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Creative Advent Calendars Mark Time
News Bytes 11/18/2021 26 Comments

For lovers of Advent calendars, there are lots of unusual ways to count down to Christmas. These December timetables can help spread the festive spirit and give (or get!) a daily treat all month long.

The term Advent is often used to describe the days leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth. The word itself means “arrival or coming.” For Christians, Advent celebrates Jesus Christ’s coming in three significant ways: Jesus’ physical birth in Bethlehem, the welcome of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers, and Christ’s triumphant Second Coming. It’s also a time of preparation through penitence. (Penitence refers to consciously recognizing sin and sorrowing over it in repentance, but with the assurance of God’s salvation. See 1 John 1:9.)

And while no calendar could ever convey the significance of Christmas, many Christians choose to spread joy on Earth by giving and receiving gifts—and by counting down the days to the glorious birth of Jesus, the “dawn of redeeming grace” for all believers.

Here are a sampling of some of the newest Advent calendars available today:


Maison Du Chocolat makes a Holiday Ornament Advent Calendar designed to hang on the tree. This stuffed ornament contains 24 handmade mini-bars, fruity confections, dark chocolate pralines, and other chocolate treats.

Bonne Maman, the French company that’s been making famous jams for 50 years, has a new edition of its Advent calendar. The box opens to a pretty winter village scene and features 24 miniature jars of fruit spreads and honey. Flavors include Plum and Pear with Star Anise, Wild Blueberry with Lemon Balm, and Cherry with Hibiscus Flower.

Star Wars fans will appreciate Williams-Sonoma’s Mandalorian candy Advent calendar with classic sweets like chocolate balls and gummy frogs.


Coffee lovers will enjoy waking up to a Twelve Mornings of Coffee calendar. Bean Box selected independent coffee roasters across the United States to offer 12 limited-edition holiday blends.

Copper Cow got on the coffee bandwagon too. It’s promoting a new pour-over coffee and creamer every day with 12 Days of Pour-Over Advent Calendar. Sleek drawers feature seasonal coffee roasts and flavored creamers like Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, and Cardamom.

Tea Forte launched a limited-edition Warming Joy Advent Calendar with 24 pyramid tea infusers, such as Spiced Ginger Plum, Sweet Orange Spiced Tea, and African Solstice.


Fur babies can even have their own little holiday countdown! Purina has two versions for dogs: 12 or 24 days of treats that include chew bones and snacks. For cats, the company has the purrrrfect Feastivities Advent Calendar, which houses 24 tins in different flavors.

Sugarwish allows a gift recipient to choose up to 12 just-right treats for dogs. The company also has versions with treats for humans, but the snack choices here, from cheesy goldfish to liver lover hearts, is tailored for the furry crowd.


Finally, supermarket chain Aldi deserves a spotlight on its enormous selection of Advent calendars. Favorites from this year include the Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar, the LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar, and the Warner Brothers Elf Advent Calendar.

Waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. — Titus 2:13

Have you ever had an Advent calendar? If so, share your favorite. Why do you think so many Advent calendars are focused on food? What traditions does your family have for Advent?

(A variety of sweet treat advent calendars. Katie Workman via AP)

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Most recent comments

First comment

That is interesting. I've have some of those a while ago.

First comment

That is interesting. I've have some of those a while ago.

3rd Comment

my mom made an advent calendar, we use it every year.
Also , I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow morning so I won't be on for a while.

4th comment

We do advent calendars every year. When we were little we would each get one with toys or candy in it. I don't really get or want one now because I am older, but we do it for the younger kids. One year we made coffee and tea calendars for some family members!


I kinda think pet advent calendars are a bit ridiculous. They don't and can't even understand what Advent and Christmas is! Plus I wouldn't want to give my dog a bunch of sweets all the time.

I have not done an event

I have not done an event calendar in a while because my little brother always eats the chocolate.


what if rocks were really soft, but tense up when you touch them?

7th comment

We haven't done an Advent calendar before, ( that I can remember ) but I was just thinking that it would be kinda fun to make one your self. We usually do a thing with candles, we have four candles in a circle and we light each one the first week of December, the two, then three, then four and then on Christmas Day we light all four of them plus a big candle on the middle with symbolizes Christ, ( the other four symbolizes love, faith, man this is really bad I can't remember the other two! ) but yeah that's what we do instead of a calendar.


i think the other two are hope and angels, and it is called advent wreath.

10th comment

I normally do a chocolate advent calendar that I get from my aunt. Last year I had a separate Harry Potter one with a different trinket every day. A while ago, my grandma and mom made cloth bags that tie shut. They are are labeled with a date and whether it is mine or my siblings. Inside each one is an ornament, so every day from December 1st up until Christmas some ornaments go on the tree. It makes it fun and easy to put up the tree and decorate it, because every year when we take the tree down, the ornaments are matched up and put in their bags for the next year. So that's one of my fun advent traditions

Did you know...

Did you know that the Latin word "Adventus" means arrival or coming? Sounds/looks like advent.

@Kiara J

Do you speak Latin? I love Latin :).


I may be kind of old for this, but we still do our annual advent calendar here. My grandma made us this felt one that hangs on the door to a closet and every day has each own pocket. On each pocket is a felt decoration, like a reindeer or a colorful box. And on top of all of that is this back round of a Christmas tree, so every day we can hang up the felt decorations on the Christmas tree :). It's really fun.
@Riley, I agree! People shouldn't treat their dogs like kids. Dogs are dogs. We love them very much, but humans are dominant over all creatures. God gave us that authority. I love dogs and everything, don't get me wrong, but humans are much more important and loved in the eyes of God than a dog.

Latest comment!

I wrote this at 11:03-04 at night

@Nora L

Yes, we do that too! I thought the others were Hope and Joy. I think families do it differently.
@Christian. Then they would pretty much be made out of cornstarch and water mixed together.

@Riley D


This is Mylee

This is cool I love advent calendars !!!! I think the candle thing is Hanakuh if i'm right. ??? @Riley it is tru that some ppl treat dogs better than humans but to some ppl like my grandmother they are her babies. Her husband died and all her kids moved out of the house and 3 of her grandchildren that she raised. Well one that is 20 lives with her but hes in college and stuff. So for ppl like her it makes since XD.

@Scarlett R

Yes! I am in the process of learning Latin. ;-)


My grandma has one just like that!


I see what you mean. No, the candle thing we are talking about is not Hanukah. Hanukah is a Jewish celebration, which involves I think seven candles on a special holder and they do different rituals and stuff each night if I am correct. This advent candle wreath is a Christian thing, and there are only four candles.

This page is...

Over 3 years old.. ---->

Go check it out

Go play Hypixel on Java and The Hive on Bedrock

@ Sarah F & Riley D

Sorry I'm not on here on the weekends, but I think you are both right on the hope, and Riley is right on joy, and I know it's called an advent wreath ( we do it every year ) I guess my brain wasn't working that day! XDXDXD

This is Mylee

I think hanukah has 9 ?


Lol I don't know. I involves an odd number of candles more than 5! XD


We do advent calenders if my mom can find them before they are sold out :) My favourite was one that my little sister bought for me as a present, it was a lego set so I could build something each day. @Nora, We do advent wreathes too! Us kids always light the candles, and the first day we do it we have to decide who goes first. :) @Sarah, bye!

@ riley d

ur never to old for family traditions, my dad still watches rudalph and frosty the snow man every year and my family has grown to love doing it every year.
and ima not twelve any more just saying.

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