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Election Gender Battle

He mocked "little" Marco Rubio and dismissed "low-energy" Jeb Bush.

News Bytes 05/03/2016 12
Kenya in the News

The African nation of Kenya has made international headlines lately.

News Bytes 05/02/2016 6
Mummified Monk

A Chinese monk is now a mummy. But that’s not the strange part.

News Bytes 04/29/2016 20
Iran’s Morality Police

Iranian police chief General Hossein Sajedinia recently deployed 7,000 new plainclothes officers.

News Bytes 04/28/2016 10
Chernobyl Disaster Lingers

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident.

News Bytes 04/27/2016 10
Show of Strength to Russia

The U.S. Air Force flew two F-22 Raptor fighter jets into Romania yesterday. It was a show of strength to deter Russian interference in Ukraine. U.S.

News Bytes 04/26/2016 16
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Mud Room 05/02/2016
Rattlesnake Island

People are usually willing to help endangered species. But how about when those endangered critters might endanger us?

Explain IT 05/02/2016
A New True Blue

Azurite. Cobalt. Cerulean. Ultramarine. These are some of the most beloved hues in an artist’s palette.

People Mover 05/02/2016
Sign Language in a Bosnian School

Six-year-old Zejd started school in September. But he sat silently, eyes wide open, unable to communicate. Zejd is deaf.

Ka-Ching 05/02/2016
Tesla: Sparking Change?

Elon Musk wants to change the world. The forward-thinking entrepreneur and head of Tesla Motors hopes to spark a revolution.

Time Traveler 05/02/2016
Castle Disaster for Keeps

A deteriorating castle in the Spanish countryside is getting international attention.

Globe Trek 05/02/2016
Crimea after Russian Takeover

Elnara Asanova lives alone with four small children.

Pop Smart 05/02/2016
Making Soda Cool

Cutting back on sugary fizz? Most Americans are. But carbonation giants Coke and Pepsi want to change that.

Law N' Order 05/02/2016
Haunted by High School Discipline

High school senior Miaija Jawara thought long and hard. Should she reveal a 10th-grade schoolyard fight on her college application?

Taste Test 05/02/2016
Secrets of Venetian Glassworking

A modern-day glassblower may have unraveled a Renaissance mystery.

Pie in the Sky 05/02/2016
Navy’s Rad Railgun

Ka-BOOM! When the U.S. military went looking for serious firepower, it quickly chose the railgun.

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