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Israel Fights Facebook

Nine months ago, Dareen Tatour posted a poem on Facebook. The poem expressed frustration over Israeli-Palestinian violence.

News Bytes 07/25/2016 2
Turkish Coup

Turkish lawmakers met yesterday. They gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers.

News Bytes 07/22/2016 6
Portuguese at the Olympics

Brazil missed the language memo: Only a fraction of its 200 million people speak a tongue other than Portuguese.

News Bytes 07/21/2016 4
Germany’s Godspots

In a move to bring people back to church, a denomination in eastern Germany is offering a new service: free wifi called “Godspot.”

News Bytes 07/20/2016 10
GOP Convention Time

A year ago, hardly anyone imagined Donald Trump as a speaker at the Republican National Convention—let alone as its star.

News Bytes 07/19/2016 15
Child Labor in Afghanistan

A leading international rights group says about a quarter of all Afghan children work for a living.

News Bytes 07/18/2016 9
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Globe Trek 07/05/2016
Haiti’s Peanut Glut

The barefoot farmer oversees three teenage workers.

Pop Smart 07/05/2016
City Birds: Pigeons and Parrots

Pigeon breeders in Brooklyn have a motto: "Friends in the street.

People Mover 07/05/2016
Showdown in the South China Sea

Psalm 72 says it is God who has “dominion from sea to sea.” But the countries jostling for territory in the South China Sea don’t se

Mud Room 07/05/2016
Eye on the Tiger

Tiger, tiger burning bright,

Time Traveler 07/05/2016
A Philatelic Mystery

An infamous theft. A decades-long search. A worldwide mystery.

Pie in the Sky 07/14/2016
Drones: Fighting Fire with Fire

What flies like a helicopter and drops chemical-laden ping pong balls? Firefighting drones, of course!

Taste Test 07/05/2016
New Bolshoi Ballet Director

Just a few weeks into his new job, the director at Moscow's Bolshoi Theater is making a big promise: to keep doing what he says Russ

Explain IT 07/05/2016
Underground Ice Wall

On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake shook the coast of Japan. The quake’s center hit near the island of Tōhoku.

Law N' Order 07/05/2016
Huts for the Homeless

For some, it’s an exotic vacation getaway—worth paying to stay in.

Ka-Ching 07/05/2016
City To Impose Shopping Bag Fee

Every day, thousands of New Yorker shoppers accept their goods in disposable plastic bags.

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