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Paddleboarder Reaches Hawaii
News Bytes 09/2/2019 28 Comments

Antonio de la Rosa doesn’t take it easy on his vacations. The Spaniard spent his summer mostly standing up and paddling his way from California across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.

It took de la Rosa 76 days to paddle 2,500 miles while standing on a submarine-shaped craft he calls a paddleboat. This vessel is more complex than the standup paddleboards that are showing up along seacoasts and seen navigating lakes, rivers, and marshes recently. De la Rosa’s 21-foot paddleboat has a small sleeping cabin where its operator rested after putting in eight- to 10-hour days working his way west. It also has space for storing food and gear. But all power for moving across the waves came from its human operator.

The vessel endured rough weather along the way, including a near-miss by Hurricane Flossie. The storm passed within 60 miles of de la Rosa, stirring up some challenging swells.

The adventurer celebrated his 50th birthday at sea. He didn’t report any birthday cake but says he ate dehydrated food, using heated water to restore it, and sometimes he fished. It’s just the kind of adventure he loves. “I like it because it’s hard,” he said in Spanish last week from Honolulu. Past adventure-vacations for de la Rosa have included paddle-surfing the 2,175-mile coastline of the Iberian Peninsula—a trip that took 141 days. He also once rode a fat-tire bicycle over Alaska’s ice-and-snow-covered Iditarod route.

When he’s not off seeking adventure of his own, de la Rosa runs an adventure tourism business in Madrid with his sister, Vanesa de la Rosa. The siblings also operate a small hotel for athletes.

Though he enjoys working with his sister and the athletes who come and go through their businesses, de la Rosa says he enjoys his solo-ventures too. When asked by reporters upon his arrival in Hawaii if the trip was lonely, de la Rosa replied, “Going alone does not mean being alone.”

He was referring to the many supporters cheering for him on both sides of the journey. But Christians know that truth in a much more personal sense. God spoke to Jacob in Genesis 28:15, saying, “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.” Jesus echoed that promise before He ascended to heaven. He told His followers to wait for the coming of His Holy Spirit to all believers: “Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

(Antonio de la Rosa stands upon his 21-foot-long paddleboat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. He paddled from California to Hawaii over 76 days. Image from a video by Antonio de la Rosa)

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First Comment!

Wow! 76 days kids like two and a half months! I would get very lonely and tired of seeing ocean. (My body would also give out pretty soon:) )

This guy reminds me of a man

This guy reminds me of a man named Tim Severin. As far as I know, he lives in Ireland, and he has sailed a boat made of leather to prove that monks could have come to America way before Columbus, attempted to sail a bamboo raft to America, followed the route of one of the Crusades, and much more. He has written books about his adventures, me and my dad are reading one of them and I read another for school. Anyway, I'm really glad that De La Rosa made it to Hawaii. I like what he said about not being alone and his thirst for adventure.


That is crazy. It's a wonder he made it, I mean, wouldn't you get tired paddling 10 hours a day.

Not if your fit and

Not if your fit and conditioned for that type of work


Wow!! i could NEVER do that!! I would be terrified that I would pass out into the water! I would never do this! but that guy must have induranse !

Happy Labour Day!! (No School!!!)


when are they going to put up all the new articles??

Tim Severin Books


I read a book by him as well... I think it was called the Brenden Voyage. Super fascinating. I read it for school as well.


That is crazy!!! @Bethsarah, Yes I would get tired of seeing the ocean also!! And the way he barely missed the hurricane!!! CRAZY!!! That would be so frighting!

@Nadia A

Because today is Labor Day maybe they're going to put them up tomorrow.

Janna (Daniel's sister)


@ Matthew H.

Yes, I read Brendan Voyage for school as well. I would also recommend another book by him called the China Voyage, but Brendan Voyage is my favorite.

Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin

Lena and Mathew, I am currently reading "The Brendan Voyage" for school! This does seem a lot like it!

@ Beth


Wow. Amazing, I don't think I

Wow. Amazing, I don't think I would ever be able to do that. So tiring. I am glad he made it to Hawaii.


You are right. Today, Tuesday, they put up all new articles.


You are right. Today, Tuesday, they put up all new articles.

Woah. Just... woah. I would

Woah. Just... woah. I would wear out after a few hours, but he didn't at all! THAT is an adventurer! I like to watch adventures, not go one them! Haha

Woah. Just... woah. I would

Woah. Just... woah. I would wear out after a few hours, but he didn't at all! THAT is an adventurer! I like to watch adventures, not go one them! Haha

@Lena P. and everyone else who commented about this

I am reading the Brendan Voyage for school as well!! I love it! Do you guys do Ambleside Online or did you read it with a different curriculum?

Karisma S

That sounds like a fun adventure he went on, but also kinda scary.

@ Rebecca F.

I do Ambleside Online too, it is so cool that you are doing it as well!

Ocean...more ocean... even more ocean

Seriously, I would not make it from California to Hawaii. I would miss friends and family SOOOOOOO much! I'd also get extremely tired. When he got to Hawaii he probably so relieved and happy.... and tired:-).


wow how did he survive with all those big waves!! i have been on a paddle bored before and it takes a lot of work i would never be able to sleep at night on the ocean i would be too scared that the waves would wash me into the sea when i am sleeping!

this is jenna

wow i cant believe he spent 76 days at sea in a paddle boat!,even if it had been slightly modified

Oh wow! I love the Brandon

Oh wow! I love the Brandon voyage! Has anyone read Beowulf yet? I just started it.

Oops! I meant Brendan!

Oops! I meant Brendan!

@ Vivien W.

I have read one version of Beowulf, I hope to read some different versions sometime. There are a lot of different translations, so I was hoping to compare and contrast with the one I had already read (I know, I'm a nerd). What version are you reading?

28th comment!


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