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Driverless Car Drivers

An astronaut he isn’t. But sometimes he feels like one. Brian Torcellini is a test driver of sorts.

News Bytes 10/02/2015 11
Refugee Seekers

Syria is spewing tens of thousands of refugees from its war-torn countryside.

News Bytes 10/01/2015 11
Stopping Traffic

No traffic for a day—it was quite a feat for the busy city of Paris, France. The Old World capital went car-less on Sunday. Well, almost.

News Bytes 09/30/2015 13
Shell Stops Drilling

Yesterday was Royal Dutch Shell Corporation’s last day of drilling off Alaska’s rocky shore.

News Bytes 09/29/2015 9
Putin’s Syria Show

President Vladimir Putin is putting on a show while dozens of Russian combat jets and helicopter gunships line up at a Syrian air base.

News Bytes 09/28/2015 22
Pilgrim Stampede

Over 700 Muslims died in a horrific human stampede yesterday. The tragedy happened in the city of Mina near Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

News Bytes 09/25/2015 13
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Time Traveler 09/01/2015
Ancient Roman Elevator Replica

A lion paces nervously in a wooden, cage-like structure. Below him, eight men walk in a circle, pushing a wheel attached to a rope.

Pie in the Sky 09/01/2015
A Fake Leg That Feels

Wolfgang Rangger can feel his foot for the first time in eight years.

Globe Trek 09/01/2015
Race To Increase Power

North Korea is racing to boost its electricity supply by the end of 2015.

Law N' Order 09/01/2015
Russian Troll Factories

Factories produce. And this factory is no exception. But what comes out of the innocent-looking marble edifice in St.

Ka-Ching 09/01/2015
Paid by the Page

Borrowing a book through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is a lot like visiting a digital library. There are about 800,000 titles to select from.

Explain IT 09/01/2015
Hurricane Machine

Psalm 135:7 declares that it is God who “makes the clouds rise at the end of the Earth, who makes lightning for the rain and brings forth the wind from Hi

People Mover 09/01/2015
Confidence in Princes

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick,” says Jeremiah 17:9. “Who can understand it?”

Mud Room 09/01/2015
Put a Tiger in Your Tank Instead of Corn

“Put a tiger in your tank!” said the Esso fuel company in the 1960s. Esso wanted people to think of performance and power.

Pop Smart 09/01/2015
Profilin’ and Stylin’

Everybody needs clothes. Some like to dress in the latest styles too. But sometimes, even if you like to be fashionable, you might hate to shop.

Taste Test 09/01/2015
Fine Dining On the Go

To many European ears—and taste buds—the phrase “American cuisine” seems like an oxymoron.

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