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Does Dubai Want the Moon?
News Bytes 05/23/2023 5 Comments

A proposed $5 billion real estate project may take skyscraper-studded Dubai to new heights—by reaching for the Moon. In this space-age city, an out-of-this-world orb may not appear out of place. But will it shine too brightly for the neighbors?

The United Arab Emirates’ most populous city is already home to the world’s tallest building and other architectural wonders. Now Canadian entrepreneur Michael Henderson hopes to build a 900-foot replica of Earth’s Moon atop a 100-foot building in Dubai. His project is aptly named MOON.

“We have the biggest ‘brand’ in the world,” Henderson says, as if the Moon is his personal trademark. Moon World Resorts Inc., of which Henderson is co-founder, is funding his grandiose vision.

Of course, Earth’s natural satellite—and the entire universe—belong to God. He calls the Moon “a faithful witness in the skies.” (Psalm 89:37) It serves as a nightly reminder of God’s steadfast love.

Henderson proposes a destination resort inside his round MOON structure. Plans include a 4,000-room hotel, a 10,000-person arena, and a “lunar colony.” The area would give guests the sensation of actually walking on the Moon.

MOON would sit on a pedestal-like building. The faux celestial body would glow à la the true Moon at night.

Artist renderings commissioned by Moon World Resorts project several locales for Henderson’s MOON. Possible locations include the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at a height of 2,710 feet.

Around the world, people are experiencing inflation and interest rate hikes. But in wealthy Dubai, major projects like MOON rocket forward.

Like other eye-catching marvels, MOON could fit into “the legitimacy formula of Dubai’s ruling elite,” says Christopher Davidson, a Middle East expert. He’s talking about how rich people in Dubai like to display their wealth by financing huge projects. (Read about another Dubai venture in Museum of the Future to Open.)

“They . . . believe strongly in science and progress,” Davidson says. “A megaproject like this would seem to tick all of those boxes.”

Henderson’s MOON isn’t the only globe-shaped project on Earth. Another is the Madison Square Garden (MSG) Sphere, a $2.3 billion dome covered in LED screens. The MSG Sphere is set to open in Las Vegas later this year.

But Henderson’s structure goes a step further than the Vegas model. MOON would be completely round instead of flat-bottomed. It could be illuminated as a full, half, or crescent Moon.

However, MOON’s brightness may not be popular with future neighbors. In London, England, officials halted construction on another MSG Sphere. Britons protested the light pollution and commotion the structure would cause.

“It’s hard to please everybody,” Henderson acknowledges. “You might need dark curtains.”

(An artist rendering shows the $5 billion project MOON on the Dubai Pearl, a coveted plot of land. Michael Henderson/Moon World Resorts via AP)

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First Comment :)

Cool, but... does anyone else think we should be using that kind of money on other things? I mean sure it's really cool and stuff, but is it being a good steward of our planet and resources? Hmmm, just some of my thoughts...


I agree. I just caught myself thinking, 'if I were rich, I would totally stay at the Moon', but if I were rich there would be much better ways to spend money. I guess we just have to remember that nothing in this world will last except for God.

Nothing to see here, just

Nothing to see here, just rich people using their money to get more money. That isn't necessarily a BAD thing. It isn't morally wrong to spend your hard-earned money on something that you want. But if the people behind this moon hotel thing are doing it just to show off how much money they have, then that's the wrong part, not the fact they aren't using their money on useful things. Honestly, the thing looks pretty cool.


that is ambitious

Cool But not really

Ok idc

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