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Get Brexit Done: UK Votes
News Bytes 12/16/2019 69 Comments

The United Kingdom held a special election on Thursday. All seats in Parliament were subject to the vote. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had called for the election earlier this year. He has been working to reach an agreement with European Union leaders to withdraw the U.K. from the EU. But Johnson’s Conservative Party didn’t hold enough seats in Parliament to push through approval of his plans. Parliament members representing the opposing Labour Party put up what Johnson referred to as “roadblocks,” keeping Britain from exiting the EU.

Confident that the British voters were eager to see Brexit (Britain’s exit from the EU) move forward, Johnson called for the early election. The next scheduled election was almost two years away. The Prime Minister hoped to tip the balance of seats in Parliament more in his favor. Thursday’s results proved his expectations to be well founded. The Conservative Party took a decisive victory, gaining a clear majority. On Friday, 649 of the 650 House of Commons election results were declared. The Conservative Party had 364 seats, and the Labour Party held 203.

The outcome should pave the way to fulfill Johnson’s plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union by the end of January 2020.

The victory makes Johnson the most electorally successful Conservative leader since Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

President Donald Trump congratulated Johnson on Twitter, He said that “Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new trade deal after Brexit.”

Europe formed the European Union in the decades after World War II. It was intended to bring unity to a shattered continent. More than three years ago, the British people narrowly voted to leave the union. How Britain and the remaining 27 EU members will relate to one another legally and economically after Brexit remains to be seen. Britain’s departure will start a new phase of negotiations on those future relations.

Johnson campaigned heavily to an exhausted British people with three powerful words: “Get Brexit Done!” Upon news that the Conservative Party had gained such a clear majority, the value of the British pound rose measurably. Economists say that is a sign that not only Great Britain but also the general global market is eager to resolve the drawn-out indecision.

(Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to 10 Downing Street, London, after meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in the wake of his landslide victory. Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP)

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To Above

OK....? Can you try to explain......please.....

To Above

If you can. :-) :-)


Okay cool it sounds interesting! @Arlie Cool I'll have to read it sometime!

To above

Hmm sounds cool! Have you ever read The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken? We read it for school a long time ago I don’t remember a lot about it, but I think it was pretty good!


I haven't read all of The Hiding Place but I will next year. I am sure that it is appropriate.

@ Beth G

Sounds good. Merry Christmas!

@ Bethsarah G

I am so sorry! I haven't been able to log onto WORLDteen for quite a while but I did it eventually! People I know think have all different opinions but most people think we should leave the EU. I don't know what to think of all this. I just hope our Government makes a wise decision. I think we will be leaving the EU pretty soon... well ... actually I have no idea. Looking back, its now been 3 1/2 years since the vote about if we should leave the EU or not and the majority said yes ( as you probably know) so I wouldn't be suprisedif I was an old lady when it is announced we have actually left!!!


here is a riddle:
Boris Johnson may be my long lost uncle. How?

Hint 1:How have I written his name? If I included both his names ( Boris Johnson) then at least one of his names must be important to work this out. If I have only included one name then the one name must be the only important one to work this out.
Hint 2: Look at my name.

@Mirela J

Is it because his last name starts with a J and your last name starts with a J?

@ Bethsarah G

Yes, but (I probably shouldn’t say this) his last name is the same as mine. That’s what I meant.

@ Beth H

Ohhh! Is it a county or a city?


A city but why did they erase my comment?

That is so weird!!! Is it

That is so weird!!! Is it because I had a link to something you think? I guess just look it up lol!! But other people have links to things! Huh interesting!

@ mirlea

@ Beth H

Could you send the link again?

@ Beth H

I lost it


They don't let me post the link you'll just have to look it up. Sorry.

@ Beth

Ok I'll see if I can find it.




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