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Snacks on Wheels
News Bytes 01/7/2019 18 Comments

Forget the old-school vending machines—PepsiCo, Inc., is testing a way to deliver snacks directly to folks with the munchies. The food, snack, and beverage maker began making deliveries with self-driving robots Thursday at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. College students were able to order Baked Lay's, SunChips, or Bubly sparkling water on an app—and then meet a six-wheeled robot at more than 50 locations on campus.

Companies are increasingly using autonomous vehicles, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to grab shares of the competitive grocery market.

Other companies have also been using self-driving vehicles to deliver food. Last month, supermarket operator Kroger announced it would start delivering groceries in a driverless vehicle from a store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The robots used at the University of the Pacific will move at speeds of up to six miles per hour—about the speed of a casual jogger—according to Robby Technologies, which makes the robots.

Three workers on the campus will be refilling the robots with food and drinks. They’ll also be recharging and replacing dead batteries.

At first, the company will deploy three robots. But PepsiCo hopes to grow to a fleet of five snackbots over time. The bots, which weigh 80 pounds and are less than three feet tall, drive on their own. They’re polite too: They stop when someone steps in front of them, Robby says.

The snackbot revolution came about because more and more of PepsiCo’s customers want a convenient way to buy munchies on their phones.

(PepsiCo’s self-driving robots made by Robby Technologies. PepsiCo photo via AP)


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Cool! I think that is pretty interesting, although I do think it is a bit sad that people are having more and more reasons to keep staring at their phones instead of going and doing something worthwhile. (1st comment)


I agree.

Lieon 33 In God I Trust

I agree with you Lena P.


That's pretty cool, but one of these days somebody's gunna get hurt. And this also means that people have another reason to stay on their phones all day. Still, it's kind of neat.

totally agree with you LP

people should try to spend less time on their electronics I read somewhere that electronics rot the brain.....

Yeah I agree LP

I understand that maybe someone with a disability or sickness of some sort might find an app like that useful. But the more we’re on our phones and waiting for things to be delivered to us, the less we’re going to get things ourselves and interacting with other people.


Personally I think what is the use of it


even if you stared at a screen for twenty years (not that I recommend that) your brain would stay unaffected, though you may lose your sanity.


even the radiation it emits is so small it couldn't harm you for a thousand years if ever!

Electronic Exposure

Being exposed to electronics viz., cell phones definitely will NOT rot your brain--in a literal sense if nothing else. Howbeit, you will be seriously affected by an long-term exposure to a screen with minimal interruptions. You would be veritably insane after a few months--likely dead before 20 years. You counterargument to Leah's point is focusing solely on the radiation factor. It is important to understand that radiation is probably the least of the problems in this area. After only a short period of time, your muscles would be strained and weak. Assuming that you ARE sleeping periodically, your mental health would hold out temporarily, but you would easily succumb to irritability and sadness. Not to mention the pain in your back and hands--leading to arthritis. The strain on your eyes would likely be too much to handle, thus making this feat impossible. And yes, if you're wondering, I've tried it.

Grammar Fixes

In a literal sense if none other ** A long-term** Your counterargument**


Thats scary! The robots are going to take over the world!I agree with LP to


guess that puts a stopper on my 24-hour ender dragon challenge.


that would be awesome at a college when you are off studying in a park and need a snack

This is actually really neat!

This is actually really neat!!


If I saw one of those food machine things, I'd just grab it and dip. jk, I could see a bunch of people doing that tho.

Never seen that before

Could be convenient

no way!!

i want one!

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