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News Bytes 01/21/2022 108 Comments

Today in Top Story: President Joe Biden marks his first year in office with a rare press conference.

President Biden insists that he has “outperformed” expectations in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The president spent nearly two hours discussing the pandemic, inflation, and the Ukraine border crisis, among other issues.


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1st comment

Wow. Maybe President Biden is starting to see through some of the people's ideas and plans, which were that he never would get anything done. Also about the thing in the Senate. Boy that could be really bad. I sure hope the Republicans stand up in there and speak out for our rights, as well as keep the changed rules from passing. Those could really turn everything into a mess.

It is hard to believe he's

It is hard to believe he's only been in office one year with everything that has gone wrong

OK, guys. First thing that

OK, guys. First thing that caught my eye was the word 'rare.' Yeah, I bet they're rare! XD The thing that caught my other eye was the phrase, "President Biden insists that he has “outperformed” expectations in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic." Um, woah, what? Back the boat up! So, (A) he had extremely low expectations, which says something about the administration. Or, (B) he's lying, which says something about the administration. Or, (C) he's completely clueless, which also says something about the administration. Or... (D) all of the above. Which ALSO says something about the administration. I'm gonna take (D) and for those of you who were wondering what I was going to say about the administration, something's gone WRONG, folks. You don't have to know about plumbing when the sinks and toilets start overflowing to know that there's a problem. Let's hope the public takes a stand for what's right before everything starts overflowing. Drain that swamp, folks. ; )

Worst ever

There is no doubt that Biden is the worst president we've ever had. He has done more wrong in one year than Carter did in four or Obama in eight.

This is Mylee

@Everyone on three-screen theaters i'm making it a chat for movies since things need to be on subject. @Biden...............

@Asher E

nononono. You're absolutely right, and looking at it the wrong way. Try counting how many things he's done RIGHT (or even on his own *smirks) as compared to the other presidents. Like, I think I'd be surprised if you could count all his good stuff on one hand; forget two hands. OK, he hasn't died...that's kind good, so I guess we can count that, right? And...and...I'm stuck. Yep, there we go. Lol.


Did you see Ben Shapiro's video where he does a recap of the past year? Or the one where he compares the popularity of Biden and Trump? Those were pretty good.
@Everyone- Biden was handed an easy presidency on a silver platter, and he basically threw the platter on the ground, knocked out his party with the platter, and started smearing the American people with the resulting mess. Yet with all of this, I don't hate Biden as much as one of my lefty friends hates Trump. In fact, I wouldn't say I hate him at all. I just feel bad for him and think he has done a terrific job of making the office of president look stupid. This is what we need! Incompetent people in office make us realize we could do the job better ourselves!


I'm not an anarchist, just so y'all are aware.


yes. even Nixon wasn't quite this bad.

@Jonathan M

Nixon wasn't actually the bad of a president (excluding Watergate of course).


Yeah, in my opinion, FDR was one of the worst. He made it where poor people depend on the government waaaaay too much.

@Addie L

These are my top 5 least favorite presidents:

5. FDR
4. Bill Clinton
3. Jimmy Carter
2. Barack Obama
1. Joe Biden (Shocker)

@Addie L

'Ey, I'm not an anarchist, and I like how you described that!


I think some presidents did bad jobs in office covering things up and doing things wrong like Nixon and Biden, but there were some that weren't so bad (even though a good president is getting harder to find)


@Asher- My current list of least favorites is the following, though I haven't studied up on it as much as I should:
5. Clinton
4. Wilson
3. Biden
2. Obama
1. FDR

My favorites are:
1. George Washington
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Calvin Coolidge
4. John Adams*
5. Abe Lincoln*
*These because they were cool people. I don't know much about their policies or writings, but their stories and personalities are interesting.

@Addie L

I only have a top 4 for favorites right now
4. Washington
3. Reagan
2. Lincoln
1. Trump


Yea, Trump was pretty good in office, but afterwards it wasn't pretty. (So, Trump trumped in office but didn't do so well afterwards.)

@Jonathan M

What do you mean 'after'? Because he has been fighting the fraud the whole time?


you don't need to know.

@Jonathan M

Why not?


this topic doesn't need to continue.

@Asher E

I think Jonathan may be referring to Trump's family life. He's a bad dude when it comes to non-political stuff. I'd give his policies an 8/10, but his morality a -13/5.

@Asher E

I forgot to say that I predicted who would be on your list. (Though not in that order, and I thought that George W Bush might be on there. Not because I know anything about his policies, but merely because he's a Republican.) XD

@Addie L

I don't know why he would be talking about his family life after the presidency. Could be though.
Also, I don't like George W Bush. However, if I had to pick a 5th favorite president I would choose George H W Bush.

@Asher E

Maybe he's talking about it because he didn't know what a dirtbag of a guy Trump was until recently. I know that when I found out about Trump's problems, I talked about it waaay more than I do now.

oh yay ( sarcasm )

oh yay ( sarcasm )

@Addie L

*nonchalantly twirls unimportant object with fingers* Uh... you wouldn't have got that information from the media, would ya? Cuz, they got the expression "lying between your teeth", or through, or around, or whatever, down pat.


XD What, Trump's dirtbag-ness? Yeah, that's really just common knowledge. It's in his memoirs. I don't hate him, but he is nevertheless a bad dude. Not a bad president. He's about a bajillion times better than Biden, but he's a horrible man with respect to his day-to-day life. Not as bad as, say, a murderer, but he's still pretty bad.
But, whatever he is, he is hilarious and I like him better than Biden anyway, regardless of his attitude towards women.

Oh, also.

You are totally right about the media. I am naturally a person that is intensely averse to believing people without proof or other reason, but I (sadly) have fallen for media lies before. It's crazy that people trust them. Like CNN?? Some people that I know rely on CNN for their daily news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (need I say they are Never-Trumpers?)

@Addie L

Trump has definitely done some horrible things in the past, but I wouldn't say he IS a dirtbag. He WAS a dirtbag, but I haven't seen anything to support the idea that he still does things of that nature.


I think that even though FDR introduced a lot of welfare programs he was still a good president, and he did a great job during WWII.
Here are my top five favorites
5. Donald Trump
4. FDR
3. Ronald Reagan
2. Abraham Lincoln
1. George Washington

@Gideon M

I agree that he did a good job during WWII. He was a great strategist and I can respect that aspect of him, but I still am not a fan of his.

@Addie L

Yeah, I at least know he was kinda an interesting character. Idk if he still is or not.
And, yeah, CNN is the Collaborative Nonsense Network now, no doubt about it.

@Addie L

Just wondering How come you don’t like Woodrow Wilson


I'm sure he wasn't the only one to do this, but I read about him recently for school, so this is what I know: He increased the amount of government by a lot. He added a lot of areas of government and employed a lot more people in the government.
I don't appreciate that at all. If anything, he should have reduced the government. Thomas Jefferson said that the amount of people working for government should be kept to an absolute minimum. Let's face it, power is extremely corrupting and addictive, and the government easily gains undeserved power, so we need to keep our government small to avoid as much corruption as possible.
Though, now I'm thinking I'll have to add Hoover in there somewhere. His response to the recession of 1929 was to pump money into the economy, which actually prolonged the Depression for at least 4 years, according to the history book I'm reading right now, though I will have to check with some other sources. However long it prolonged the Depression, I know for a fact that inflation is the wrong way to solve a recession.


I forgot to mention, Wilson also had some foreign policy actions that I disagree with. He meddled too much in other countries' business. Since I didn't live during that time, it's hard for me to say how I would feel, but in my opinion, we should do everything possible to stay out of war, even if our friends are attacked. In fact, I think we shouldn't even have allies. That's just tying yourself to something that could lead you into a useless war (*cough* Korean War *cough*). I am a strong believer in self-sufficiency and neutrality. And the free market. And capitalism. And itty-bitty government. So.................. yeah.

@Addie L

I just want to say, in response to your thoughts about Hoover, that ANYONE starts pumping money into the economy to stop a depression.
Here are my top five:
Abraham Lincoln
Donald Trump
George Washington
Ronald Reagan
Theodore Roosevelt
Of course there are a lot that I like. Most of the president had both good things about his presidency and some bad things.

@Riley, Gideon, Asher

Y'all should consider Calvin Coolidge. He may not be famous for what he DID, but he is famous for what he didn't do, which is overreach of power. He was a very stand-offish president, who thought that the office of president had been very much overused. He was known for not saying much and not doing much, only acting when it was absolutely necessary. I respect him highly for that.
Thomas Jefferson, too. He thought very deeply about forms of government, and decided that democracy was a terrible idea and that a perfect republic was also a bad idea, so he decided that to have democratic processes in a republic would be the happy medium. (I don't know if he was the one to suggest that, but he wrote about it, so he definitely was influential in the decision.) Of course, if I remember correctly, he accepted the Louisiana Purchase without the consent of... Senate or Congress or both, I can't remember. But like Riley said, there were pros and cons to all of the presidents.

@Addie L

Yeah, I read Cavlin Coolidge's (i think) autobiography. It was pretty neat. Like I said, there were lots of good ones out there, it is hard to pick just five! XD

@Addie L

The Korean War wasn’t useless, but we should have done what McArthur said, bomb all the major Chinese manufacturers.
I do not generally believe in neutrality I believe the United States should get involved. But you support technology and you don’t like Woodrow Wilson who tried to keep the US neutral in WWI. I believe that the United States should have gotten involved in WWI and WWII earlier and if they had, they would have ended both earlier. The Korean War we had to get involved in otherwise the North Koreans would have just taken over South Korea.

Just in case you guys forgot

Thomas Jefferson was a Slaveowner, Rapist, and Pedophile. Not someone I would have near the top of my favorite presidents list!

@Zack W

First of all, almost everyone in his time was a slave owner. That alone doesn't make him a bad person.
Also, where did you the idea that he was a rapist and a pedophile? No reputable source that I've seen says anything about that.

@Zack W

Even if all those things are true he would still be a good president based on policy alone. Was FDR a bad president because he cheated on his wife? No! He was a bad president because his policies sucked.
The quality of a president isn't determined by his character. It is determined by what he did for/to the country.

@ Zack

Woahhh...where did you get that information?

@Asher E

Enslaving people, selling them, abusing them, and ultimately working them to death doesn't make you a bad person? You're even more insane than I originally thought.
"Almost everyone in his time was a slave owner" is a definite lie, most rich southerners were slave owners but most Americans were not. Either way that fact is completely irrelevant, I couldn't care less how many people did it at the time. It's still morally reprehensible. If he wasn't an awful person he would've known better, like John Adams for example.
Thomas Jefferson's dealing with his slave Sally Hemings are very well documented. I doubt you did much research if you couldn't find anything about them, just google her name.
Lastly, what did Thomas Jefferson even do for the country that would make him so great? His presidency was by no means a success.

@Zack W

I am by no means trying to justify slavery. What I am saying is that not every slave owner abused them and worked them to death.
I had never heard of that incident before you brought it up so why would i have looked it up? I agree that if the evidence is real then what he did was awful, but my point still stands. A president being morally bad doesn't mean that he was a bad president.
What did Thomas Jefferson do for the country? Nothing but DOUBLE the landmass of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase!

@ Zack W

He also wrote the Declaration of Independence

@Zack W

I agree with you that slavery was/is wrong, but like Asher E said, not everyone was harsh to their slaves. What he also said about the quality of a president is also true. What they do inside the White House as they are president and the things they do for America determine what kind of president they are. The kind of life they lead outside of the presidency determines what kind of man they are. And Thomas Jefferson lived quite a long time ago (that's relative) and he has died, and slavery is no longer legal. Why argue about what he did? He will get his judgement before the throne of God for the things that he did, both right and wrong.
Also, I want to tell you that you are not a very experience debater. Calling people 'insane' is not kind, even if you don't personally know them. We can have good long debates on here without calling people names and saying things in a rude 'yelling' sort of fashion.


XD You got me! I think I do remember reading that Wilson was for neutrality, but then afterwards, he got us into the war by promising to protect American boats that went into German territory. I understand wanting to keep your citizens safe, but would you rather let a few people decide to enter enemy territory and lose their boats and probably their lives because of their own bad decisions, or would you go to war and kill 116,000 Americans because the Germans threatened the aforementioned boat-owners who were making bad decisions? It's a hard choice, but I think a mindless one. Let those who wish to take their lives into their own hands do so, and don't force our nation to go to war because of them.


I understand your reasoning. You dislike Jefferson for some of the same reasons you dislike Trump. However, my standard for presidential value is clearly very different from yours. While you focus more on the man at home or out of the office, I focus more on the policies and political opinions of the man, which determine how good of a president he will be, or what people he will bring into government. I understand that Jefferson was not a perfect man. He not only was a slaveowner, the father of the child of one of his slaves, and other bad things, he was a Deist and cut all of Jesus's miracles out of his Bible, because he thought they were impossible. And yet, he is still on my list of great presidents. Not because of his morality, but because of his policies.
(I agree with Riley)


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