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Waterfall Worries
News Bytes 12/13/2019 66 Comments


For decades, stunning views from the Victoria Falls on the edge of southern Africa's Zambezi River have drawn millions of visitors to Zimbabwe and Zambia. People come to see a half-mile of falls where water crashes to rocks 330 feet below.

But now the southern Africa’s worst drought in a century has slowed the waterfalls to a trick. Fears about the region's tourist business, however, are overflowing.

David Samalambo works in a tourist market. He remarks it is normal for the falls to diminish during the dry season. And scientists say there are always seasonal variations in water levels.

 “But this season it started as early as June. So, this is one of the longest dry seasons we've ever had here at the Victoria Falls."

Data from the Zambezi River Authority shows water flow at its lowest since 1995, and well under the long term average. Long stretches of the half-mile-long natural wonder are currently nothing but dry stone.

Locals are hoping the falls start to flow again soon. They rely heavily on tourist trade passing through.

Salalambo says, "The business isn’t as good as it used to be. So we just hope that this season we are going to have good rains and then we are going to have a lot of people here at the Victoria Falls."

Waterfall worries are about more than just tourism, though. The drought has also caused power cuts across Zimbabwe and Zambia. The two countries depend on hydropower (electricity generated by flowing water turning turbines) from plants at the Kariba Dam, which is upstream of the waterfalls. As well, with taps running dry, some 45 million people are in need of food aid amid widespread crop failures. 

In Zimbabwe, people know that Victoria Falls will roar again. Some know that it is because it is God who always “. . . covers the heavens with clouds, Who provides rain for the earth, Who makes grass to grow on the mountains.” (Psalm 147:8)

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1st comment!!!

David Livingstone found the Victoria falls. I hope the lord heals the land!


Like e video. But I think people over egzaturate on global Warming.

That's sad. I hope that God

That's sad. I hope that God will let the water return to the Victoria Falls soon.


Here is part of the first chapter to my book tell me what you think. Also I'm posting it on here bc the comments on The Creative Queen are getting really long!

Chapter One: The House

It was summer, and the wind was getting chilly in the evening light as Jered Martin walked up the dilapidated steps of his new house it was ragged and broken down. The window of his and his brother's room was broken and even though it was a big house the floors of the 3rd and most of the 2nd story were rotten, not to mention that you couldn't even get to the 3rd story the stairs were missing(and who knows where those went).It had an old picket fence around it and there was a stream near by. The driveway was long and twisted. Large pine,firs,and quacking aspen surrounded the big house. The property was mostly covered in trees but there was a clearing behind the house that their Mom said would make a good garden (when she could get to it). They owned 5 acres out in the country! And I can tell you that if you don't live in the country that it is a lovely place to live in,the birds tweeting the crickets chirping at night and the wind swishing the leaves on the trees. Jered is a bookworm he loves books so much that besides for eating and sleeping that's all he does! Jered is 13 and is determined to brake every cup in the house, he has brown hair and eyes, and mostly wears blue jeans, dark red T shirts, hoodies and tennis shoes. Jered's Mom had just got back from buying groceries in town, his Mom loved to cook and work out side but she found it harder to do that because she had to provide for her family. His Dad had died of a bullet wound to the chest his friend had said it had happened from a misfire when he was cleaning his gun while hunting in California. That's why they moved to Colorado to get away from the memories mostly. The old broken down house was their only option because they didn't have any money to buy a decent home but at least they had a roof over their heads. Jered's brother Tim is 11 he wears jeans, long sleeve shirts and loves watching car races and crashes, and he collects old and new hot wheals for his birthday and Christmas. His sister Keren is 16 and a control freak. She's a little bossy and she has dark brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. She wears modest jeans and check or plaid shirts. She likes to help garden and writes drama romance novels. Ana is his younger sister and she is 8 she loves being nosy and gets scared really easily by not so scary movies. She wears skirts, leggings underneath and sparkly shirts (her favorite thing is glitter and her favorite color is purple). Jered walked onto the porch and sat down the sun was just setting and the last rays were hitting the steps where Jered's feet were resting, it was late summer and the leaves were at their last stages of green. A frog croaked in a near by pond and the faint sound of rushing water could just be heard over his mom yelling that dinner was ready. Jered wasn't listening to nature right then he was caught in the thoughts of his “poor” life he was thinking about the house, and most of all, his family, his dad dying, his mom doing all the work, Keren his older sister being bossy, and Tim and Ana arguing all the time. Jered stood up slowly and walked inside.

To Above

Interesting! I like it!



Beth H

I like it!




Wow.....................that's not good, hopefully they get tons and tons of rain soon.


I hope the falls get more

I hope the falls get more water!!

@Beth H

I like it! I might suggest Jared interacting with one of his siblings and then you describe him or her instead of just listing all the family members one after the other.

@ Beth G

Oh. Sorry I forgot to cheak that article. :-)

@Beth G

Okay! Yeah that is a good idea! I was trying to think of ways to make that less describing and more interaction. If that makes sense. I’ll have to rewrite it! Thanks for the suggestion.


What is the app exactly?

To Above

Its a radio station.

To Above

Just download the app and listen to the station its a Christian radio I love it?

To Above

You can watch it on TV where do you live that what do you use like dish Comcast. ect.. and I'll tell you the channel. Number.


Okay cool I’ll have to ask my parents first though! But thanks for the recommendation!

@Anyone who likes to read

Do any of you have any suggestions for good books? I’ve read tons but I need some more suggestions! Lol
Also if any of you guys want some suggestions I’d be happy to share!

I rewrote that part of the

I rewrote that part of the chapter hopefully it's better!!

It was late summer and the

It was late summer and the leaves swished contentedly in the soft breeze. Jered Martin stood outside his house listening to a frog croak in the nearby pond. His family had recently moved to Colorado on account of his father dying, his Mom said it would be better to raise her family in Colorado rather than California (but Jered personally thought it was to get away from all the memories). Looking at the house Jered sighed It would have been a majestic house in the 1800s he thought. But now it was pretty much a termite nest. To be honest it was a sad sight, windows were broken, the third story stairs were missing and the basement was flooded. Jered smiled at least we have a big property he though he couldn't wait to explore their 10 acres in the country, they had lived there almost a week now but everyone had been busy unpacking so he hadn't had much time to himself. His mom was currently in town applying for a job, he looked at his watch I hope she'll be home soon I'm starving! He thought. Just then his 11 year old brother Tim came crashing out of the house slamming the door as he went “That sister of ours sure is something!” he remarked, Jered smiled to himself “something” hardly did her justice. Spunky, carefree, argumentative,sassy,(the list could go on and on) was more like their 8 year old sister Ana. “What did she do this time?” Jered asked, Tim snorted “What does she do any time?!” Jered laughed “She took all my hot wheels out of my bedroom and hid them under her bed” Tim exclaimed “That was because he made fun of my princes shirt” came a indignant voice behind them. Jered turned around and regarded his younger sister with growing amusement “I see” he remarked “You should give them back Ana” “Alright” she mumbled reluctantly and walked inside Tim following on her heels. As the two walked in Keren Jered's older sister walked out “What was that all about?” she asked “Nothing important, just a little quarrel” he answered. Keren sat down on the steps next to him letting out a sigh as she did so “Ah it feels so good to finally sit down!” she whispered;
Jered felt bad for his 16 year old sister, after their dad died their mom kinda became the man of the family (for Jered was only 14) so that made Keren into kinda their mother figure so she was stuck making dinner and really keeping the house together. Of course Jered helped when ever he could but being a boy and all he really didn't understand how to be a mother figure! Jered heard the rumble of an approaching car engine and looked up to see their mom pulling into the driveway. “Thank goodness” he said rising to his feet.

@ Beth H.

Have you read anything by Elizabeth George Speare? She's a really good author, if you like historical fiction you should check some of her books out.

@Beth H

Elizabeth George Speare is really good! Andrew Clements is also great! He writes school stories so his books are very interesting being homeschooled. Louisa May Alcott (she wrote Little Women) is very good!!

@Beth H

I really like the rewrite! Not that the first version wasn't good, this one just flows better.

Beth H

The Preachers Daughter is a good book about an Amish community. The main girl is the daughter of an Amish preacher. She really loves art and drawing but that's against her religion so... I actually haven't read that book in awhile. I know I've forgetting a few important things but oh well.
Another book is Every Man A Hero. It's an autobiography from a WWII soldier. It's very good but I probably wouldn't reco,end it to younger people. Because it's about WWII there is some violence. Not to much, but it might scare younger kids.

@Beth G, Lena and Emilia

Thanks for the recommendations. I have read Little Woman and am currently reading Little Men! Elizabeth Spear wrote Sign of the Beaver right?
@Beth G yes I think it does too!
You guys should read The Ashtown Burials by N.D. Wilson they are really good! I think I recommended them to Lena a little while ago.

@Beth H

EGS did write Sign of the Beaver. What is The Ashtown Burials about?

@Beth G

The Dragon's Tooth is a 2011 fantasy novel written by N.D. Wilson. It is the first installment in the Ashtown Burials series and follows members of the Smith family, especially siblings Cyrus and Antigone who are new initiates in a secret society of explorers known as the Order of Brendan. The book is full of cultural, historical, and mythological references, such as the dragon's tooth of the title which is a reference to the Dragon's teeth of Greek mythology used by Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. Meanwhile, the antagonist of the novel, known as "Phoenix," references such classic villains as Dr. Moreau and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It's a really good series. It

It's a really good series. It's fiction. Another really good series by him is The Hundred Cupboards, oh and Outlaws of Time!

@ Beth H

Love it! Oh can you tell me what you use like dish..ect.? I can tell you the TV channel its just like the app.

To Above

Are you asking what she watches TV on?


Umm I don’t watch tv we can’t where we live! Lol
But we obviously have internet so we have a dish for Hugh’s net. I think it’s called a dish lol

To Above

I don't have actual TV. Just Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus.


Oh okay cool. Have you ever listened to any Alec Benjamin songs?

@Beth H

You should read An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. @NA I think you would like it too.

@Beth G

Okay cool I'll have to check it out!

@Beth H

wow good job on your book! and yes I've listened to Alec Benjamin

Has anyone read Maze runner

Has anyone read Maze runner or Hunger games?

Great book!!

I hope they get rain and for the power to get fixed

@ Beth H

Have you read Boys of Blur?


Yeah no kidding!! @ Jeremy Thanks man!! I've read Maze Runner but not the Hunger Games!
@Vaughn No but I so want to!! Have you read Leapike Ridge?

@ Beth and Emilia

oh. do you have free TV like the little intea you out by your TV?


2010, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries launched a 24 hour-a-day television network entitled the Sonlife Broadcasting Network (SBN), on DirecTV channel 344, Dish Network channel 257, Glorystar channel 125, AT&T U-verse, Verizon Fios, and various cable TV providers and broadcast stations.

@ Lena p

I have. I have read The Bronze Bow.

Jeremy, I have read both of

Jeremy, I have read both of hose and watched all the movies. Have you?
Nadia, I don't have Dish or any cable or anything. I just use apps. Do you have TV?

To Above

Ya. We have Dish Network. And free TV. And all that comes with it. Like net flex, roku,YouTube.. ect.. we don't use them.

To Above

All we watch is church on TV.


No I don't have any TV available at my house. Though we have You Tube!


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