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News Bytes 01/14/2022 15 Comments

Today in Top Story: U.S. inflation climbs to 7% amid rampant supply shortages.

Inflation is increasing household expenses and eating into wage gains. Meanwhile, shortages at U.S. grocery stores have worsened in recent weeks. New problems, like the fast-spreading omicron variant and severe weather, piled on to supply chain struggles and labor shortages.


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1st comment

Yuck. Inflation: An increase in the amount of money. It sure is sad how much the government inflates. And yes the prices are going up for food. When my family eats out (we have a large family) it costs pretty much $100 every time. So....... we don't eat out much. :) Which is probably healthier anyway.

Yea, prices for food is

Yea, prices for food is ridiculous! My family has a green house on our farm and we are going to grow our own food this year.

Dear, Biden (i'm

Dear, Biden (i'm sarcastically writing this) thank you for inflation. NOT! I also have a question for you..... WHY?????

@ All/ This is Bella

Uggggggggggggg......................... Inflation. Did ya'll that Dollar Tree's prices may have to go up to $1.25? They're going to change their name! XD We're growing up in some weird times.

@Isabella M

Now, now, don't be rude to the, uh, *cough* dear, *winces* old man. He's just doing what his puppet masters tell him. As someone pointed out tho, if someone knocks him off...look who we get. So, yeah. And, btw, it's not just Biden. Presidents and government officials have been looking to trash the US for a while now.


Yeah, has a ring to it, eh? The Dollar Twenty-five Tree! "Everythin' for a dolluh an' a quwatuh"

@ Hesperus D

I agree with you, but the old man doesn't know how to speak. Anyway I miss Trump

Gas is like 3 dollars by

Gas is like 3 dollars by where I live and food prices are sky rocketing through the roof. Biden I'm asking nicely, can you not mandate vaxs plz, because my parents won't let me anyway ( like I want it though), and let us make our own choices for our body.

@Isabella M

Preach it! I agree on all them counts.

This is Mylee

now where i live there are quite a lot of republicans XD on all of our gas pumps there is a pic of Biden pointing to the price and it says I Did It !!

This is Mylee

a sticker not a pic XD

@ Above

Oh myyyy, wowww!! xDD

@Biden admin

I hate to say I told you so...
(Because that would be a lie. I've never talked to any of them. But if I had before 2020, I would have said this would happen if they got what they wanted.)

This is Wyn

Ugggggg why inflation. Gas was like 3.05 last week and now it's like 3.15! But just think, in a couple years ( ok maybe like 10 years) all this stuff that is happening now will be in the history books. ; )

@Belwyn R

yeah, and let's hope it'll all be in the history books in a good way, like, "Oh, I remember back when it was over $3 a gallon. Yikes," not, "Do you remember the good old days when gas was only $3.15 a gallon?"

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