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After the Fire: Can France Rebuild?
News Bytes 04/16/2019 32 Comments

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, is out. Firefighters declared success Tuesday after more than 12 hours battling the inferno engulfing Paris’ famous church building. The fire claimed its spire and roof, but spared its twin bell towers and flying buttresses.

The interior of the lofty French Gothic worship space is blackened. Wet rubble and ash cover the pews and floor below. Paris officials say the famous 18th-century organ that boasts 8,000 pipes appears to have survived the blaze. Many bronze statues—including 12 apostles and four evangelists (or gospel-writers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) had been removed from the building just last week. They were already stored off-site as part of the restoration work that had been going on at the cathedral.

At dawn Tuesday morning, the 800-year-old landmark swarmed with building specialists and architects. A first priority, after ensuring that all smoldering residue has been put out, is to assess the stability of the remaining stone structure.

“The task is—now the risk of fire has been put aside—about the building, how the structure will resist,” says Junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez.

At this time, officials consider the fire that began around 6:00pm on Monday of Holy Week an accident. They think it was possibly a result of the restoration work at the global architectural treasure.

Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz says an investigation into the cause will be “long and complex.” Fifty investigators are working on the probe, he says. They will interview workers from five companies hired for the renovations to the cathedral’s roof, where the flames first broke out.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been pledged to fund rebuilding the beloved cathedral. It won’t be exactly the same as it was. Modern technology and safety regulations will be employed in the eventual reconstruction. Additionally, the roof cannot be rebuilt exactly as it was before the fire because, “we don’t, at the moment, have trees on our territory of the size that were cut in the 13th century,” says Bertrand de Feydeau. He is vice president of preservation group Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation).

Meanwhile, Paris and much of the world mourns the damage.

Notre Dame Cathedral was built as a monument to God’s greatness and holiness—and a space for humans, in their smallness, to offer His worship together. The soaring interior space pointed the worshiper heavenward, to look with awe and wonder and humility away from Earth. Even the footprint of the building is a reminder of salvation and worship. Transverse sections intersect to make a cruciform—or cross—shape.

While people talk of restoration, believers know that such work is always in God’s ultimate plan too. He promises to restore the ruins of all that sin and its effects caused to His creation. See Isaiah 61 for some encouragement for those who put their trust in Him.

(Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire, left, and during. The blaze consumed the spire and roof. Experts today are evaluating the structural integrity of the remaining building. AP Photo)

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Most recent comments

First comment!!

So sad

Praise God!!

This is sad and happy! the sad part is that the building has Ben damaged : ( But the good thing is that it was not completely destroyed! I am glad the pipe organ survived and those stachues!! i hope they ras enough money to rebild it!!

Something this event made me

Something this event made me realize is that everything on this earth will pass away but God will be there forever.

so sad! also fifth comment!!!

Nadia A i totally agree with you. i really hope that they raise enough money. and that pipe organ sounds super cool

so sad

this took more than 90 years to build! I hope that they can build it in less then 20 :) so much history down the drain...

@ Ella H

Glad you agree!!!!!!


I don't agree with all of you. (It's oppositte day! LOL)

Praise God that so much was

Praise God that so much was saved!! I read in a report online that before the fire was out, there was not much hope for the cathedral. It seems that it has defied that report :-) It has been through so much. Hopefully, if God wills it, the Notre Dame cathedral will stand for centuries to come.

I'm soooo glad that they

I'm soooo glad that they saved a lot of the cathedral. Can you imagine what it would feel like if you were responsible for that?

@ Bethsarah G.

I was thinking that too! It would feel horrible, that's for sure.

@ Logan M

you sound like my little brother! : ) xD

oh wow!

oh wow!
i am so happy they got the fire out!!

I wonder if places like the

I wonder if places like the Sistine Chapel or the Eiffel Tower will ever be casualties of terrorism. That would be sad, and probably pretty effective to instill fear and insecurity in people.

@ Lauren A.

The fire in Notre Dame wasn't terrorism, but you're right it would be horrible if other places got attacked because of terrorists.

TO above

thats why we need WALLS!!!!!!!! (i dont what to get into a argument about walls it was just a statment)

@Nadia A.

Or maybe bombproof roofs to keep out terrorist airplanes=D

To above

Hah great idea but... not gona work... :-) :-) :-)

Yeah, I know=D

Yeah, I know=D

To Everyone!!

Happy resurrection day!!!! Christ is Risen TO DAY!! Alle-luia!!!



Lily ( Thia's sister)

good grief thia. you posted the same link twice!!!! that is really annoying. PS she is my sister so I can yell at her all that I want


Anyone gonna acknowledge the fact that this may have been started by the Hunch Back of Notre Dame!?

Rui P.


Lily ( Thia's sister)I

What is the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Please do not think that I am weird or dumb for asking this question

@ Lily

Of course I do not think you are dumb! The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a fictional character (and book) written by the author Victor Hugo. It is about a deformed man who is the bell ringer for the Notre Dame cathedral in the Middle Ages. I don't think that the story is true, and I have never read it, but I kinda want to at some point. Does that answer your question?

Lily ( thia's sister)

yup if you want to you should read Crispin The Cross Of Lead it is from the Middle Ages and the author is avi

Thanks, Lily!! I am always

Thanks, Lily!! I am always looking for Middle Ages books. I'll make sure to add it to the long list of books I have :-)

Lily ( thia's sister)

LOL how long is your list

@ Lily

I just counted. My list is like 25 or 26 books, give or take a few.

Lily ( Thia's Sister )

are they all Middle Ages books or all your books

@ Lily

Some of them are Middle Ages books, a few of them are mine, and some I am just curious about.

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