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China Coast Guard Uses Water Cannon
News Bytes 11/22/2021 14 Comments

Chinese coast guard ships blocked two Philippine supply boats in the disputed South China Sea on Tuesday. China’s ships then sprayed a powerful stream of water at the boats. The action prompted the Philippine government in Manila to order Beijing’s ships to back off. It further warned that its supply vessels are covered by a mutual defense treaty with the United States, Manila’s top diplomat said Thursday.

According to Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr., no one was hurt in the incident. But the two supply ships had to abort their mission to provide food to Filipino forces occupying Second Thomas Shoal. That mostly submerged segment of land lies off western Palawan province in an area that’s called an “internationally recognized exclusive economic zone.” That means other nations recognize the Philippines’ right to be there.

It was the latest flare-up in the long-simmering territorial disputes in the strategic waterway. China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan all have overlapping claims. China claims virtually the entire South China Sea and has transformed seven shoals into missile-protected island bases. Those military preparations have ratcheted up tensions between China and its neighbors—as well as the allies of those other countries.

In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said China’s coast guard was upholding China’s sovereignty by using the water cannons. China says it fired only after the Philippine ships entered Chinese waters at night without permission.

National Security Advisor Hermogenes Esperon told reporters in Manila that two Chinese coast guard ships blocked the two wooden-hulled supply vessels. A third coast guard ship “water cannoned the two for one hour,” he said. He added that the outrigger of one of the Philippine ships was displaced by the impact.

A water cannon is a device on firetrucks that shoots high-velocity water for firefighting and crowd control. China installed these cannons on coast guard ships to drive away what China considers intruders in the waters it claims.

The Philippines plans to deploy coast guard and Bureau of Fisheries vessels to back up its forces and enforce its fishing laws.

“We will continue the resupply, and we do not have to ask the permission of anybody because that is within our territory,” Esperon says.

President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, have repeatedly assured the Philippines that the United States will respond if needed. The United States entered into an obligation called the Mutual Defense Treaty. In it, the U.S. agrees to offer military support if Philippine forces, ships, or aircraft come under attack in the South China Sea region.

(A Chinese coast guard vessel patrols the South China Sea in April 2021. Ships like this one blocked Philippine supply boats and sprayed them with water cannons on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Philippine Coast Guard via AP)

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1st comment (@NA)

@ NA, if you see this, sorry I lost the article that we were talking about the BB QT on so I can't reply to you. And also I've been trying to contact you but I don't know how to...

2nd Comment

I wish Chine wouldn't be so selfish and always want to claim everything for theirs. I mean, everyone is selfish, because it is our sinful nature to be, but they could be a little considerate. But no, not China. I hope the Philippines can get supplies to those men!

3rd Comment

They don't let others have their way!
Boo China!
Boo China!
Boooooooooooooo China!
*giant aircraft begins to descend*
(Name that movie reference and you will have a special place in my brain. Picture a throne of gold and your favorite animal talking to you while you eat your favorite meal with your favorite people. I usually reserve that spot for Liam Neeson, but the winner can borrow it for a day or two.)

@ Addie L

Everyone - what ? Never heard of it but would be nice if …..

@Addie L

Haha, wow, never heard of it. I'm inclined to agree with that sentiment tho... Like, preach it! lol


The words aren't exactly the same, so it may be a little hard.
@Hesperus- I'm so glad you know who that is!! XD Everyone is surprised when I say he's my favorite actor. I'm sure they expect me, as a teenage girl, to pick someone like Tom Holland or Harry Styles... But Liam Neeson is the best.


The words aren't exactly the same, so it may be a little hard.
@Hesperus- I'm so glad you know who that is!! XD Everyone is surprised when I say he's my favorite actor. I'm sure they expect me, as a teenage girl, to pick someone like Tom Holland or Harry Styles... But Liam Neeson is the best.


I haven't had a double post in a LONG time. XD

@Addie L

*smiles triumphantly* The Lego Ninjago Movie! The song became a number one hit as well. I know this because I have a certain someone in my house who loves LEGO Ninjago so I have watched the movie multiple times on movie night. *is glad that the movie is funny or else those movie nights would be very long*

Question: Who's Harry Styles?

Question: Who's Harry Styles? Isn't he the guy who appeared at the end of the Eternals movie? (I have not watched the movie and don't plan on doing so, but I have watched an explanation of key scenes in movie)

@Addie L

Actually...I may've heard of that Liam guy.


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! You win!!!! Move aside, Liam Neeson! (At least for a little bit) [begin Ewok chanting and bowing to Alaina on the golden throne]
I'm not really a big fan of the movie, but the music is funny.
Hehehe.... Hesperus, I just realized you were talking about my sentiments about CHINA. XP (I was so caught up in my Liam Neeson reference, I forgot what my own post was about!) And yes, China is quite the pile of garbage.
Back to Alaina- You know, I don't really know. I've seen pictures, but never heard any of his music or his work in movies. He's pretty famous.

@Addie L

*faints with delight at meeting the Ewoks*
The music is pretty funny. My siblings and I will sing it in the car though, since we haven't exactly memorized it, we tend to just stick to the chorus esp. for Garmadon.

@addie and Alaina

Its ninjago movie.(Me TOTALLY not looking at alaina's post) Not as worth it as the actuall TV show wchich I still watch on Youtube. Yeah, It doesn't match but I can kinda see it.

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