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Heroes and Hurricanes
News Bytes 09/22/2022 7 Comments

Last year, Hurricane Ida tore through New Orleans, Louisiana. Sadly, 26 people died. The storm also caused billions of dollars in property damage. Many residents still occupy storm-damaged houses, with blue tarps hanging overhead instead of actual roofs.

This month, those homeowners received aid from a surprising source: Captain America.

Actor Anthony Mackie was born and raised in New Orleans. Now he plays Sam Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—aka, the new Captain America. Even though he’s a big Hollywood star, he wants to give back to his home city.

“It’s important to me to bring back the gifts and blessings I received outside the city,” says Mackie.

Mackie’s family owns Mackie One Construction. He grew up working in the roofing business. That experience gives him the ability to help his community now.

“There’s so many houses in this neighborhood and city that are still tarped,” says Mackie. “When you fly into New Orleans, it’s become a sea of blue tarps.”

He’s working with a roofing company called GAF. The company promised to build 500 roofs in the Gulf Region. Since 2020, GAF’s Community Matters program has replaced 3,000 roofs for people in need. They especially want to help those who can’t afford repairs on their own, often the elderly and disabled.

You don’t need to be a superhero or a celebrity to bless your community with your gifts—even if your gifts seem small! Real-life heroism doesn’t require Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer. Sometimes, heroism might look like grabbing a non-magical hammer and pounding nails into a new roof.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace. — 1 Peter 4:10

(Actor Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain America, helps repair roofs in his home city of New Orleans. AP/Stephen Smith)

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Most recent comments


I love when famous people do good things for others because it serves as such a good example to the people who look up to them.

//////////(I hate writing titles)

Can someone tell me which guy in the picture is "Captain America?" I'm assuming it's the African American man with the towel around his neck. Sorry, I just don't know my Marvel, even though I have three brothers.

That's nice of him to give money to his hometown. But... (I'm a big-time skeptic, and I always ask questions like these. no offense anyone if this guy is like your favorite actor of all time) does that mean he wants to benefit from giving to his hometown? Just wondering what ya'll think.

Creativity points to Marvel for the name Sam Wilson. I mean, come on! For a studio that makes SO much money and is know for originality, the name Sam Wilson is kinda... idk what you think, but I think it's almost stereotypical. But, if that's what they want, they got what they want.


I'm so glad that famous people still make time to serve others!


It is the guy in the middle with the towel around his neck. I don’t know if Sam Wilson is really stereotypical, I mean they’re not going to give him some really weird name

@ Gideon

About the Sam Wilson name thing, I think there are not WEIRD but names that are less... what's the word? American? That name just seems like a pseudonym. I mean, that's kinda the point, but to me it kinda sounds like the name "Bill Smith." Oh well... I've probably read to many Hardy Boy Books. I'm too overcritical. Sorry anyone

on the name Sam Wilson

I actually think whoever wrote the comic book he first showed up in before the movies were made came up with the name... All it really makes me think of is Russel Wilson who used to be the Seatle Seahawks QB.
Also when coming up with names for characters sometimes authors look up most popular first names of a certain generation. I know a lot of different Sams so it just might be a popular name.
Lissa, How many Hardy Boy books have you read? I own all but 2 of the original series, and read through them from time to time.

@ Abigail.

I've read all of the Hardy Boys (even some of the ones they made after the author died), and I read all of them over and over and over and over and over and over again. That was my summers, reading the Hardy Boy Books. My brothers love them, and I love them. So yeah, we sometimes read through a book on a weekend and have a lot of fun. Which one's your favorite? Mine is the Clue of the Broken Brake, but I also like a LOT of the other ones.

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