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Space Return

Aaaand we have a landing!

News Bytes 05/22/2015 0
Jobless in Jordan

One pair of jeans. Two pairs of jeans. Two hundred pairs of jeans.

News Bytes 05/21/2015 3
Charge for Green

When Patrick Conner’s car needs juice, he doesn’t pull up to a pump. Like many other electric car drivers in Oregon, he pulls up to a plug.

News Bytes 05/20/2015 4
Not Worth the Lead

In Nigeria, villagers can make 10 times more money by mining for gold than they can by farming.

News Bytes 05/19/2015 48
Brick Boom

Earthquake after earthquake. Aftershock after aftershock. How can the people of Nepal rebuild their crumbling country?

News Bytes 05/18/2015 11
Foodie Photos

Style it. Snap it. Share it. Today’s customers want their food to be photogenic—after all, they need to share it on social media.

News Bytes 05/16/2015 34
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Pie in the Sky 04/30/2015
No-Steal Bike

Take that, bike thieves! Some engineering students in Chile have solved an age-old problem.

Explain IT 04/30/2015
Marrow-Minded Giving

Every hour, six people die from blood cancer. Treatment options are limited. Patients with fatal blood cancer need bone marrow transplants.

Globe Trek 05/04/2015
Hope in Oppression

Christians around the world experience mistreatment, suppression, and persecution because of the faith they have in the resurrected Jesus.

People Mover 05/01/2015
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

You look down and see a poisonous snake just inches away. How do you react?

Mud Room 05/01/2015
Pollution Solutions

New highway “billboards” in Geneva, Switzerland, don’t have any words on them. But they point the way to a greener future.

Law N' Order 04/30/2015
Is Lying Legal?

Lying isn’t right. But is it legal?

Pop Smart 04/30/2015
Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Sugar, sugar everywhere. You already know there’s plenty of the sweet stuff in cookies, cakes, soda, and candy.

Taste Test 04/30/2015
The Art of Writing

More than 100 small clay tablets found in modern-day Iraq tell an ancient story.

Time Traveler 04/30/2015
Balls in a [Peach] Basket

She stops. She pops. She scooooooores! When James Naismith invented “Basket Ball” in 1891, he never intended girls to shoot baskets.

Ka-Ching 04/30/2015
Treasure Stash

Deep in the cave, something caught Hen Zakai’s eye. He leaned in for a closer look.

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Pie in the Sky

Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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