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Granny Jela’s Cooking Show
News Bytes 03/7/2019 32 Comments

Today and every day, an unlikely celebrity is cooking up traditional Serbian food on YouTube. In this Balkan country hoping to join the European Union by 2025, “Granny Jela” is an internet sensation.

Granny Jela, whose real name is Jelena Petrovic, is a 69-year-old chef. She has put her life-long experience to good use by launching an online cooking tutorial. Fans check in daily for a new recipe of homemade food. Her husband, Milan, runs the camera and does the grocery shopping. The couple’s YouTube channel (with over 150,000 subscribers) and blog are Bakina Kuhinja, “Granny’s Kitchen.”

About a decade ago, Petrovic began sharing recipes of soups, meat, sweets, and pastry online. “I didn’t even know how to use a computer mouse at first,” Petrovic says. “But I Googled a lot and read hundreds of tutorials.”

Nowadays, Petrovic’s channel is a full-time concern. After morning tea, the couple gets down to work: grocery shopping, filming, editing, and posting. “It is exhausting, from early morning to late evening,” Petrovic explains. Her hard work and success are a good reminder that “the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” (Proverbs 13:4)

Petrovic admits mistakes happen “like in any movie.” While making Tuesday’s sour cherry cake, Granny Jela kept sifting sugar while the white stuff spilled out onto the table. Whoops.

Petrovic prepares dishes in her own kitchen. She uses local food found in Serbian shops and markets. She cooks in the way generations have done before her.

Viewers often write to Petrovic. They say the recipes bring back warm memories of childhood. “I make things my mother or grandmother used to make,” she says.

Petrovic gives some of the food to her neighbors and friends. But the sweets go elsewhere: “My grandchildren,” Petrovic says with a smile.

(Granny Jela places food into the oven in her home in Jagodina, Serbia. AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

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1st Comment

Wow that's cool I like cooking normally

Cool! I like watching people

Cool! I like watching people cook:)

Cool! I bet her food is good

Cool! I bet her food is good :-)

Good for her!

I like to cook too! I make birthday cakes and once I made a Lemon loaf cake. it tasted good( I was the only one who ate it!!)


my grandpa LOVES to cook! he normaly cooks all day!!!! just about all day.

wow that's so interesting

I can hardly make toast!!

Wow!! That's really nice!

Wow!! That's really nice! (I hope they remembered to take the camera out of the oven when they finished taking the picture ;p) I don't do much baking/cooking except when I have to, but if I would get into it more, I'm sure I could get good at it:)

to above

ya! how did they get the camra in there?


I love baking! Not so much cooking.

to above

isnt it the same thing?

@Nadia: baking is more

@Nadia: baking is more pastries, tarts, pies and cakes. Cooking is breads and meals. (I like making bread and pizza)

to above

well,I do bouth of those. once I made garlek bread with pizza dow it took hours only to make 10 tiny roles : [ I never did it agean.

I like making Desserts its

I like making Desserts its sounds really interesting

@lena p

I like EATING deserts!!!!

Nadia A.

I think everybody does, Nadia A. :D

@alyssa S ha!!ha !

ya!! but espeshally me!!!

don't get me rong...

my parents don't let me eat desert every day!

My kitchen baking/cooking

My kitchen baking/cooking/fiddling around specialties are: Snow Cream, Popcorn, Cookies(normally chocolate chip:D), Choc. covered pretzels, and I love messing around, making new stuff. One time we ran out of bread, and it was evening so we decided to wait till the next day to buy more(my 19 yr. old Bro probably ate it all:D JK). Well, I wanted to eat bread, so I experimented a little and made my own "recipe", which actually turned out well, even though it was a little too dry (probably not enough milk or eggs:D).

I would rather be outside

I would rather be outside than baking though:D

@alyssa S

wow!!! your mom lets you expirement!!! I dont I can only make things with her permishion! i would rather be outside on a summer day that cook but in winter its the oposite!

Yeah, my mom is pretty

Yeah, my mom is pretty lenient in the kitchen.... but NOT on my horse!!! I always have to wear a helmet for safety etc. which is probably good, although not very fun:D

@alyssa S

that must be nice to have your oun horse. I alwas wanted one but then grew out of it but I still love to ride them when I get the chance!

I would Love to have my oun horse....

I looked into it once but I live in the city so thats will be inposibull.: (
but i have a rilly cute and good dog!!!!!

I didn't grow out of wanting

I didn't grow out of wanting a horse, but kept on nagging my dad until he bought one:) Actually, he really wanted to get one, but he didn't want an expensive one, but wanted one that was well trained, which is hard to find (That is, until about 6 months ago when we bought Ranger for 1,200 :D).

Nadia A.

What type of dog do you have?

@alyssa S

I have a (very cute) German short haired pointer. they are none to be very loyal dogs (which they are!) they have beautiful coat patterns! my dog has a dymand shaped spot on her forhead her name is Lola! you can look them up on line they all look pritty simeler!

Nadia A.

Wow, the German short haired pointer is REALLY pretty!!

to above

YES!!!!!!! and suuuuper cute!!!!!!

Nadia A

You mean "super cute"?

to above

yes.that's wat i rote

Sarah H

What an inspiration! Sharing her passion and heritage with the world! And I love that she makes use of the available technology too. She is someone to look up to.

to above

yes a agree!

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