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UPDATE: Royal Jewels Found?
News Bytes 02/8/2019 13 Comments

Stolen jewels. Speeding motorboats. A trail of blood . . . The case of the missing Swedish treasure reads like a crime novel. But in an odd twist this week, Swedish officials announced that the stolen objects may have literally been trashed.

On July 31, 2018, thieves in Sweden walked into a small town’s medieval cathedral in broad daylight. They smashed a glass case and snatched two gold crowns and an orb made for King Karl IX. (For more on the story, see WORLDteen’s “Thieves Steal Swedish Royal Jewels.”)

The stolen artifacts were funeral regalia: items placed inside or on top of a coffin to symbolize a deceased royal’s identity and rank. The items, worth $7.2 million, were on display at an exhibition in the cathedral.

The thieves quickly escaped via speedboat or jet ski. Police hunted for the robbers on land and sea. They arrested two men in September, but the jewels were not with them. Swedish police successfully tracked down one suspect from blood left at the crime scene.

Now police say that “all seems to indicate King Karl IX’s stolen funeral regalia have been found in the Stockholm area.” Some of the jewels date from 1611 (the date that King James’ version of the Bible was published). The stolen objects—or at least good copies of them—were found in a suburban trash can. More details will come “when [police] know for sure” whether the recovered objects are real or fakes.

The trial for one 22-year-old Swedish man accused of stealing the treasures from the Strangnas Cathedral began last week. He has not yet been publicly identified. A second man has been detained but not charged. The trial is on hold while the investigation continues.

Like most crimes, this one looks to have a very “be-sure-your-sin-will-find-you-out” (Numbers 32:23) ending.

(A collection of Swedish Crown jewels dating from the 1600s. Swedish Police via AP)

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Most recent comments

Wow that is interesting! I

Wow that is interesting! I wonder if they are real or fake?



Bethany H

Wow that's interesting that things like that happen :D
I normally only read these kind of stories in books :-)



5th Comment

Are they real or fake?

they look kind of real

they look kind of real


isn't the funeral regalia kinda sound gross? I mean first you die then they burn you then you get pt in a ball but im glad that they were found!


This story does sound like something you would read in a mystery novel! I hope they found the real jewels.


this story sounds like something you would read in a mystery novel like a really good mystery novel

That's very Interesting. (Btw

That's very Interesting. (Btw sorry if my spelling is bad becaus I have 2 dogs laying on me and my arm) I hope they find the crooks! And the jewels, if those aren't the real ones

that's creepy.

I agree with you Leah P it is pretty gross. and I thing that whenever someone is elected king they have to hold the jewels. I mean, I wouldn't want to wear a crown that was once owned by several dead guys.


Wow! Creepy!

M,mmmm. Suspicious,very

M,mmmm. Suspicious,very suspicious.

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