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Making a Choice
News Bytes 11/2/2015 17 Comments

Coach Joe Kennedy takes a knee in prayer after every game. Only now he prays on the stadium side of the fence. School district officials in Washington state put Kennedy on paid administrative leave last week. His crime was ignoring orders to stop overt religious displays on the football field.

Bremerton High School officials cite past Supreme Court and appeals court cases as backup: They don’t want to be seen as endorsing any one religion.

"While attending games may be voluntary for most students, students required to be present by virtue of their participation in football or cheerleading will necessarily suffer a degree of coercion to participate in religious activity when their coaches lead or endorse it," the Bremerton School District said.

Bremerton’s senior class president Abe Bartlett was one of those who want the district to be consistent about its policy. He invited a group of self-described Satanists to attend the football game.

It seems Bremerton High School is being asked to “choose this day whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15)

Coach Kennedy has made his choice. He told the media attending one game last week that it hurt his heart not to be with his players. But he added, “If you believe in something you stand up.”

The coach's case will soon head to court. What do you think about prayer at public events?

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That's just unfair! They can't take away his freedom of religion!
And I do think that people should be able to pray at public events--after all, don't we have the freedom of speech and religion? Has everybody forgotten?!


I agree with Rebecca S. Don't we have the freedom of religion and speech?! (If you live in the USA :-) )

There are 2 Sides

I definitely understand the world's frustration with the coach. However, we have freedom of speech and religion.


I bet if he'd said he was praying to someone other than the one true God (not saying that he should have!), they wouldn't have gotten mad. It seems today's message, in the media, in schools, and everywhere, is to accept everyone, every color, background, gender, lifestyle, choice, and religion, EXCEPT Christians.


Good for Coach Kennedy. It's hard to stand firm in your Christian faith these days, but I'm glad to see that someone is standing firm even when others persecute them. The one great thing about this is, that most of the team stands behind the coach, even though those kids aren't necessarily Christians themselves, but I didn't hear about the Satanist group that attended until I read this article. Rebekah S, you are so right, it would be unlawful for them to deny him freedom of religion.

Jenna V

I do live in the US. :)

from the other tc (the brother)

That quote from Bremerton is so dumb. I mean, just think about what it's saying!!! As if students would be forced to attend a football game. That's silly. I believe it shouldn't be the governments business whether we pray in public or not. Good for Kennedy for standing up.

I agree with...

I agree with Rebekah S, and Devon M. So sad that our freedom of religion is disappearing!

NASCAR races start with

NASCAR races start with prayer... why not football!

Taking away freedom of

Taking away freedom of religion is illegal!!! Those district officials should be the ones getting fired!

makes me so mad that we as

makes me so mad that we as Christians get our freedom taken away

Not Fair

That isn't fair! We are supposed to have freedom of religion! Also Jenna V do you live in the US?

Yes @ Hannah J

Yes, I do :) I live in Buford, Georgia. Buford is a tiny town, 35 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. Where do you live? @Hannah J

Jenna V

I live in southern California, probably across the country from you

What is this world coming to?

What is this world coming to? and if that kid Abe, was on the team, he should have respected his coach, even if he didn't agree! instead of bringing Satanists to the game! :|

Not Fair

that's totally unfair


I agree with DM. It seems like when a Muslim man prays to his god no one makes any fuss about it, but a CHRISTIAN? No way. I think Coach Kennedy should be allowed to pray, and if some of his players don't want to pray with him then they can walk away.

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