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Middle East Water Shortage

In the dry Middle East water is a valuable commodity.

News Bytes 11/26/2015 4
War of the Sweeteners

A bitter billion-dollar battle in the sweetener wars came to an end last week. Sugar processors and corn syrup makers settled out of court.

News Bytes 11/25/2015 1
Young Activists

Environmentalist activists are getting younger all the time. Eight young people ages 10 to 15 recently brought a lawsuit against the state of Washington.

News Bytes 11/24/2015 5
Gas Lines

Get in line. Drivers are spending days waiting for fuel as severe shortages hit rebel-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.

News Bytes 11/23/2015 1
Doping in Sports

Tell us something we don’t know, say hundreds of athletes after this week’s announcement that Russian athletes are using illegal drugs to enhance their pe

News Bytes 11/20/2015 9
Yellowing Taj

With its gleaming dome and graceful spires, the Taj Mahal is one of the world's most recognizable buildings.

News Bytes 11/19/2015 7
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Taste Test 11/02/2015
Sushi: No Girls Allowed?

Check the menu at a Japanese sushi restaurant, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Mud Room 11/02/2015
Ocean Oddballs

From the get-go, these tentacled beasts are a bit strange. Take their big heads ringed with suction-covered, waving arms.

Pie in the Sky 11/02/2015
Wildlife Corridor

Mountain lions and coyotes and freeways, oh my! California is considering a wild new project. It wants to build the nation’s largest wildlife bridge.

Time Traveler 11/02/2015
Kinder, Gentler Pagan Gods?

A new museum exhibit wants to show the sensitive side of a brutal history.

Pop Smart 11/02/2015
Laughing Matters

“Lolz,” says teenage Cole. “Bah!” snorts 40-something Barb. Twenty-year-old Margo giggles and gasps for air.

Globe Trek 11/02/2015
The Politics of Time

“What time is it?” doesn’t seem like a political question.

Explain IT 11/02/2015
Evolving Strep

New research shows how some strains of strep have evolved to become more aggressive.

Ka-Ching 11/02/2015
Venezuelan Economic Woes

Imagine a $25 gallon of milk. Or a $5,889 flat screen TV. Those are real prices in Venezuela. Many products are too expensive for average consumers.

Law N' Order 11/02/2015
The Machines Have Ears

Teenager Aanya Nigam uses social media. She often shares her location, activities, and thoughts with the cyber world.

People Mover 11/02/2015
Shorthand Proceedings

At first glance, Frank Howell’s handwriting may look like childish doodling—a mishmash of squiggles and curves, lines and dashes.

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Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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