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Not Cool?

Bono isn’t trying to be Snoopy’s “Joe Cool” when he wears his trademark sunglasses. The well-known U2 singer says he has glaucoma, a serious eye condition.

News Bytes 10/24/2014 0
For Better or for Worse

How’s this for a dreamy proposal? A hot air balloon floats lazily over the ocean at sunset . . . and then nearly crashes into the waves below.

News Bytes 10/23/2014 1
So long, cellphone ban

So long, cellphone ban! New York City students may soon be able to stow their precious phones in their pockets rather than a storage van.NYC has banned cellphones in schools for years.

News Bytes 10/22/2014 0
Eat your veggies

That’s just one piece of motherly advice you might hear from the real-life mom sitting in the “Mom Booth.” The booth is part of an exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville,

News Bytes 10/21/2014 1
Say cheese!

Say cheese! Fresh technology is replacing old-style family portraits—say hello to the statue selfie.

News Bytes 10/20/2014 3
Chomp, chomp

Chomp, chomp! Is that a chocolate-covered grasshopper leg in your teeth?

News Bytes 10/16/2014 9
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Explain IT 09/20/2014
Sub Brains

If you fell asleep last night, if you woke up this morning, and if right now you would like nothing better than a snooze, it’s because you’ve got rhythm. Circadian rhythm, that is.

Globe Trek 09/20/2014
Panama Canal By the Numbers

In 1928, it cost adventurer Robert Halliburton a $0.36 toll to swim the Panama Canal. How much would it cost in today’s dollars? $4.97 (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Ka-Ching 09/20/2014
Teen Know-How

These teen entrepreneurs prove that a good idea can become great—no matter your age!

Law N' Order 09/20/2014
Debate: Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

In 2008, a protestor chucked a size 10 shoe at then-President George W. Bush. The man threw his shoe (and then his other shoe) because he was angry about the President’s policies.

Mud Room 09/20/2014
Four Siblings, Four Wheels

Meet the Gipsons. They have been riding unicycles for years. Gideon, Abigail, Caleb, and Emily each started riding a unicycle at the age of seven.

People Mover 09/20/2014
Animal Allies

You’ll probably figure out pretty quickly that this story isn’t really about a barnyard fight. It’s a picture of WWI. You can think of Crow and Owl as a journalist and a historian.

Pie in the Sky 09/20/2014
3D Wonders Never Cease

Imagine a world in which an injured patient receives a new human organ without waiting for a donor. Imagine a 3-D copier that can print a bladder, lung, or heart. You needn’t dream up these marvels.

Pop Smart 09/20/2014
War No More

Drones, drones, and more drones! They are in the news every week, armed with weapons and dropping bombs. In the last five years the U.S.

Taste Test 09/20/2014
Hidden in Plain Sight

Look up. What do you see? If you’re inside, you might find a smooth white ceiling or rectangular panels on metal dividers. Not much to draw your attention, right?

Time Traveler 09/20/2014
Leaders on Display

They lived in the limelight, and now their dead bodies are on public display.

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