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U.S. Constitution Sells High
News Bytes 11/23/2021 11 Comments

“We the people . . .” The U.S. Constitution is the full statement of the supreme law of the land in America. Now a rare first printing of this founding document has sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $43.2 million. The price shatters records for any document or book ever sold at auction.

The Bible is the world’s most important written word—and the best-selling book ever. As the literal word of God, it conveys God’s thoughts to humanity and reveals the only Savior of the world. The Bible has been banned, burned, shunned, and mocked. The value of its contents is priceless.

The Constitution’s anonymous winning bidder at last Thursday night’s sale outbid a group of 17,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world. They had crowdfunded to buy it over the last week.

The document offered for sale was one of 13 known copies of the first printing of the Constitution and one of only two in private hands.

This printing of the Constitution was last sold in 1988, when real estate developer and collector S. Howard Goldman bought it at auction for $165,000.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit a foundation established by Goldman’s widow, Dorothy Tapper Goldman, to further the understanding of constitutional principles.

“[The] sale of this exceptionally rare and important printing of the Constitution was a monumental and historic occasion,” says Selby Kiffer, Sotheby’s senior international specialist for books and manuscripts.

Kiffer believes the auction result reflects how relevant the Constitution remains, “not only in America but for global democracy.”

The underbidder group was ConstitutionDAO. It announced its plan to raise millions of dollars to buy the Constitution on Twitter on November 12. DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization, a type of community-run business that operates on the blockchain.

After losing the bid, ConstitutionDAO tweeted: “Community: We did not win the bid.” The group promised its 17,437 contributors a refund—minus transaction fees. Sotheby’s calls the effort by ConstitutionDAO the largest crowd-funding initiative ever.

The previous auction record for a book or manuscript was set in 1994 when Bill Gates purchased the Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci at Christie’s for $30.8 million.

The group ConstitutionDAO says, “We were the first DAO Sotheby’s has ever worked with, but we’re sure we won’t be the last.”

(A first printing of the United States Constitution at Sotheby’s auction house during a press preview on November 5, 2021, in New York. AP/Mary Altaffer)

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Most recent comments

First Comment

That's actually pretty cool. Even though ConstitutionDAO did not get the bid, it was very nice of them to give their contributors a refund of their money. Still, 43.2 million dollars! Wow.

2nd Comment

I agree. The Constitution is really important, as is the Bill of Rights, and it is sad to see them both being slowly undermined and taken away.


Very impressive.
I look at the 43.2 million and it just blows my mind.
I appreciate good art, and certainly the Constitution, but I can’t even imagine buying either for that amount!


Shouldn't that very Priceless document be in the Washington D.C Archives?
I mean seriously if I won the bid I would give it to the Archives.

Did you notice that the "S"

Did you notice that the "S" are "F"? :-)

In the constitution

In the constitution

Did any of you hear that 2 of

Did any of you hear that 2 of the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti were released?

@Seth W

No, this should not be in the National Archives in D.C. This is only a COPY of the original. I saw the original, and it is in the archives. :)

If you think that’s high a

If you think that’s high a baseball player is getting paid over $40,000,000 a year and another one is getting paid over $330,000,000 for nine years


That is mind blowing! @ Kiara J: No I didn't know that. @ Gideon M: Do you know how much softball players get paid? I play softball so if they get paid that much, SIGN ME UP! Lol ; D

that is insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imean i love the constitution but really its a sheet of paper that's really old with some really old guys handwriting on it.
but what's written is really fundamental life values.
could u imagen being that sheet of paper. " he " (the paper) "i was a great tree once in my younger years and some men in wigs wrote on me and now ima worth more than any piece of wood in the woooooooooooorllllld" (in deep ancient sounding voice) XD idk

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