your missionary friends!

Also, does anyone know why

Also, does anyone know why there wasn't an article today?????????

@Riley D

I was just wondering that! But yeah I have no clue.

Just a random thought..... I

Just a random thought..... I can't believe that it is halfway through MAY already!!!!!!!!!!! 2020 had gone by soooo fast for me! My sister and I have a big competition in mid June, and time is running out for us to practice and study! Yikes!

@Bella C


World News Video

I just went to vimeo and watched it for today. I HAVE BEEN TO ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool and sad at the same time! We got to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Plus, I have also seen the

Plus, I have also seen the Dead Sea Scrolls in person!!!! Too cool!
You can watch the video from World Kids.

@ASHER E. Yeah i heard about

@ASHER E. Yeah i heard about that to its so horrible they are saying that the US has a ton of deaths from corona but all the corona did was weaken their immune system until the sickness they already had could kill them and since they count it as a death from corona they get more money it makes me so ANGRY. :(

@CORTNEY K. Thank you for praying for them, it means a lot.

@ASHER E. Yeah i heard about

@ASHER E. Yeah i heard about that to its so horrible they are saying that the US has a ton of deaths from corona but all the corona did was weaken their immune system until the sickness they already had could kill them and since they count it as a death from corona they get more money it makes me so ANGRY. :(

@CORTNEY K. Thank you for praying for them, it means a lot.

@Riley D

I don't blame you for calling it a pandemic I just wanted to make sure everyone was properly informed.

World Watch News in 3

We definitely didn't get any floods in Oklahoma, but where I live at least we got some pretty heavy rain this morning.
@ Riley D: I always thought a cyclone was the same thing as a tornado. Maybe because in the Wizard of Oz, there's a "cyclone", but it's obviously a tornado? I think you're right that sometimes their the same and sometimes different.

@Asher E

Okay!!!! All's cool!

Lord bless them!

Lord bless them!

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