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News Bytes 03/07/2015 0
3D Printing a House in China

News Bytes 03/06/2015 1
Alabama Freedom March

Both Houses of the U.S. Congress voted unanimously to award the Congressional Gold Medal to marchers who participated in the Selma civil rights protest 50 years ago this March.

News Bytes 03/05/2015 0
Giant Sausage Link

Don’t worry—those aren’t intestines you’re looking at . . . not exactly. The 6,663-foot frankfurter is pure ground pork. At over one mile long, the monster sausage weighs a whopping 7,562 pounds.

News Bytes 03/04/2015 6
Secession . . . from New York State?

What has 15 New York State towns thinking of seceding to Pennsylvania? Natural gas, that’s what.

News Bytes 03/03/2015 6
Pancake Week

Pass the butter and maple syrup. It’s pancake season.

News Bytes 03/02/2015 16
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Explain IT 03/03/2015

A flash of red light fills the sky! It’s not a firework on the Fourth of July. It’s a lightning bolt. “Sprites” are lightning bursts in the upper atmosphere.

Globe Trek 03/03/2015
Born To Stay Poor

They are called the “untouchables.”

Ka-Ching 03/03/2015
What Is Value?

Do you have a treasured possession? A favorite thing you value over all others? What does it mean to value something, anyway?

Law N' Order 03/04/2015
Cuban History in a Nutshell

In 1492 . . . You know that’s when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America. But did you know he discovered Cuba too? Columbus claimed Cuba for Spain. Wipeout

Mud Room 03/04/2015
Gold: It’s More Than Decoration

Wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets—if you look around, you’ll see gold everywhere. So there must be lots of it, right?

People Mover 03/04/2015
College Payback

For most students, choosing a college is a big decision.

Pie in the Sky 03/04/2015
Look Out Below!

You could be the fastest skier in the world, but you wouldn’t be able to out-ski a snowslide. Snowslides are the most common kind of avalanche.

Pop Smart 03/04/2015
No Place Like Home

Look around your house. Are the clothes in your closet organized by color? Are your stacks of books arranged at angles so precise that an interior designer would approve?

Taste Test 03/04/2015
Fact Checking: From First Century to Today

Everyone loves a good story, right? Stories entertain us. They can teach us or help us understand a different time, place, or culture. But a made-up story presented as truth can hurt people.

Time Traveler 03/04/2015
News Think: Preserving History’s One Big Thing

Studying human history is important. Knowing how people in the past lived, how they solved problems, what they believed—adds to our knowledge of who we are today. We see errors from the past.

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Pie in the Sky

Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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True stories are incredibly powerful. They bring meaning to our lives—communicating the truths we can’t afford to live without.

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