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Long-Haul Doughnut Delivery
News Bytes 11/6/2019 29 Comments

How far would you drive for a doughnut? For one Minnesota student, the answer is 270 miles. This week, after a brief shutdown, that go-getter’s long-haul pastry-peddling is set to resume.

There have been no Krispy Kreme stores in Minnesota for 11 years. Some people saw that as a problem. But college student Jayson Gonzalez saw an opportunity.

Each weekend, Gonzalez drove to a Krispy Kreme store in Iowa. He packed his car with up to 100 boxes—each holding a dozen doughnuts. Then he drove back to Minneapolis-St. Paul to sell them for $17 to $20 per box.

The happy, doughnut-deprived citizens of the Twin Cities rejoiced. Some spent nearly $100 every week.

A local newspaper reported Gonzalez’s money-making scheme. Krispy Kreme execs were not amused. Gonzalez, “The Donut Guy,” received a phone call from Krispy Kreme’s Nebraska office. Officials told him to stop. They said his doughnut deliveries might cause problems for the company. (e.g., What if someone sued over quality or contamination?)

“We appreciate Jayson’s passion for Krispy Kreme and his entrepreneurial spirit as he pursues his education,” a statement from KK read.

Gonzalez took the shutdown in stride: “Life happens, and it could be a sign that something else is meant to be,” he posted on Facebook.

Apparently, that “something else” is a new partnership. On Monday, Krispy Kreme announced that Gonzalez may work with the company as an independent operator. The deal includes a 500-dozen doughnut donation from the company.

Gonzalez announced the deal on his Facebook page, saying he’s “pumped” to continue his business. He’s even begun a fundraising campaign to buy a bigger vehicle for his new venture. Let the doughnut runs continue!

What do you think about Jayson Gonzalez’s enterprising spirit?

(In this Saturday, October 26, photo, Jayson Gonzalez reaches into his car for another box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for customers who ordered online. Deanna Weniger/Pioneer Press via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Wow! I love doughnuts. unfortunately my family NEVER EVER get them :-( :-( :-( I've only had a few doughnuts in my whole life!

@Mirela J

Same. I have had like 10

I feel like this guy had some

I feel like this guy had some good motives, but I feel like he shouldn't have bought the doughnuts and resold them. I feel like he should have given them away. I mean, he would need more money to continue the doughnut thing, but still, he could have gotten that money from other places.

@ Lena P

I agree, also, my mom sometimes buys Entammen's which are really good, but not very often. I too LOVE doughnuts, and we don't get them that often.

Krispy Kreme :(

Krispy Kreme betrayed me and my family, I have allergy's to nuts, and they were the only Nut safe donuts around, then they signed a contract with Hershey and now they have nuts! They also do not support allergy's anymore, it is for the "non-allergy" people only!!!


Umm!! Why?? If you drove hundreds of miles and spent money on something why would you just give it away? Maybe that’s what he did for a living! Lol


Aw man!! That’s sad!! : (


I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!!!!!! My dad likes doughnuts, so he'll usually get doughnuts like once a month. The only thing that I would be concerned about this guy selling them, is that if he's selling them for more than what you can buy them for in the actual store.


I Love donuts!! But $100 a week is too mush for Donuts. I have never had a Krispy Kreme Before.


You can comment on the main articles now.


I know!!! Finally!


I can comment on the articles

@ Beth H.

Sometimes giving something away instead of selling it is worth it just to see how much people appreciate what you are doing. Even if you have to drive hundreds of miles :-)

@Matthew N

Oh no! That's so sad. Maybe you could find a good recipe and make some at home.

@ Nadia

I've never had Krispy Kreme doughnuts either! :-(

@ Nadia A and Mirela J

You should try them! It's so good! :-)


Yes I can see what you are talking about. : )

hmm this is really cool

hmm this is really cool


krispy kreme (the name, i mean)makes me think of toasted marshmallows

@Nadia A

I have not either.
I bet their really unhealthy
(no offense Arlie B)

@ Gloriana B.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are unhealthy (what doughnut isn't?), but they are so delicious.

i've only had k.k. once. they

i've only had k.k. once. they were pretty good. had better though.

@ Lily S

yeah, I probably have too.

@ Lena P

is "what doughnut isnt unhealthy" meant to be a rhetorical question?
because i bet there are some doughnuts that are healthy
youre basically saying:
No doughnuts are healthy desserts
all doughnuts are pastries
Therefore, No pastries are healthy desserts.
An OAO 3, which is invalid, having an illicit minor term.
sorry about that, I just wanted to show off my logic skills.:-)

@ Gloriana B.

Yes, my question was a rhetorical one, but I was partly joking. I have never tasted a healthy doughnut, but there may be healthy ones, I'm not sure. There are many other pastries besides doughnuts, like scones and bear claws, just to name a few, none of which I mentioned. So no, I am not saying that all pastries are unhealthy desserts. I didn't mean for you to take my comment seriously, I was really trying to be funny. I'm sorry if it didn't come across that way (P.S. I hope I'm not being rude, I promise I'm not trying to be).

@Gloriana B

Um....... @Gloriana B, your argument does not hold water. If all doughnuts are pastries, that doesn't mean all pastries are unhealthy. There are probably some healthy pastries. Here is an example of your argument: There are ten ink pens. You pick one up and try to write on a piece of paper, but there is no ink in the pen. Does that mean that none of the other pens has ink? No. What would you do? You would automatically pick up another pen and test it. If it has no ink that still does not mean that the others do not have ink. No offense Gloriana, but your argument is invalid. It is a slippery slope fallacy.

@ Glorianna

Lena was joking. It wasn't That serious. Most donuts aren't healthy. But SOME are. (I haven't seen any "healthy donuts)

ItElsie (Emelias sister)

I've made homeade donuts before! My family loves donuts and we usually get them once a month. But we eat really healthy besides that so it makes up for it.
Gloriana, not trying to start an argument.
But techniaclly, all tasty donuts are unhealthy. When flour goes into your digestive system it breaks down into sugar which is bad for you. Plus, the majority of donuts, already contain tons of sugar. And some even have extras like custard, glaze, and sprinkles. So unless someone made a glluten free, sugar free donut, which wouldn't even taste good, I think it's fair to say that doughnuts are very unhealthy. As are many other pastries and deserts.
Don't pick on Lena for basically saying that donuts fall into the "Junk food" category, because quite frankly, they do! The majority of doughnuts are unealthy, therfore, her statment was techiniaclly valid and correct.

Elsie (Emelias sister)

And she wasn't saying anything about "All" pastries. That is assuming she said something she didn't say at all. She merely mentioned that the majority of doughnuts are, in fact, unhealthy

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