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Oil Pipeline Protest

Hundreds of protesters are fighting the Dakota Access pipeline.

News Bytes 12/05/2016 1
Three-Time Chess Champ

Two grandmasters leaned into the tense game, barely moving, in total silence and deep in thought.

News Bytes 12/02/2016 10
Zika in Texas

Texas reported a case of Zika virus this week. It’s the first to come from a mosquito bite within the state.

News Bytes 12/02/2016 7
‘Tis the Season . . . for Recounts

Jovenel Moise easily won Haiti’s November 20 presidential election. But several losing factions quickly questioned the results. Sound familiar?

News Bytes 12/01/2016 11
Sister Super Stars

Three sisters from Brooklyn, New York, have what most child athletes only dream of: medals, television appearances, and a magazine cover.

News Bytes 11/30/2016 16
Nostalgia Fuels Boot Trend

Everything old is new again. From sweaters to sneakers, vintage is in. And Christmas lists everywhere show requests for fashions from yesteryear. At L.L.

News Bytes 11/30/2016 5
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Pop Smart 11/01/2016
Could You Make It Out?

Your team faces a challenge.

Explain IT 11/01/2016
Keep Calm and Vote On

Tension over the 2016 U.S. presidential elections is running high.

People Mover 11/01/2016
God on the Maasai Mara

Morning on the savannah. Sunlight shimmers on the billowing plain. Animals found nowhere else roam freely.

Ka-Ching 11/01/2016
Avocado Orchards Replacing Forests in Mexico

Americans love avocados. Just slice one open and scoop out the soft, smooth goodness with a spoon!

Law N' Order 11/01/2016
What Makes a Good Cop?

Images and video on social media show police officers stopping cars—not to hand out tickets.

Time Traveler 11/01/2016
200 Years of the Erie Canal

In 1825, Episcopalian minister John Henry Hopkins of Pennsylvania boarded a boat.

Globe Trek 11/01/2016
The Most Dangerous Job in the World

They are dubbed “White Helmets” for the headgear that should provide protection.

Mud Room 11/22/2016
Dirty Diesel for Africa

Something is foul in West Africa’s fuel.

Taste Test 11/01/2016
Fanciful Stick Sculptures

A child picks up a stick.

Pie in the Sky 11/01/2016
Machines Powered by Living Cells

Turn a rat’s heart into a stingray? The notion first came to Kevin Kit Parker during a trip to the New England Aquarium.

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