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Toxic Compounds in Food
News Bytes 06/5/2019 15 Comments

What’s in my cake? The Food and Drug Administration has found worrisome levels of certain “nonstick” chemicals in some grocery store meats and—here’s the kicker—chocolate cake. The food-test results are causing some states and public health groups to call for more regulation of the manmade compounds.

A federal report last year cited links between high levels of manmade compounds called PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalykyl substances) in people’s blood and health problems. Levels in nearly half of the meat and fish tested were two or more times over the federal advisory level for PFAS. The level in the chocolate cake was higher: more than 250 times the federal guidelines.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokeswoman Tara Rabin says the contamination was “not likely to be a human health concern”—even though the tests exceeded the federal PFAS recommendations for drinking water.

Researchers weren’t completely sure the compounds cause health problems. They’re calling some PFAS health concerns but not others. The FDA considers each discovery of the compound in food individually—including the kind of food and levels of contamination.

There are nearly 5,000 varieties of PFAS. They’re called “nonstick” because they repel grease, water, and stains. DuPont created PFAS in 1938 and put them into use for nonstick cookware.

Industries use PFAS in consumer items from food packaging to dental floss. The chemicals are also found in firefighting foam used by the U.S. military for suppressing jet-fuel fires. As a result, PFAS have built up in water, soil, and some treated sewage sludge around military bases and PFAS production facilities.

Impatient for federal action, several states have begun regulating the chemicals on their own. “Drinking one glass of contaminated water is unlikely to be associated with health risks, as is eating one slice of contaminated chocolate cake,” says Jamie DeWitt, a toxicologist who studies PFAS. “Individually, each item is unlikely to be a huge problem, but collectively and over a lifetime, that may be a different story.”

PFAS have been dubbed “forever chemicals” because they take thousands of years to degrade and because some accumulate in people’s bodies. Of course, Christians should be careful of what they put in their bodies. But they needn’t worry about “forever chemicals”—God’s promise of defeating death (Isaiah 25:8) and resurrecting our bodies anew for eternity with Him (1 Corinthians 15) are the true forevers!

(The U.S. Food and Drug Administration building behind FDA logos at a bus stop on the agency’s campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

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First Comment!

Interesting. I hope the government does something about this.

Second Comment

That's kind of bothersome... why would you want nonstick chemicals in your food? I think that the nonstick chemicals come from those pans that are nonstick and I don't think that is going to help you at all. About the chocolate cake, I make chocolate cake for birthdays at my house, so we're safe on that subject.

I dont really like chocolate

I dont really like chocolate cake anyway but I would still eat it. Also I think its gross to be putting nonstick chemicals in food! Why would someone do that! Then again in the day and age that we live in I'm not to suprised.
QOTD (Question of the day)-What is your favorite cake and icing mix?
Mine is white/yellow cake with chocolate icing! (ecspesially homemade!)

Yuck!! Gross!!!!!!

Just use Old fashion oil so your cake wont stick!!!!! That's just GROSSS!!!! I do make cake quite a lot but I NEVER EVER!! have made a chocolate cake. I don't like chocolate cake it's too chocolaty! I do greas my pan with oil though. And my favoritw cake is ether Angel Food or my Famose ; ) Lemon loaf cake! and I like cupcake frosting but for the Lemon cake I make a Lemon glaze...mmmmmmmmmm; )


I like the same kind that Alayna E likes! I love to cook and bake and I think using chemicals to make something not stick is gross. Nadia, you are right they should just use oil, that works and it is a lot more healthy!


I hope the food i'm eating doesn't have this stuff in it!

Karisma S

I like chocolate cake. We usually make homemade cakes though, so I'm safe on that one. Cakes from the store usually taste fake.

i LOVE chocolate!!!!!!!!

i love chocolate coffee cake with chocolate icing. my family bakes a lot of treats, but we are pretty careful about the ingredients and materials we use. i don't really see how anyone can not like chocolate (no offense) but i know people have different opinions and i respect that. i also can see how chocolate can be too rich- though i love it, it can sometimes be too much : )

Elsie (Emelias sister)

Livia, that's my favorite kind too! I LOVE coffee and chocolate and would hate a world without them. I drink so much coffee and eat so much chocolate!
Also, My family uses organic foods, raw milk, and grass-fed meat. We eat really healthy!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I hate red velvet, angel cake, and pretty much any cake that isn't chocolate or coffee, AND I HATE most frostings too.
Nadia, I don't enjoy any lemon desserts or candies. I think that in almost all lemon desserts and candies they make it too sweet, taking away the sour, tartness of the actual lemon. It tastes almost unnatural to me. But the lemon glaze sound really good!

Question of the day, to everyone, do you bake or cook regularly?

To Above

Yes. I cook when ever I have time and whenever my mom gives permission. I made an omelet the other day for my breakfast. And I usaly make a salad every night for our dinner.

I absolutely HATE about EVERY

I absolutely HATE about EVERY type of cake frosting out there! I mean, really, it's just flavored corn syrup with lots of sugar dumped in! Elsie: I cook/bake a little, but I would MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH rather be outside=D

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I love cooking and baking and can cook most meals by myself but, I also love playing outside and climbing trees and stuff. I'm kind of a Tomboy which makes sense because almost all my friends are boys!

Yikes! That's kind of scary!

Yikes! That's kind of scary!

@Nadia A

That lemon loaf cake sounds so good! I love love love lemon!

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