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News Bytes 10/8/2021 27 Comments

Today in Top Story: The World Health Organization approves the world's first malaria vaccine for at-risk children in Africa.

The vaccine isn’t perfect. Still, scientists say the vaccine could keep thousands of children from dying of malaria in Africa. That continent has most of the world’s more than 200 million cases and 400,000 deaths per year.


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1st Comment!!!!!!!

Oh, that's sad.

Oh, that's sad.
Good morning all!

3rd comment

that is cool!

Good morning!

Good morning!


It's great that they are getting a vaccine for malaria!

Seems like almost every time

Seems like almost every time they start handing out free vaccines in Africa, people get hurt.


@Hannah W

I think it depends on the vaccine. The polio vaccine has saved so many lives for instance. But FORCING people to get a vaccine is not something I agree with.


Good Morning

Good morning fellow siblings though Crist!!!
(Not. It's 6:45 :))



@Scarllet R

i agree

This is great that they have

This is great that they have a vaccine for this!! Hopefully it will save many lives.
@ Scarlett R., I totally agree. The government should not be forcing anyone to put anything into their bodies. Sure, get it if you want to. Perfectly fine. It's your body, it's your choice. You have the right to make that choice. But what they're saying with COVID-19 is "Your body, my choice. And if you don't do what I say, you're out of a job. Sorry! Have a nice day." My dad almost lost his job because he wouldn't take the vaccine! I was so scared. I've never lived in the same country more than four years at a time. Then we find out, Hey! we might have to move again!!! Yeah, no.
What are people going to do when the Mark of the Beast shows up? Look around you and notice how many people are taking this out of fear or because they want to keep their jobs or go to a different country, and not because they've done research or believe that it's going to keep them from getting sick? This is like, whoa. All of these people are giving into the propaganda, the media playing on their emotions, and taking a vaccine that was hardly tested at all before being released. Sure, I get it if you're actually scared, but what is scaring you? Is it the numbers that don't add up on the CDC website? Or all of the articles you read from biased news? Or is it the facts from the extensive research you've done before coming to a well-backed conclusion? It feels like, with COVID-19, the governments around the world were, and still are, testing people to see what they could get away with. Which is, unfortunately, a lot. If you've looked into it and decide that the vaccine is safe for you to take and that it's going to help you, go right ahead. But the government forcing you to, even if you don't want to? Please, no.

@Eliana C

Exactly. I posted this on another article about the vaccine (it was directed at Hesperus.):
Are you in Cali too? That's the impression I'm getting. Here, people trying to approve the vaccine for kids under twelve years old. When they decide it's "safe for everyone", they're going to force every school child to get vaccinated or else get suspended. (Don't try that in my homeschool please!!) How can people decide that the vaccine is the right thing for everyone? Who are they to say that everyone around them should get vaccinated? People die from the vaccine, but then again you could die from anything. Hesperus, I understand your frustration. Everywhere there are signs and posters that say "Be kind. Get vaccinated!"
So, if I don't get vaccinated am I not being kind?
Guys, I'm so so sorry if this sounded blunt or offensive, I respect your views. :)

@Scarlett R

That's exactly what I'm saying! This past February (2021), my family was visiting my cousins in Kentucky. My grandparents were there, too, and we went out for a girl's day at a mall in Cincinnati. My grandma, aunt, older cousin, sister, and I were waiting outside a store for my mom. We were standing in a small circle, chatting, and some of us had our masks down so we could be heard more clearly. I had mine under my nose, because my glasses fog up otherwise.
Anyway, a completely random lady walks past and calls out to my grandma, "Pull your mask up!" All of us jumped and turned, wondering who this woman was to order us around like that. My grandma recovered quickly and answered calmly but with force, "No." The lady slowed but kept walking, and said, "Be a nice person!" My grandma immediately answered with, "I am a nice person! And I would save your life with CPR if I had to, but I'd have to pull your mask down first!" During this entire exchange, this lady never stopped walking, and after my grandma's last comment, we all burst out laughing!
This just goes to show how crazy some people are. I mean, I totally would NOT have the nerve to tell some random person to do something, IN THE MALL of all places, and especially on such a controversial topic!
By the way, I love the way you state your views in a polite and respectful manner!! <3


I love you grandma’s response LOL that’s hilarious (not the rude lady of corse that’s kinda sad and frustrating)

@Amelia B

The story didn't die for days!... my cousin Dylan thought it was hilarious too

@Eliana C

Thanks!! Your Grandma sounds awesome. My Grandma will pull her mask down inside stores no matter what people say. I have a slight stuttering problem (not a condition) and I have a really deep, clear, voice for my young age. That makes it more noticeable when I stutter and the mask doesn't help at all. Maybe I should get a better one???
So if I'm acting or singing I'll pull it down, and no one seems to care. You can't really complain about line delivery being unclear when your actor is wearing a mask! :)

@Eliana C

Thanks!! Your Grandma sounds awesome. My Grandma will pull her mask down inside stores no matter what people say. I have a slight stuttering problem (not a condition) and I have a really deep, clear, voice for my young age. That makes it more noticeable when I stutter and the mask doesn't help at all. Maybe I should get a better one???
So if I'm acting or singing I'll pull it down, and no one seems to care. You can't really complain about line delivery being unclear when your actor is wearing a mask! :)


Oops, posted twice. Why does that happen???
But another thing is, I don't understand why other people are so intent about controlling others. A lot of people say stuff like;
"People these days are so dumb. If everyone wold just wear a mask this virus thing would go away." Can you just mind your own business? I think some of these Americans should read Proverbs (my favorite book!!) People think, "If everyone in this nation were as smart as us, everything would be perfect. And sorry to disappoint you people, but the corona virus isn't going to disappear. It'll be here forever, it's not like diseases just go away after a year or so. And people use the phrase "after covid" like everything will be normal again. Sure it will, but covid isn't going to be gone.
This if off topic but, another weird thing people say is: "We shouldn't follow the constitution because it's so old. The founding fathers were old guys, not too bright. Maybe we should elect a SMART GUY to rewrite the constitution!!!" I find that logic to be pretty ridiculous honestly. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.

i love world watch

goooood morning! i'm the big bash


Ugh yeah I can see that being a problem… I sometimes feel it’s ridiculously hard trying to order at restaurants sometimes because they have a mask, you have a mask, and sometimes there’s a plexiglass wall between you. Also places like chipotle are hard to order because they’re normally hard to hear in general

Masks and Plexiglass

Both the masks and the plexiglass made the time immediately after the shutdown even worse. The masks don't block the minuscule COVID virus, but they do trap moisture and germs right next to your nose and mouth, which you're breathing in. Only N-95 masks block the tiny virus.
The plexiglass blocks airflow and does not absorb the disinfectant that is sprayed on it. The disinfectant either just stays there, trapping the germs under it (because most disinfectants can't kill as many germs as the ads claim), or it is soaked up in the wipe that they used to clean the plexiglass and doesn't do anything.


Plus you can't hear and can hardly see the person you're trying to talk to...


And the vaccine is speeding up the mutations. Exactly what we need.

That was sarcasm

That was sarcasm

@Eliana C

I assumed it was sarcasm :). And ya know what? N-95s aren't allowed in Cali. There are illustrations tacked everywhere of N-95s and arrows pointing to the places that "let germs escape." I don't really know what all this is about anyway, maybe some people are just trying to seize power.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir

Have you heard the good word of Jesus?

@Scarlett R

Some people are DEFINITELY trying to seize power.

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