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Bidding on a Tiny Bronte Book
News Bytes 11/15/2019 32 Comments


This precious book is one of six written by Charlotte Bronte when she was just 14 years-old.

Charlotte was the eldest sister in a remarkable literary family that produced the famous novels Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and the Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

The budding writer penned these tiny editions of ‘The Young Men’s Magazine’ as reading material for the toys that inhabited her imaginary world of Glass Town.

Ann Dinsdale is the curator of the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, England.

“She produced six tiny books, four of them are in the collection at the Bronte Parsonage Museum, one is missing and the sixth is due to come up for auction in November, in Paris and we dearly want to bring it back to Haworth and reunite it with the other ones in the series.”

The Bronte Society is urgently seeking public support because the item is expected to fetch upward of $830,000. “Is it worth it?”

When something is dear to the heart, its price is hard to measure. You might recognize that idea from the parable of the pearl in Matthew 13. The merchant recognized the value of one thing, and he let no price stand in the way of acquiring it. The parable is a picture of howGod values people, and howwealsovalue the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus. 

Bronte fans have weighed the question, “Is the tiny book worth it?” For them, the answer is “yes.”

Renee Dawkins, from Wasilla, Alaska, agrees. “If you’re a Bronte fan then you know about these miniature books and so I think it would be a shame to not have that here in this museum.”

Visiting from France, Emmanuelle Vial says, “Yes I think it should be back here. It’s a beautiful, small book and I think the opportunity to get it would be really good,”

According to Ann Dinsdale, “The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth was where the Brontes lived for virtually all their lives.It’s where they wrote their little books and where they went on to write all their great novels. We get visitors from all over the world from South Korea, from America, from Japan, and we’ve got the largest collection of Bronte material in the world. So it seems fitting that the little book should come back here where it can be enjoyed by the 80,000 visitors a year that come here.”

Nearly a million dollars is a hefty price. But Bronte fans have recognized something that they value greatly. And that might just tip the scales in the museum’s favor when Charlotte Bronte’s tiny book is held up by an auctioneer next week.

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Most recent comments

Wow, that is really

Wow, that is really interesting. I read part of a Charlotte Bronte book but wasn't a huge fan of it. She wrote it when she was 17, though. I want to read one of her major works, like Jane Eyre.

Yes this is really

Yes this is really interesting! I've watched Jane Eyre (The film version) and I have the book too (but I haven't read it). We have a Bronte Parsonage museum near us but have never been. I want to go though.

That's tiny! And a lot of

That's tiny! And a lot of money, but I think it's worth it. I have not read any Bronte but I am going to read Jane Eyre in two years for school.


I don't think It's worth it. I mean I am not familiar with Bronte so I have a different stand point. But I would not pay millions of my hard earned money or use tax payers money to buy a little paper book. If it were a bible then yes it would make sense.


Well, she burned a lot of her journals and books (as many authors do) and just a heads up for you guys, a lot of stuff in Jane Eyre is experiences of her own life, and it's not good stuff. : (

I can bearly read her writing

I can bearly read her writing.

@Carys M

I already have Jane Eyre and I read the back and it was talking about what a horrible school they went to and said that Charlotte Bronte had gone to a school like that and two of her sisters died because of it.


Why is there a play button on the picture?

@ Nadia A.

Probably to make it more obvious that there's a video with the News Byte. Where you actually click to watch the video is below the picture and the Facebook/Twitter thing.

@ Lena P

ok. At first I thought so no one could read the billion dollar writing but you can't read it any-whey. ☺☺


I read Jane Eyre about a year ago. It was really good but also pretty hard to read.
I think it's crazy that this costs so much money! I believe that she is a good writer but $830,000? That's insane! I personally wouldn't spend that much money on a book but I guess there are a lot of people with different opinions.

@ Nadia A.



I'm glad that they are putting up more videos!

@Bella C

Me too!


$830,000 that almost one million dollars for one tiny book way to much it’s not worth it to me


This is the first time I've ever heard of Charlotte Bronte...

To Above


@ Aynsley A&Nadia A



Foist of all, doc, its ah not exactly ahh a millioin. And ahh really doc, I'm pretty shoiah dat dey don't use de taxpahyh's moolah. I tink dat dey use da donations, but I'm not quite shoiah.

@J A


@ J A

Um............could you re write that.
Sorry. I don't understand. : (

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!

Yay! The museum got it. BTW the museum that got it it the one that's is near me!!! I will be able to see it then!!!!!!!!!!! The museum is in Yorkshire, same as me. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

@Mirela J

Do you have a Yorkshire accent?

We own one of her books but I

We own one of her books but I never read it, seems boring! Lol

@ Beth G

Probably. I've been living in Yorkshire for 3 years so probably yes. I've kind of forgotten what a Yorkshire accent sounds like but I'm guessing yes.

@Mirela J

Ok. I think Yorkshire accents sound really interesting. they are very different from the way I talk. What do you think of American accents?

To Above

Ya. I can't tell I have an American Accent. lol!! This is NA. It will always be NA unless said.

@ Beth G

I really, really like American accents!

@ Mirela

What do they sound like to you? this is NadiaA

@ Beth G

@ Nadia A

Do you mean ' What do American accents sound to you?'


It's really funny that we are talking about accents when a couple of weeks ago me and my friends were doing a competition to see who could do the best American accent. My line that I chose to say in an American accent was ' Honey, I'm American.' It was so funny.

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