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News Bytes 09/24/2021 47 Comments

Today in Top Story: Company documents reveal that Instagram use can increase anxiety, depression, and body image issues in teens.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, kept this research to itself. Meanwhile, the company publicly downplayed the app’s negative effects on mental health. Instagram seems to make it particularly easy for young users to compare themselves to others.


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1st comment

Um yea they should not allow that

2nd Comment

That's sad, I hope they can do something about it

2nd Comment

That's sad, I hope they can do something about it

this is mylee

:(. The only social media i have is is pinterest. I wouldn't get facebook or anything instagram. . Poshmark is like a socil media for selling clothes but we don't have any personal info on there. if anyone on here is looking for a safer socil media visco you can only take piccs and have your friends only if wanted. I don't have it and its only for girls.

This is London

I think Pinterest is the safest you shouldn’t have social media until 18


This is very sad that this should be allowed to continue


Yes it is sad. Teens need to be confident in who they themselves are, and not be comparing themselves to others. And people get so wrapped up in their social media that soon they are checking it every like 30 mins. Not what they need to be doing. It is much better to go outside and take a bike ride, or play on a volleyball or football team, or something like that.


I CAN'T PREDICT WHAT YOU ARE DOING (but i'll give it a try)

1. You are wondering WHAT this is supposed to be
2. You realized this is a big fat joke, like politics
3. You are rolling your eyes and moving on with your life, but if YOU HAVEN'T...
30. You kept reading, and probably did it just prove number 3, and me, wrong
31. You are wondering why I skipped 43 numbers
32. I didn't. My math is horrible, as you can see

It's a Spiritual problem.

Nice idea but, Instagram can do nothing to make people "stop focusing on their outside appearance". The only One who can do that is the Lord. All the phycology stuff isn't going to help at all but will only make things worse.

@ HD



Not really, I mean, who is actually surprised by this?

@ Above

Not me....this has been going on sense....Bible times xD



Well duh.

What did they think it was doing? Creating an atmosphere of peace, happiness, and self-security??? Come on, people, be more perceptive...
@Mylee- I agree that people shouldn't get social media AT LEAST until they're 18. It really gives you a bad outlook on life, besides being a great way to brainwash people.
@Toryn- Are you new here? If so, welcome to WorldTeen! If not, welcome to this article!
@Hesperus- I kind of want to laugh, but then I would mess up #3, so I'll just roll my eyes.


Instagram encourages girls to get surgery that makes them look (in my opinion) jacked up and fake. I.E. Nose jobs, plastic surgery, surgical removal of body fat, etc.


1) you are reading this
2) you are not going to believe this
3) you are crazy
4) you don't believe this
484958) my math is terrible
54720895738) me spelin be teribible
837290487298) ikzxsvaudofsdygbsw

What do these 7 letters have in common?

What do these letters have in common?
Z, X, C, V, B, N, M,

This is a comment.

Yeah, I can totally see that easily happening….. I’m glad I don’t have social media

@ Kiara

Ok, I’m gonna be a smart Alec here, the thing they have in common is that they’re all letters XD
Or is it that they’re all able to be split equally in half

It’s Friday right?

Where is the funny?


Seriously, they're just now figuring that out? Seems like, well duh!

Whoops, seem they ran out of

Whoops, seem they ran out of funny, didn't they? Huh, I can understand that feeling. Like, when you role out of bed in the morning and you just feel like biting someone? Your sibling cracks a joke and you throw the spoon for your cereal at them? Well, by the time 7:30 (PM) roles around, I'm finally feeling better.

Not a huge surprise.

Not a huge surprise.


they are all on the bottom row of the keyboard.


Oh now that I think about my answer, n doesn’t really split in half, is it that they’re all consonants?

Everyone already knows this

Everyone already knows this

You guys do realize that

You guys do realize that responding to strangers on a public platform (such as this) is veryyyyy close to, if not, 'social media" so.....

@N&M A

Good point.
One difference is, this is a Christian platform, so our ideals are very different. It's also censored by World.
Another difference is that Instagram revolves around pictures, so people post pictures of their ugly skinny bodies in revealing outfits and call it beauty and teens fall for it.

@ Above


@Addie L

Straight up facts.


This isn't social media. This is just commenting on news articles and current events. Like Addie said, social media is people posting pictures of and talking about themselves.

How do they get these

How do they get these articles out so fast?!?!??!


You are funny

@Caden W

Thanks. I find inspirational moments like that while smoking pizza in a Gandalf-style pipe. (Don't ever do it, those pepperonis are horrible for your lungs)

@ Above

*face palm.....*

3 Rings for the Elven Lords

3 Rings for the Elven Lords under the sky,
7 for the Dwarf-Lords in their halls of stone,
9 for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies,
One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.

@Jonathan M

*sighs heavily* Have you had your fun now? I'm not what exactly yer trying to accomplish here...

@Jonathan M

Oh, oh. I get it. It's a secret code, isn't it. Hahaha, thought you could outsmart me, didn't ya. NOPE. NOT TODAY. Ik exactly what that means.

no u don't .. .

no u don't .. .


so true

@ Hannah

Not necessarily, but pretty close.

Here ya go, Johnathan. This is my only post of this though...

3 Rings for the Elven Lords under the sky,
7 for the Dwarf-Lords in their halls of stone,
9 for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies,
One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.




Dots ! ¡¡¡¿¿‰•» random icons

You Sent the Money

You Sent the Money
Amelia Price Ayres
You sent the money across the sea,
That bought a Bible for young Sing Lee;
And young Sing Lee, when he'd read therein,
Proceeded to turn his back on sin;
Then he rested neither night nor day,
Till his brother walked in the narrow way;
And his brother worked till he had won
Away from their gods his wife and son.
The woman told of her new-found joy,
And Christ was preached by the happy boy.
Some of the folks who heard them speak
Decided the one true God to seek.
It wasn't long before half the town
Had left its idols of wood and stone.
And the works not ended yet, my friend,
You started something that neer shall end,
When you sent the money across the sea,
That bought a Bible for young Sing Lee.

Absolutely correct

My friend went to the hospital because she had starved her self due to what the internet told her!


Ugh, that's terrible

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