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Polio in Pakistan
News Bytes 01/19/2017 10 Comments

Just last January, Pakistani officials announced that polio had been eliminated in their country. Now the paralyzing disease is back—and spreading through the Afghan refugee populations.

Less than two weeks ago, a Pakistani health official announced a special five-day anti-polio drive in Quetta, the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province. Officials there had found traces of the poliovirus in the city’s sewer system.

Syed Faisal Ahmed, coordinator for Emergency Operation Centre in Quetta, said that some 400,000 children under age five would be immunized against the deadly virus.

Last year, multiple anti-polio drives enabled Pakistan to announce that the virus had been nearly eliminated.

But polio remains present in Pakistan. This is mostly because the Taliban banned vaccinations, attacked medical staffers, and spread suspicions about the dangers of the vaccine. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for multiple shootings and bombings aimed at polio volunteers. Taliban leaders accuse health workers of using the vaccine to spread disease and to spy on them.

Over 1,300 teams are working to cover 39 local councils of the city amid tight security.

Pakistani officials say that without help from the international community, it will be difficult for Pakistan to care for some 1.5 million registered—and about as many undocumented—Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

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first coment

that is sad


I hope the disease is quickly cured. :(


Poor kid doesn't look very happy!

That is so sad!

That would be so terrifying! You wake up one morning and you can't move your arm or your mouth. The poor little kids! It says the symptoms of polio are fever, sore throat, headache, vomiting, fatigue, and meningitis. And this could happen too: Loss of reflexes, severe spasms and muscle pain, loose and floppy limbs, sometimes on just one side of the body, sudden paralysis, temporary or permanent, deformed limbs, especially the hips, ankles, and feet. That does not sound fun. Pray that this horrible disease goes away, and that it will not spread any further.


That is very scary. I've heard people at our church talking about what it was like when we had polio in the U.S. Only then, we didn't know what it was or have a cure for it... At least now we have a vaccination!


That kid in the photo looks so sad and it looks like the lady or man is squeezing her face really hard



(a.b) wow i feal bad/8th comment

This is really sad, the Taliban should allow the use of vaccinations. They should look at the US, it uses vaccinations and people aren't dying from it! They really need to use their brains!!! (But I don't like having blood drawing stuff happen to me '__'.)

I'm glad we have vaccines

I'm glad we have vaccines when we were babies


That's just terrible. I'm glad we have vacsines

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