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Scorpions Unleashed
News Bytes 11/16/2021 28 Comments

Heavy rain and flooding in a southern province in Egypt have devastated the region. Sadly, three people have died and more than 500 others have been hospitalized. Their injuries came from an unusual—and creepy-crawly—source according to Egypt’s state-run media.

The Egyptian province of Aswan experienced downpours, hail, dust storms, and thunder over the weekend. The severe weather caused power outages and required local authorities to suspend school classes, says Governor Ashraf Attia. But a more frightening outcome of the storms may have been the resulting scorpion invasion!

Egypt’s massive storms forced snakes and scorpions from their hiding places. The arachnids (in the spider family) scurried into houses across the province to avoid the rising water.

God created scorpions to be fierce predators. Like their spider cousins, they have eight legs. But they also boast the added features of pincers and segmented tails. The slender tail ends in a sharp stinger which can strike when curved up over a scorpion’s back.

A sting from certain scorpion species can paralyze or kill prey rapidly. However, although the stings of many species can be uncomfortable to humans, only 25 of over 2,500 scorpion species inject a venom that is deadly to humans. One species found in Northern Africa, the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion, is one of the world’s deadliest. Venom from these scorpions can kill a human in less than an hour.

Photos and video footage from Egypt have been circulating on social media. They show flooded streets and damaged houses, vehicles, and farms. Many of the images include large black scorpions. Residents of the area are being urged to stay home—and especially avoid locations with many trees.

About 500 of those stung by scorpions were discharged after they were given antivenom medication. The volume of scorpion-sting patients has doctors taking a break from vaccinations to administer antivenom.

Study the use of the word scorpion in scripture. How does God describe these amazing creatures? (See Revelation 9 especially.)

(The Arabian fat-tailed scorpion lives in semi-desert and desert regions and is one of the world’s deadliest. Guy Haimovitch)

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Most recent comments

First Comment!!

First Comment!!

Scorpions look so creepy.

Scorpions look so creepy. Would not want one in my yard.

3rd comment

Yikes! None of that sounds very fun at all! Also, the dust storms must have come BEFORE the downpour, or else there wouldn't be any dust. ;) :)

Helpful important fact

In Japan they have scorpion flavored ice cream as well as some other “interesting flavors “

1st comment

hello dudes and dudetts

jonathan m

your ferrari got u in first again even if its an unusual first also scorpions creepy gimme nightmares glad its not where i live


can you tell us some of the "interesting flavors" (:

Who in their right mind would

Who in their right mind would eat a scorpion flavored ice cream?!



Scorpions are cool, too! (not just scary) '\__,o, (bad attempt)

(at scorpion) Scorpions can be cool, too, though they look frightening. Some save lives with antivenom made from them. Also, Hi! It's been a long time since I was on. Did I miss any particularly good articles?

Some gross flavors

Squid Ink.
Soy Sauce.
Purple Sweet Potato.
Buckwheat Tea.
Bitter Melon.


Also ass octopus to that list of flavors! How gross! In Asia, they also eat scorpions on a stick, and other absolutely disgusting things! But then again, they might look at things we eat and think they are gross. But I will stick my hamburger and fries, thank you very much!


*add* not ass

This is London.

@riley :// I saw your comment and I was like what
My brother ate a scorpion sucker I licked it but no ……..

@Riley D

Those are not gross.... though i have not tasted them


i would hate to be around one but there just so interesting

Indiana Jones Quote

Indy's son: Ah
Indy: what?
Indy's son: A scorpion stung me.
Indy: Was it big?
Indy's son: yeah, real big.
Indy: You're fine then. It's the small ones you have to worry about.
Indian Jones 4(I didn't like that one)

That's scary!

That's scary! I hope everyone's okay.

Jonathan M

Dudettes? Also, I knew someone with the exact name as you, with the Mcall... as last name (though i don't know what your actual last name is ). That would be really cool if that was you...... its a long shot......


Like garlic and anchovy flavors

Samuel K

sorry I forget most of them except snake.... but hey! they have pepper spray flavor in Hong Kong

@Jonathan M

Oh... a long lost cause.. Also you didn't have to say what your last name was.... I wasn't trying to make you do that..

@Jonathan M

Just a friendly reminder that we aren't allowed to share our full names. I doubt you guys are trackers or anything but we should be safe just in case.

First of all yuck:. Second of

First of all yuck:. Second of all that’s horrible! Third of all I fell bad for these people. I hope things get better for them.


*Chewing sounds* I don't know what you guys say that scorpions are bad. They are so– *MinecraftDeathSound* —MCBuilder106 was slain by scorpion—

@morgan h and franz r

Who would even buy those types of ice creams??????

I thought pit scorpion is deadliest

I thought pit scorpion is deadliest


LOL haha scorpions go brrrrr

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