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Kids’ Alexa
News Bytes 05/13/2019 60 Comments

Is Alexa always listening? Some folks worry that the kids’ version of Amazon’s Alexa won’t forget what children tell it—even after parents try to delete the conversations. Now privacy advocates and members of Congress want the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate whether Echo Dot Kids Edition violates the law.

Several groups are alleging that Amazon is violating the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, known as COPPA, by holding onto a child’s personal information longer than necessary. “These are children talking in their own homes about anything and everything,” says Josh Golin, who directs the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. “Why is Amazon keeping these voice recordings?”

Amazon says that its Echo Dot Kids Edition is COPPA compliant.

Researchers were able to delete data from regular versions of Echo Dot and Alexa. But when Consumer Reports tested the Echo Dot Kids, the device remembered deleted information, including a birth date and the color of a dog.

In one video example, a child asks the Dot to remember some personal information, including a walnut allergy. An adult later tries to delete that information. But when the child asks what Alexa remembers, the Dot recalls that she’s allergic to walnuts. “This suggests that Amazon has designed the Echo Dot Kids Edition so that it can never forget what the child has said,” a complaint against Amazon says.

In the past year, the FTC has been enforcing children’s privacy rules more seriously, says Allison Fitzpatrick, a lawyer who helps companies comply with COPPA requirements. For the FTC to take notice, however, Fitzpatrick says there usually needs to be evidence of “real, actual harm”—not just potential for harm.

The FTC does allow a business to collect a child’s voice recording without parental consent—but only for a temporary and specific purpose, such as to perform an online search or fulfill a verbal command. The kids’ Dot goes much further. A judge will decide whether that's too far.

Should Amazon keep recordings?

(A child holds an Amazon Echo Dot. AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

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Should Amazon keep recordings? No!!!!!!


That's freaky!! I wonder why Amazon is keeping the recordings.

Karisma S

Why do you need to recognize the child's voice? I personally care about my privacy.

Question of the Day

If someone asked you if you'd like a free Echo Dot Kids Edition what would your response be?

If I was thinking clearly I'd

If I was thinking clearly I'd say No Thankyou!

I used to think that Alexa

I used to think that Alexa was super cool, and I still think that, but I do think that people are taking it way too far... This is a creepy issue and needs to be solved. If you delete a recording off of this thing, then it should stay deleted!!


That’s totally, 100% CREEPY.

This is Clinton V

I have a regular Alexa and it's awesome. But why would amazon want to keep recording things that are deleted.

Garrett v


I have a regular Alexa and I

I have a regular Alexa and I love it! My little brother has the kid's one. Still this is really creepy and Amazon should not be keeping the recordings!


Creepy, I wouldn't want one of those in my house.
However, in answer to the question of the day, I'd take a free one and then sell it on Ebay. : )


I do not think that they should keep recordings unless the kid or the parent asks them to. If the child or patent asks Alex to delete it then it should. Amazon should not us the information because there are things that people want to keep private and they are probably using the information without the persons permission.

That's just creepy! @ Emelia

That's just creepy! @ Emelia G; I don't think there's any such thing as a regular Alexa... Aren't all Alexa's the same?

Lily ( Thia's Sister )

What!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just used an Alexia

Lily ( Thia's Sister )

by the way has anyone finished school ? I have today is my first day of vacation !!!!!!!!!

Ana Paula

Well there are Echo Dot's (which is a kid's Alexa) And there is an adult one too. I have the adult one. Lily. I have almost finished all of my school! I just have a couple lessons of math left!

Is Amazon spying?

read the articul "Alexa tells all" I think Amazon might be spying on people? this is weird. I mean why would they spusifectly make Alexa or Dot to keep deleted recordings?

@ Lily

I have 2 weeks left!!! And a few math lessons to and I have to finish my state report!.


Scary! Amazon should delete those recordings when asked. @ Emelia G, I think that the kid's Alexa is different from the Echo Dot. My family has 3 echo dots and 1 regular size Echo :-)

Bethany H

that;s creepy! our family has several echo dots... I hope they aren't spying on us!!
BTW, Lily, I am done with my school except for math... then it'll be summer vacation for me!!!

Creepy!! I am running behind

Creepy!! I am running behind on my school, so I have a couple more weeks yet.

Here's the articul.

read this it's about Alexa from WorldTeen

Lily ( Thia's Sister )

we kinda didn't finish our state report but our mom just wants to be done with school

To Above

oh. I am almost done with mine all I have to de is: fill out the bibliography, make the table of consent, draw the:state bird,fower,lisenesd plate . and re typ the whole thing up from my reserch note cars on to the computer and print it! all that should take 1 week.

To Above

sorry that was of topic lets get back on now ;)

This is why we don't have these things!


To Above

I AGREE!!! : O

Elsie (Emelias sister)

I have the full sized adult Alexa but my little brothers has this one, creepy!

Elsie (Emelias sister)

This is so freaking scary, It creeps the heck out of me. I wonder if the same thing happens with the adult version?

This is solvable you know.

If people think their kids’ Alexa is giving them issues, get rid of it. I don’t think a kids’ Alexa would be very useful for the family. I mean I’m all for progress but if kids need to call their parents they should use a home phone or a Gizmo watch. I’m not convinced that a kids’ Alexa would be helpful in anyway. If the device is not essential and is giving you trouble then sell it or give it away


So was mine!!! summer here I come!!!


The echo dot could be useful..... but just for a personal record NEVER use echo as a dairy.......

NO that is not right!

i think alexa is cool. but that is just so not right! and thats also why i have never had an alexa only a google. (they are amazing you should get one they don't record anything atleast i don't think they do)

The question about school: i

The question about school: i'll be done in August! Sarcastic YAAAAY!!!!

i actually did finish math though... now i'm pretty well into 8th grade

no. way.

I'm never getting one of those!!! Creepy!!!

@Lily S

I have three more math lessons(they are actually review), I have to keep doing piano and guitar until the party on the 24th, I am still doing dictation and don't know when in May I'll be done, and of course I still have to exercise year round.

@ Lily

I've got two days left of school!!! in answer to your question about has anyone finished school. Anyway, I'm excited!!

amazon should not keep

amazon should not keep recording anymore !!! mostly the kids version !!!!!

Summer hear I come!!!!

I'm done with school early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom anounced it today!!! I still have to finish my state report though but I am olmost done just one more paragraph! and I will do piano for ever untill...I don't know!

Thoughts ....

I think that if you don't want Amazon to record you then don't get the dang thing lol
But seriously Amazon has a right to record any and all conversations and to delete any and all conversations. It could serve as evidence for a brake in and or murder case, as well as provent child abuse since the parents know what ever they say is being recorded.

Samuel L. Yes I really agree

Samuel L. Yes I really agree with you. I don't know if it's true but I heard a story about how a young girl was being abused by her boyfriend and she was screaming and Alexa called 911... so things like this could actually be safe

To Above

WOW!! That's scary!

@ Samuel L

I agree.

I have a regular Alexa, and

I have a regular Alexa, and it's fine. I mostly just ask the weather and time, or to text my family or friends. I think that recording peoples conversations is just creepy. My grandparents have one, and they unplug it when they're not using it. I do that too.

Mine is plugged in 24/7! I

Mine is plugged in 24/7! I mostly use it to listen to music


I'm usually on here once a week so on every day except Friday you could do it those other days!

(This is Cody C)

Siri, Alexa and all those smart devices are listening to you! But the camera lense on stuff like iPads, iPhones can watch you. That's why i put a piece of tape over my selfie lense because i'm always afraid that the gov is watching. They're probably watching me type this right now

To Above

Yes! i know! if you say "ok google" my mom's phone pulls up google and it seas "Hello keri, I am you personal Helper" it'd weard!!!


My mom is totally creeped out by Alexa. When we use our Firestick, we are not allowed to use or even say Alexa. WHY would Amazon want to have all those recordings? Ipersonally do not like the idea of Alexa listening to my conversations and my life.


( I personally)


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