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Esports Levels Up
News Bytes 09/19/2019 15 Comments

When ESPN began in 1979, viewing sports became something fans could do from the comfort of their own homes. Now a new video gaming network may become to esports what ESPN has been to traditional sports. Esports is leveling up.

Esports (electronic sports) income could top $1 billion this year. Even now, global viewership numbers rival those of traditional sports—with nearly 100 million viewers watching just one of last year’s esports world championships. That’s roughly equal to TV viewership for the Super Bowl.

As with many things, video games can be helpful or harmful. Any activity that hurts relationships with real people or takes up time that should be spent elsewhere (schoolwork, devotional time, jobs, etc.) should limited—or even eliminated. Remember the 1 Corinthians 6:12 principle: “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.” (NASB)

 VENN, short for Video Game Entertainment and News Network, will launch in 2020. The network aims to give esports higher quality content than online streaming.

Yet despite the launch of a network, the esports industry remains disjointed. Just like not all football fans also watch hockey, players of one game aren’t necessarily keeping tabs on other games. So creating a common space for all gamers has proven difficult.

VENN hopes to offer 55 hours of original programming per week, including gamer (player) streams, talk shows, documentaries, and live esport events. Many of the details aren’t worked out yet. But according to Jonathan Shieber at online magazine TechCrunch, VENN will probably include “an American Ninja Warrior-style” contest using speed runs through game levels.

Many people support VENN’s concept. According to co-founder Ben Kusin, when VENN approached game companies and asked whether they wanted to help, “The answer was a resounding yes.”

What do you think about watching other people play video games?

(London Spitfire fan Rick Ybarra, of Plainfield, Indiana, reacts after London won the second game against the Philadelphia Fusion during a competition in New York City. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

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Most recent comments

No ,No. and No.

No. if your an athlete lets say....Soccer. And you play FIFA all the time it takes away from your practice time with the ball and cleats. My dad has seen this happen before to really good players. They start playing FIFA for Fortnight and can't think of anything eles and can't concentrate on the game. I think this things are not good at all. it's like instead of playing piano I go and play a video game piano using only my thumbs that won't help me. It will harm me! I don't think they should make these things.
1st comment!!

I like watching my dad play

I like watching my dad play video games, and I enjoy playing a few of them myself, but in our house we have rules about how long we can play, how many times a week, that sort of thing. So if people keep this in moderation, it shouldn't be bad, but I don't see most people doing that.


Just because some people waste their lives playing video games does not make them bad for everybody. Some people have addictive personalities and they can get addicted to reading or playing golf but not everybody is like that.

I enjoy watching my sister or

I enjoy watching my sister or my friend play for a little while while I am sitting right next to them, but I definitely don't need something to help me watch strangers 55 hours a day.


I'm glad Esports are getting more attention. I find most of them more entertaining than normal sports. My personal favorite to watch is the overwatch league.

@ Asher E

I was talking about athletes. It is not good for them to play in the eWorld instead of the real world.


NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. There are some video games that are fine, but not on TV!!!!! I love football and basketball a ton better!!!!!!

@ janna

Do you meen american football or soccer?

This is really interesting.

This is really interesting. This is obviously reall popular now. Hope it doesn't become toooo popular.

@ Zack W.

I like watching Overwatch League as well (my dad introduced me to it), although I don't get to watch it often. What is your favorite team?


@ Nadia A. American football. Soccer is probably fun to play, but I don't like watching it.

Love Playing Both Types

I'm a guy that likes playing video games and soccer but I don't like watching tournaments or soccer games. To me they are more fun if you are actually the one controlling the game or the ball.

@Lena P.

Probably the LA Gladiators, or maybe NYXL. What about you?

@ Zack W.

It's been awhile since I've watched Overwatch League... I think I liked London Spitfire.

It makes sense

This makes perfect sense that this would blow up in this day of age. I haven't seen any tournaments yet, but I'm planning to start watching them soon.

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