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News Bytes 11/19/2021 12 Comments

Today in Top Story: 

Western monarch butterflies return to California overwintering sites despite last year's historic low.


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Most recent comments

1st comment

Wow that comeback is great! We have monarchs migrate through where I live. And it does seem that they like our pine trees, we have some that look the same as in the picture!

2nd Comment

Wow, at least they didn't die out!
What happened to Friday Funnies?




rip friday funnies :((


Really? I really liked them!

I have a weird question

Is anyone here a furry?

Um no

Um no

What is a furry?

What is a furry?

I meant to put a question

I meant to put a question mark at the end of that to say Um no? as in a question sorry. I did not mean to sound rude. Could you explain what a furry is. Thanks.

Here you go

Oh It’s fine a furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals. Such as the people from zootopia or lion king. Animals with human characteristics are anthropomorphic. So just like some one who likes Star Trek is a trecky, someone who likes anthropomorphic animals is a furry. That is the simplest way i could think to put it. Also a smaller present of the furry community will dress up as animals and go out in public to give people high fives and hugs. Basically spread joy.


Do y'all think they'll put something about the Rittenhouse trial on here? I feel like they should. It's a very big deal. *hint to whatever WorldTeen admin is checking this site*
;D ;D (:D ( :D (:D
If you don't know about the Rittenhouse case, first of all, wow, second of all, you should ask your parents because it's been a rollercoaster of idiocy, but *spoiler* it turned out great in the end!

@Addie L

Agreed, I feel bad for him even though he was acquitted. At least he got to meet Trump though.

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