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News Bytes 09/16/2022 12 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Joe Biden talks about changes in the auto world with the rise of electric cars.

The opening days of the Detroit Auto Show in Michigan highlighted automakers’ moves toward electric vehicles (EV). Companies are also investing billions of dollars in battery plants. At the show, President Biden announced $900 million in funding to build EV charging stations in 35 states. That’s part of a $1 trillion infrastructure law approved last November. The goal is to create a nationwide charging network.


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1st comment


This is Mylee

uggh more money seriously .....$900 million !

3rd Comment

@ ISAAC B tho!!

Yikes $1 trillion! The

Yikes $1 trillion! The government sure does like spending taxpayers money. I also know that most Americans won't be able to afford a ridiculously expensive electric car.

I've seen that the batteries

I've seen that the batteries that they use in the electric vehicles do the exact opposite of what electric cars are supposed to change, cause pollution

Two more years of this! Man

Two more years of this! Man would it be great if he just resigned. He’s way to old to be president.


The funniest thing about the Brandon Administration's push for electric cars is their hate for Elon Musk. They had an EV summit in DC a while back and didn't invite him. To add insult to injury, Biden had the audacity to say that General Motors and Ford are paving the way for electric vehicles.

EV revolution

Electric cars are cool, but they are very expensive. Also, what if the government decides to simply cut off the power to all the charging stations?

electric cars

seriously, electric cars are pretty dumb, cost up to $15,000 more, and how are we going to get enough electric for all these electric vehicles??!! there're trying to run this country down .....

10th Comment

Our neighbor had an electric car. It always seemed to be on the charger.


The batteries used in Electric cars are toxic. And since the batteries don't last as long as regular car batteries, guess how much toxic electric car batteries will go into a waste disposal if everyone had electric cars? A LOT!!!

I didn't even watch the video. At some point, you just got to stop doomscrolling

@Brooke there is plenty of

@Brooke there is plenty of electricity to power electric cars. @Scarlett Teslas have a range of up to 405 miles. You can find chargers almost anywhere, and it cost’s around $600 dollars a year to charge a Tesla.

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