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Flight Attendants Need More Rest
News Bytes 10/26/2021 13 Comments

Federal regulators are proposing more rest for flight attendants. A new rule requires an extra hour between their shifts. Congress approved such a change in 2018. However, the regulation never got implemented.

Rest is a gracious gift to humans from an all-wise Creator. “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest,” Psalm 127:2 says, “. . . for He gives to His beloved sleep.” Workers—especially those who labor in stressful service environments—need to be fresh. Flight attendants are on the front lines of dealing with passengers’ comfort and safety. And sometimes impatient or fatigued fliers can become unruly and unkind. The job requires quick thinking and lots of patience: two things that a lack of sleep can rob a worker of.

Current rules require flight attendants to have nine straight hours of rest between shifts. That can be shortened to eight hours under some circumstances. Congress passed a law in 2018 that directed the FAA to increase the mandatory rest period. But FAA officials missed a deadline for publishing the regulation, so the rule fell by the wayside.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now proposing that flight attendants get 10 consecutive hours of rest between shifts. The proposal does not change the current 14-hour limit on a flight attendant’s work day.

The airline industry opposes the change. Airlines for America, a trade group for the largest U.S. carriers, estimates that the rule could add $786 million in costs over 10 years to its carriers. Those carriers currently employ about two-thirds of all U.S. flight attendants.

On the other side, flight-attendant unions have lobbied for more rest.

“Flight attendant fatigue is real,” says Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants. “Covid has only [worsened] the safety gap with long duty days, short nights, and combative conditions on planes.”

The FAA plans to provide 60 days for public comment. After the final rule is published, airlines will have 30 days to comply with it. So hopefully, the flight attendant on your next trip will feel well rested—and ready to bring you that tiny bag of pretzels with a big smile.

(An American Airlines flight attendant hands out snack bags aboard a Boeing 737 Max jet before taking off from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport near Grapevine, Texas. The FAA says flight attendants should get more rest between shifts. AP/LM Otero)

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Most recent comments

1st Comment!!!!!!

They should totally do this.

2nd Comment

Yeah they should, it completely makes sense

3rd comment

Yes they should up their rest hours. Being a flight attendant would be pretty hard on the ears, with all the altitude change and all, doing it all the time. But then again, maybe your ears would get used to it?

I agree with this notion.

I agree with this notion. Honestly I think the work days and off days need to be adjusted for everything.

Pretzels? They serve pretzels

Pretzels? They serve pretzels, of all things? In a tiny bag? Just kidding, I don't REALLY care.

ok cool

ok cool

this is Micah

I completely agree, they for sure need rest. With all their hard work!

This is Mylee

my aunt use to be a flight attendant when they were stopped she could take a break in other countries. She got to explore XD. Yes this sounds good but we need more ppl working on the planes for this to happen. also my aunt said there is more to flight attending then passing out pretzals. XD

What about the labor shortage

What about the labor shortage?

@Morgan H

Did you just join? I haven't seen your name on this website before. I mightv'e been too busy with school to notice.

I went through a few weeks of

I went through a few weeks of wanting to be a flight attendant recently - I might still be interested. I guess this could be good, but very expensive!! Is it really necessary? I guess 9 hours isn't a lot, seeing as maybe only 7 and a half of those are sleeping hours. I'm still not convinced that 10 hours is necessary though. I mean, a flight attendants job is supposed to be busy and full of things happening.

OK, maybe not 'supposed' but

OK, maybe not 'supposed' but that is what it is like in a flight attendant's job.

Think about this...

A flight attendants minimum wage is around 100,000 dollars a flight, if they work say a 12 hour flight 4 times a week that's 400,000 dollars a week! they work for their money not sleep for it. They get around 2 days of sleep after each flight enough to recharge their battery's.

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