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Shortened Olympic Torch Pass
News Bytes 01/24/2022 20 Comments

Less than two weeks before it begins, China is limiting the torch relay for the Winter Olympics to only three days. Organizers worry about spreading coronavirus along with the famed flame.

COVID-19 has already changed the Games: Only selected spectators will be allowed to attend the events. Olympic athletes, officials, staff, and journalists must stay within a “bubble” away from the general public.

Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the purpose of the Lord will prevail.” This should be a comfort in times of disappointment. World events are unpredictable. Cherished plans change. God is still in control. Events happen—or alter or disappear—as part of His perfect will.

A handful of new COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Beijing in recent days. Therefore, officials will allow the travelling torch only in enclosed venues deemed “safe and controllable.”

Beijing’s deputy sports director, Yang Haibin, calls safety the “top priority.” However, venue preparations and the possibility of forest fires in Beijing’s cold, dry climate all factored into the decision.

The relay will run from February 2-4 in the three competition areas. Those are downtown Beijing, its suburb of Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou in the neighboring province of Hebei.

Participants in the torch rally will undergo health screens and be carefully monitored, says Xu Zhijun, deputy head of the organizing committee.

Outside of Beijing, several million people remain under lockdown as part of China’s “zero-tolerance” approach to dealing with the pandemic. New case numbers have dropped in recent days amid strict safety measures. Some experts credit the plan with preventing large outbreaks like the United States and other countries have had. Others worry that lack of exposure to the virus could harm the Chinese population’s ability to deal with future waves of infection.

The February 4 opening of the Games comes just days after the start of the February 1 Lunar New Year. That is China’s biggest annual celebration. Millions traditionally trek to their hometowns for family reunions. For the second year, train and plane travel has been curtailed. The government has advised those living away from home to stay put.

The 2022 Winter Games have also been beset by political storms.

Six weeks ago, the United States, Britain, and several allies said they would not send dignitaries to the Games. They are protesting human rights abuses by the Communist Party regime.

The organizing committee has threatened athletes with “certain punishments” for saying or doing anything that would offend their Chinese hosts. Several groups have urged anyone headed to Beijing to take “burner” phones instead of their personal devices.

Earlier this week, American broadcaster NBC announced it wouldn’t send announcers to China. NBC officials cite the same virus concerns raised last year when the network pulled most of its broadcasters from the Tokyo Games.

(An official holds a lantern with the Olympic flame during an event at the Beijing University of Posts and Communications in Beijing, China, on December 9, 2021. AP/Mark Schiefelbein)

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Most recent comments

1st comment!

Ok, it is good that they are trying to keep covid in check, but I am not too sure that this is only about "keeping covid in check" as I said above. China has already been quite rude to a lot of people, and I am glad I am not going to the Olympics (did you know they have made whole villages in China get the test at the same time?)

2nd Comment

I can understand trying to be safe, but sometimes I think they are a little too careful. How often in the Olympics is someone checked for a cold, and if a person got covid, they would probably drop out anyway. I know I wouldn't want to compete with covid because it makes you feel so tired and listless, without energy.
Also, I guess I had always thought that the Olympic Torch was still actually a traditional torch, not a lantern.

@ All/ This is Bella

'Shortened Olympic Torch Pass'....Let me guess, covid, right?
@ Riley: I agree

Welp, g'morning folks. The

Welp, g'morning folks. The forecast shows more lunacy on the horizon, with no immediate letup to be seen soon, but there's an increase in the percentage of the world waking to the ugly truth, so who knows. China wisely decided to shorten a part of the Olympics, just because they could police people and get away with it, like they have been for years now. To make things simple for everyone, they told the athletes, journalists, and all them folks to stay "within a bubble away from the public," because that will most definitely absolutely help. Nobody was wondering who gets to define the bubble, not at all. We're all together in this madhouse, comrades; we do as we're told, no questions asked. Yessir, China sure knows what they're doing, just like the rest of this confused world. Give 'em all a ray of sunshine t'day, folks.

sure sure

"safety is the top priority"
Anyone with half a brain can probably tell that there's more going on here than just "safety". This is just a big fat excuse to control people's lives. Give me a break.


You so crack me up sometimes! XD

i can just imagine at sports

i can just imagine at sports games, instead of there being toy vendors there are mask vendors. "ALL ASORTMENTS COLORS FLAVORS AND SHAPES... OH AND WHILE WE ARE AT IT LETS TEST A VACCINE ON YOU THAT NOT PROVED TO WORK AND CAN MAKE YOU INFERTILE... what's that joe... wasn't supposed to say that? OH OK."


I agree with you .


I think it was an actual torch until recently. Maybe it changes depending on the hosting country. *shrug*

This is Wyn

I wish there was some way people could feel like they're protecting everyone from covid, without doing crazy stuff.

@Ethan K

The vaccine is proved to work. And it definitely causes no harm to you

@Gideon M

*chokes on mulled Dr. Pepper* Where did you hear THAT??


It keeps people from dying of Covid, and I think it does a decent job of keeping them out of the hospital, but it doesn't keep you from getting covid, which it was advertised to do. It has also been shown to cause fertility problems in women. There are other sketchy things about it, but I don't know all of them.
*DISCLAIMER* I am not against the vaccine, I am against the vaccine mandates.

not suprised.

at this point I'm not even surprised. I mean with all the weird stuff going on. I mean it's not like they've had that tradition to run a torch from Greece all the way to the country it starts in since they started the games. we read a book about the Olympics it's really said what the world has done to it now.

Um, ok, guys, look up Alex

Um, ok, guys, look up Alex Berenson. He knows a lot about this stuff, and that vaccine is hazardous. Like, really risky.

The vaccine IS harmful!

The vaccine IS harmful!

@Addie L I agree with you

@Addie L I agree with you

@Kiara J

The vaccine IS NOT harmful My whole family is vaccinated. My mom works at a hospital and every one of the patients in the ICU are unvaccinated


The vaccine doesn't even help with Omicron xD LOL It helps with the original "Covid-19" :0

@Gideon M

How many people are in the ICU?

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