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Cell Phone Face Injuries
News Bytes 12/11/2019 42 Comments

Facial cuts, bruises, fractures—Dr. Boris Paskhover has seen it all. But the New Jersey plastic surgeon says more and more injuries aren’t from boxing, playing hockey, or snow skiing. Instead, they’re from cell phones. A study published last week finds careless use of these handheld devices is causing a spike in U.S. emergency department visits.

The cell phone study was published in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology (the study of head and neck injuries). Paskhover and others analyzed 20 years of emergency room data. They found an increase in cell phone injuries after 2006. That’s right around the time when the first smartphones came out.

Sometimes the phones themselves cause injuries. For example, people have been hit by a thrown phone. (Ouch.) Then there’s the woman who broke her nose by dropping her phone on her face. (Double ouch.)

But Paskhover says many injuries happen because of distracted use. About 40% of those injured by their cell phones were ages 13 to 29. Many get hurt while walking, texting, or driving. A fairly common injury happens when folks text while walking—then trip and land face-down on the sidewalk.

Cell phones also have been linked to overuse injuries in the hands and neck.

Most patients in Paskhover’s study didn’t need hospitalization. Still, researchers say the phone-injury problem should be taken seriously.

 “I love my smartphone,” Paskhover says. But he admits that it’s easy to get too absorbed.

According to Paskhover, avoiding injury requires common sense. “People wouldn’t walk around reading a magazine,” he points out. “Be careful.”

(A woman browses her smartphone in Philadelphia. AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

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Most recent comments

Not good...

People need to learn to get off their phones!!! If you are driving or walking or anything like that, look at what you are doing, not your phone!!! I think for teens the biggest problem is FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out. They worry that they will miss something important, like a text or call, or they won't see that Instagram post... What do y'all think?


You think people would learn!!!! So many car accidents happen because of this!! Put down your phone and leave it there!!! It won't kill you to not answer a few texts of emails! People just can't control themselves


Yeah, they need self-control.

Ri-di-cu-lous !

This should not be happening! I agree with you Bella. I think people need to put feet first instead of phone first.
I know people who keep facebook as there home screen.
This is getting old, old, old, old,old............................................................................

Phones can also be bad for

Phones can also be bad for your neck if you constantly bend your neck to see you phone. One of my friend's mom has 4 reasons all of her kids(and presumably other people too) should learn to drive in a stick shift and one of the reasons is that they can't text while driving.

This is MA.

This is not good!
People should be more careful! I don't like when we go into a restaurant and people are on there cell phones all the time.

Text or call?

What do you prefer? text or call?
I prefer Video call.

@ Above

That was Nadia A

@ MA.

I agree.

@ Lena p

Hurrah! Someone responded to me! :-D

@ Lena p

That was MA

This is MA.

OK. I really don't like to see people on there phones all the time! I think people should grow up a little and stop worring about texts and call people more often. Its like people don't have communication skills anymore beacuse all they do is text and play video games.
I do not play video games and neither dose Nadia. (You may know that already) I think people are more obsessed with texting as never before. Texting is not bad. Only if you make it a priority. Which it should not be. That's just my opinion.
Please comment on this comment! This is MA. :-)

This is MA.

No offence to anyone who likes to text. Just put family first. :-)


Text or email is easier but I do like to call if we both have the time or we are talking about a complicated subject.

@ Beth G

OK. Read the comments on them snow queen article :-)

@ Beth G

I like call better because I don't have to worry about spelling errors and the person getting tone wrong.
Sadly my friends love! To text so I have to worry about spelling errors!

N and M

I like texting better. And about what you said that it shouldn't be a priority sometimes it has to be. I get texted by my aunts and friends to come work for them and if cheking my phone wasn't a priority than I wouldn't be able to that. For my moms job she has to constantly check her phone.


I don't think that people should't text or use Messenger or whatever I prefer that than calling someone! One of the reasons is that we live in the mountains so that the cell phone service is horrible, always breaking up and stuff its really annoying! Another reason is messaging is easier and quicker! I do agree that you shouldn't be watching your phone 24/7! Also just because you play video games doesn't make you stupid or not be able to communicate! I also think that you shouldn't be playing video games 24/7 either but.......

@ Emilia. G

I meant. Not to me only thinking about it and putting it .....i

20th comment

I dont have a phone so im not in danger of this yet i think. But i love to read so that would be my problem


The people who get face and neck injuries from "their phones" deserve them for spending so much time on their phones. My older brother and I share a phone, but neither of us are on it that much.


I understand what you mean,
Caro or Tommy, Haha, I know! I walk and read at the same time all the time. I've never gotten hurt but I've come pretty close.

once we got in a car accident

once we got in a car accident with a man who ran a stop sign in our neighborhood because he was looking at his phone. my moms shoulder got dislocated, my brother broke his wrist, my sister got a bruise the size of an apple on her shoulder, and I... was still in a booster seat, so I didn't get hurt.
but even worse, it was a brand new car! we had gotten it just that week! it needed some repairs so my mom took it to the car shop the day we got it and that was the first time I had ever been in it. so, so sad... : (

@ Porter

That's horrid! I feels so bad for you! I am glad you did not get hurt!

@ everyone who commented on my comment :-)

This is MA. I didn't mean anything I said for you girls and boys to take it personal. I was just meaning it as something that was my opinion and I don't have a phone and so I have a a different perspective on it. :-) I hope that makes sense. Please don't get mad.:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


It does make sense : )
I do agree that people should't worship their phones.

To Above

Ya.:-) :-)


I’m not mad

To Above

ok: ) good!

@ Beth H

That was not ment to be offensive.


I'm not offended! I like debating!

To Above

:-) OK. I don't really. :-) :-)


Why would anyone throw a phone? And how do you drop a phone on your face? I wonder what it is on smartphones that gets people so absorbed.

I have a phone but I'm not

I have a phone but I'm not obsessed with it.

Janna @Alaina H

People might throw their phone's at their spouse if their mad at them (people who are probably going to divorce). And if your lying on your bed holding your phone and you fall asleep holding it you'd drop it on your face.

To Above

you could throw the phone giving you it.
Or angry siblings that have phones could harm each other by throwing them. Because most kids are getting phones very young these days.
Or, you are watching a movie and you get scared and drop you phone on your face!
( her phone must have been very heavy to break her nose)

I’ve almost fallen asleep and

I’ve almost fallen asleep and dropped my book on my face that hurt it was a heavy book! Lol and I’ve done that with my knife lol!

To Above

Yikes!! That must have hurt!!


I hope you sued him.

@ Josh

There is grace...

N&M XD jk jk

@J A


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