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Science Summit Addresses Equality
News Bytes 10/11/2021 27 Comments

Should the knowledge of new scientific discovery be the property of the discoverer—or is it intended for the good of all humankind? This dilemma in today’s modern world, which is sharply divided into wealthy nations and poverty-stricken nations, prompted the creation of a group to address the issue. Switzerland’s foreign minister says a new “think tank” will seek to enact the proper distribution of future advances and developments in science—so that the whole world can benefit, not just rich countries.

Ignazio Cassis delivered a video message for the inaugural summit last week of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator, or GESDA. The Swiss government-backed project aims to bridge government policy and science in an international city known for both.

“There is a growing feeling that a new Cold War is about to be fought over science and technology,” Cassis says. GESDA will bring together hundreds of scientists and policymakers worldwide. If operated according to its stated good intentions, the group would serve as an “honest broker” that helps spread the benefits of science to countries rich and poor, he says.

The idea for GESDA was conceived in 2019. But responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caught many governments off guard, prompted many scientists and leaders to consider its need more urgently. Uncertain, changeable, and unclear responses from health policy makers like the Geneva, Switzerland, based World Health Organization exposed gaping inequality in health options between rich and poor countries. Access to good information as well as remedies and supplies—medications, oxygen, personal protective equipment, and vaccines, for example—vary dramatically based on affluence.

Dr. Jeremy Farrar is the director of the Wellcome Trust charity and a key player in international health policy. He supports the formation of GESDA. Dr. Farrar says that while science has made great strides, action must be taken to improve sharing of knowledge globally. Otherwise, “scientific advances will increasingly be available to a small elite in the world—and not to everybody.”

GESDA will bring together hundreds of United Nations officials, Nobel laureates, academics, diplomats, advocacy group representatives, and members of the public to achieve its goals for the world.

The intentions sound good. It is a noble effort to want to improve health and quality of life with new discoveries for all people. But in many ways, the world’s science community has abandoned the notion of an all-wise Creator God who designed all the scientific laws and their implications. And it is His very character that gives equal dignity to all of humankind. So how might a secular, science- and government-based organization hope to solve problems of equality and human health without acknowledging the One who made all, rules all, and sanctifies the life He created?

(Swiss Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis onscreen in a recorded video speaks about the first Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation Summit 2021 (GESDA) during a press conference at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 7, 2021. Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP)

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Most recent comments

1st comment

Interesting. It was a slightly complicated article to read but I think I got the gist of it XD Also, I am back! I hope...

2nd comment

that is very interesting!

3rd Comment

I don’t know if this will work but I hope it does

Welcome back Mirela! I was

Welcome back Mirela! I was wondering where you were.
About the article, sort of: I think that scientists who don't believe even that there's an ultimate Creator must be ignoring a lot of things. I mean, once you get into science, you can't really deny the evidence. So "secular" scientists... that doesn't make much sense. You're not much of a scientist if you ignore that much evidence (in my opinion).
I hope that made sense! Feel free to ask me for clarification.

OK, nope! This is basically

OK, nope! This is basically Communism. Ik, Ik, it's for a good cause, right? Yeah, well, that's what a lot of people think when they hear the concept of Communism. Here's the thing. Man is naturally selfish, and you. can't. fix that. Some rule like that isn't going to work, period. There's always going to be the people who say one thing and do the opposite, even though they promised. *cough cough* Russia. What? Come again? No, no, no. They will share all their technological advances with the world; they have to! They said they would right here on this piece of paper! Um, where is that piece of paper...? *Russia snickers and burns the paper* *gasp from the global collection of chumps* "What? They're not sharing? But they proooomised..." Me: "Yeah, shocking isn't it. Like, they said they would! Funny how that happens when you have no respect for the rules or others."


Next up someone is going say they invented a perpetual motion Time Machine teleporter and he will happily share it with the world so they can use it too (also know as an “automatic fame receiver “)

Ehh... I guess I don't know

Ehh... I guess I don't know exactly what to think.

@ KN

You know what I love? Is when you see all those signs or Tee shirts that say " I believe in science " Like that is super ironic that you can believe in science, cause science only goes on facts and believing in something isn't scientific a fact!!!!! XDXD

Ya this is bad.

Ya this is bad.

This is Morgan

I find it odd that some people think that you can't believe in God and science. If you believe in God you are somehow "anti science". In some schools even they teach the Big Bang Theory, despite it being just that. A THEORY.
When you ask atheists where they get their evidence they cannot give any legitimate evidence. They say it is impossible for there to be a God just because they do not understand it and cannot comprehend it.

Has anyone ever heard of The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. Its basically is about a true story of a man who set out to prove that there is no God and Jesus never existed. Well he couldn't and ended up being a pastor.

There is also a book called Proof of Heaven about a neurosurgeons journey through Heaven.
Both are amazing books! Check them out!

@ Nora: Yeah!! That is kind

@ Nora: Yeah!! That is kind of funny.
@ Morgan: I've read Case for Christ for Kids for school a few years ago. Pretty good.



@Morgan H

I've watched the movie.
Article: Interesting. It's hard to think that there is no creator. And what made those 2 atoms or whatever and wherever they were floating in!?

I'm taking an amazing logic

I'm taking an amazing logic course this year - the book is called The Fallacy Detective. It teaches about all of the different logical mistakes people commonly make. Is anyone else taking it?
Atheists mainly use circular reasoning and proof by lack of evidence to defend what they believe. Both are big fallacies, or mistakes. They also use weak analogies, comparing one thing with another saying that two things that are different can be compared. I was talking with someone who used those - it was so frustrating! Especially when attacked with proof by lack of evidence, your beliefs can be hard to defend. This is when memorizing Bible verses come in handy, and something else that is good for learning to defend your faith is the book "Don't Check Your Brains at the Door" by Josh McDowell and Bob Hosteller. I highly recommend this book if you have doubts about the legitimacy and truth of the Bible or if you have run-ins with people who condemn the Bible as fiction or fables.

By the way have any of you

By the way have any of you seen the movie Time Changer? It's almost creepy at the very end...


(your first comment) I agree 100%! Well worded! :)


Yes, that is a great book! Have you read The Case for a Creator? (also by Lee Strobel)

this is Micah

I agree with Mirela with the first comment! Or I am just bad at understanding.

@ Eliana C

Yes! I'm reading that book now, I actually really like it because sooo many people use so many fallacies, probably including me! XD

I know! It was really hard

I know! It was really hard when I was listening to someone basing their entire argument on a slippery slope...I could hardly contain myself. Ever since I started, I've looked over past arguments and conversations I have made and cringe when I realize I used so many appeals to pity and tu quoque...

@Eliana C

I've done that book before for school! Did you know there is a sequel? I have not done the sequel though. Right now I'm doing informal logic.

@Franz R

Hmm, yes, the likelihoods of either happening are about the same, aren't they...

@ Eliana

I actually just read about the slippery slopes last night!
@ Kiara I din't know that there was a sequel! I might look into that

Random Comment

I know someone who thinks the earth is flat...

@ Kiara J

Yes, I have the sequel for school and can't wait to start it! It's called The Thinking Toolbox.


YAYY! YES, I'm taking The Fallacy Detective this year as well, it's really really good!!!

....And I'm about to start

....And I'm about to start the sequel. And Time Changer is great xD the end is the best part! LOLL
And yeah, the Fallacy Detective really throws light on how many Fallacys people use in common conversations @_@ like...yikes!!

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