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News Bytes 09/17/2021 89 Comments

On Tuesday, California voters cast ballots in a recall election for their state’s governor, Gavin Newsom. Republicans point to California’s ongoing troubles with homelessness, crime, and escalating housing costs that they say the Democratic governor has made worse. Republicans hoped the recall would oust Newsom and replace him with conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder. But Californians voted almost two to one to keep their elected governor for the rest of his term.

Editorial cartoons can be powerful media for expressing opinions and ideas with few or no words. This cartoonist is making a statement about the California governor’s performance and the people’s choice. What do you think the picture is saying?

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1st comment

Oh no, sorry to all of you who live in California

How does anyone take this seriously

Hilariously, Larry Elder launched an "anti-voter fraud" website that claimed "statistical analyses have detected fraud in California resulting in Governor Newsom being reinstated as governor" before the election had even ended.
He knew he was going to lose, and already had some completely made up talking points ready to go.
I guess the Republican strategy really is just screaming about nonexistent election fraud every single time they lose an election. I'm sure that won't get old.

this is mylee

This is so sad... @Zack I'm sure there was fraud but California does have more democrates then republicians.

Zack W

There was fraud in Cali 100%. Don't even try to deny it.



This is so sad....:/

This is so sad....:/

5th comment

There're a lot of democrats here for sure! Coming from an independent/republican family, I am surrounded by dems. But I also see a lot of people asking for petition signatures to recall Newsom. I don't know very much about him though.

Good point.

Good point.

Good point.

Good point.

It is at times like these

It is at times like these that I am grateful I live in Alabama.

Your method is kind of

Your method is kind of effective Asher E …….but

@Franz R


this is London

im grateful to live in tx

@Zack W

Elder is wayyyy better than Newsom. I get that you want to throw shade on Republicans for suspecting voter fraud, (which I think every person would do in their situation) but let's look past that and see how HORRIBLY Newsom dealt with Covid. He made people wear masks everywhere against their wills, while going to dinner with some buddies and NOT WEARING MASKS!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention he shut down churches and left casinos alone... Would you vote for that guy again if you lived in Cali, had to pay huge taxes, wear masks regardless of whether the rule-MAKERS do, and have riots that burn down homes without government intervention? Think about it. Let's say (assuming on the basis of very good evidence that you are a democrat) that Larry Elder was actually on the left. A Newsom-hating Democrat. Would you object to his claim of voter fraud or would you vote for him?
You do know that Dems where "screaming about nonexistent election fraud" in 2016 when they lost, right?


Did you know what people are saying here?
"Everyone MUST wear masks unless they are vaccinated." "Be considerate, do the kind thing for your community: Get vaccinated."
Also, actors have to get cover tested multiple times a week before filming. If any of you have tried to sing or say lines in a musical with a mask on, you'll understand my frustration.
I am not vaccinated and I think that's not fair. How can people decide that everyone else should get vaccinated? It's hasn't been tested beforehand and people are dying from the vaccine because of all the terrible side-effects. People have free will, and they may have a very good reason not to get vaccinated. Sorry if I offered anyone. :)

"This is not about freedom or

"This is not about freedom or personal choice"
- Joe Biden 2021
(I watched it live, mind you.)


Wow! Was that on one of the debates?

@N&M. A

*facepalms* This is our president of our country who is supposed to stand for freedom. *sighs and is depressed for two seconds*

Ha! Amen

Ha! Amen

@Alaina H

Sounds depressing. : )

@Hannah W

No, this was part of the speech he made the other day about his new COVID plan.

This is kinda random but I wonder...

Do you think the artist is Michael P. Ramirez or Michael Pramirez? I am leaning towards number 1.

Voter Fraud

On CNN you could watch the the votes as they came in. At one point the votes for removing Newsom went down. If that is not fraud I don't know what is.




Oh, okay. What speech is that? I totally believe that he said that, I was just wondering. :-)

@Alaina H

I feel you...

@ Hannah

I don't know what speech it was last week sometime it just said "President Biden addresses new COVID plan" and he came on and said that....


Go to about 1:32 of this WORLD WATCH video:
If you don't click on links, go to the WORLD WATCH YouTube channel and look for the video " Biden delivers shot in the arm to American workforce | Top Story" and go to 1:33. (that's what the link is to btw)



@Addie L.

Uhhh, no. Even if in a strange alternate world Larry Elder was my favorite candidate who represented me perfectly, I still wouldn't believe something as dumb and baseless as his claims that the election was stolen from him by fraud. Do you really think everyone is that blindly biased towards their own side? I think the way you're trying to rationalize it says something important about the way you view issues like this.
And just to clarify, no. I'm far from being a democrat.

@Zack W

Sorry for misunderstanding you. I assumed (mistakenly, but understandably) that since you didn't like Trump you were a Dem.
Consequently, I assumed you were blindly biased for your side, which is probably an assumption that I should be careful with using. In my defense, all the Dems I've been around recently are blindly biased in favor of their side and against Trump.
If you don't mind me asking, what are your political opinions?

Actually, don't look at that

Actually, don't look at that link, please.

@Zack W

So you're a swamp republican then?

@Asher E

What does that mean?

Secondly, (and also important)

(should I feel stupid for not knowing?)

I'm guessing he's going to

I'm guessing he's going to say he's independent......but my logic teachers have been stressing "never assume" so..... **deletes**

@Addie L

A swamp republican is like an establishment republican. Someone like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell. or even George W Bush. A republican who doesn't support the America First movement.

@ CI That was 1929 comments

@ CI That was 1929 comments what were you thinking??!!???!!

@Asher E

Ok, with some explanation from my dad in addition to yours, I think I understand. So, Zack?

No. Though I'm not a democrat

No. Though I'm not a democrat, I'm even less of a republican.
Both political parties in America promote the same system of corporate capitalism and neither represent my ideals.

@Zack W

Sounds like you're a communist then.

@Asher E

Let's put it in a nicer way. An anti-capitalist. XD
Zack, I would like to talk more about this. I'm interested to see your views. I do have one question in order to understand your ideas more fully: Do you identify as a Christian?


Unless by "corporate capitalism" you mean capitalism controlled by the government, which I am opposed to as well. (It's not really capitalism if it's controlled by the government.
Go Capitalism.

@Addie L.

Yes, I'm a Christian.
And by corporate capitalism, I mean a capitalist system controlled, perpetuated, and exploited by a powerful minority of private interests.

@Asher E

Yes, I'm sure it probably does sound like that when you're incapable of understanding that there are more than five possible political opinions.

@Zack W

Ok, you are still yet to identify a political faction that you do agree with. Are you a Libertarian, Marxist, or something else? You keep telling us what you don't agree with but you aren't actually giving us usable information about your views.

@Zack W

Also, if you're a christian, why are you so wishy washy on abortion? I won't claim that all political issues are directly related to your faith but his one is.
Murdering babies is absolutely not ok nor is being complicit with others who are doing it.

One Ring to rule them all!!!

3 Rings for the Elven Lords under the sky,
7 for the Dwarf-Lords in their halls of stone,
9 for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies,
One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lies.

@Zack (and Asher later)

Ok, cool. I am also a Christian. (I feel like Bible-believing should be implied, but just making sure.... you do believe that the Bible is an infallible, dead document, do you not?)
Can you give me an example of a "powerful minority of private interests"? I don't know if I fully understand what that means. Also, I agree with Asher in that abortion is something that Christians shouldn't have to think very hard on. Babies are people and the Bible specifically says not to kill people, so it doesn't matter how the mom feels, it's wrong to kill a child. The baby does not belong to the mother, it belongs to God and God has not given us the authority to kill people. Which is also why euthanasia is wrong.
@Asher- While you are correct that Zack hasn't really told us what he believes, he is right about there being more than five political factions. Some people don't have a faction that they completely agree with. (I'm pretty sure you know that already tho.)


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